Official LE11 Test Images for Amlogic (Kodi-20)

  • What is the build command for your odroid-c2 image ?

    PROJECT=Amlogic DEVICE=Odroid_C2 ARCH=aarch64 make release image

    fails as Odroid_C2 is not in the device list for Amlogic ...

    Nightly LibreElec upstream has odroid-c2 too but I also cannot find how they build.

  • What is the build command for your odroid-c2 image ?

    PROJECT=Amlogic DEVICE=AMLGX ARCH=arm UBOOT_SYSTEM=odroid-c2 make release

    NB: Building aarch64 images should work, but we don't build aarch64 releases so there is no repo with aarch64 binary add-ons.

  • I've been getting constant crashes on latest generic amlgx build from chewitts repo which I've chalked up to Arctic Horizon and TMDBHelper after completely wiping my SD and starting from fresh then sifting through debug logs to try and nail the culprit down. Going to switch back to the stock skin for now but can anyone nail what's causing the crash from my logs?

  • Add-on crashes are probably some known problems with Python 3.9 that are affecting all development images at the moment. It's not specific to the AMLGX images (mine or nightly).

  • Beelink GT King Pro also worked via USB.Color is running but bright is too much.Gui 4K cannot be adjusted.Sound, Wireless and LAN are running.CrazyCat is not working.IP TV works.

  • Anyone still got one of the old py3.8 builds floating about? Builds are unusable with these addons causing crashes left right and centre

    Same thing with me, I use a stock skin and some plugins installed. I'm currently using the January version, every few days I check the nightly releases but it keeps crashing and I restore the old version.

    Additionally on the new version I noticed two regression errors:

    - after kodi crashes the video signal disappears and comes back when kodi restarts, but system booting is visible so it's not a console resolution problem

    - Keep audio device online: always - doesn't work, I'm using analog audio output and e.g. when rewinding video I hear loud crackling (turning audio off and on), changing value from 'always' to '10 min' helps


    I have the file LibreELEC-AMLGX.arm-10.85.0.tar from Jan 20 (with an older version of python)


    Wouldn't it be possible to do test compilations with python 3.8, if only to confirm/exclude that the problem was caused by the upgrade to 3.9?

    Or if there is going to be a new version then maybe python 3.10 could be tested?

  • The current images in my share have not been tested (as I'm nowhere near LE boxes this week) but are rebuilt with Python 3.8 (reverting the 3.9 and 3.10 bumps in LE master branch).

  • abws

    Thank you for the link to the issue. I am glad to see so many people working to determine the cause of the problem.


    Thank you for these images. There are no crashes when switching plugins on this version. There are still crashes when alternating h264 and vp9 playback, but that is a different issue. I saved the images in case I need to come back to them :)

  • Hi there

    Does anyone know about a stable or working image for libreelec 10´`+ for NANOPI K2? I´´´ ve seen a nightly one at but I don´t know if there is another liebreelec 10 stable for the k2. I´´ ve seen a stable version for the M1 but not for the k2. I do need to update to kodi 19+.I am stucked on 18

    Thank you in advance

  • chewitt Thank you so much for your quick answer.

    Probably not much people have this board, hehhe, specially in Spain

    I will make a copy of my sd and try the nightly image just to see if I am lucky enough for it to run as smooth as possible and I will let you know

    Thank you again

    Best regards!

  • chewitt

    I´ve installed

    and it was all ok!

    I mean kodi is running, I could change language, time, IP..etc etc..

    My problem is that I am trying to intall my add ons and it´ is no possible. Maybe it´ s because this is a kodi 20 version if I am not wrong...

    I attach log shortlink for your interest

    Thank you very much