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    I used…y-20220426-2e7f384.img.gz but it is not what you are looking for. I removed android from flash and have coreelec flashed into it.

    I tested yesterday latest nightly and I see a lot of improvements on my X96 max plus s905x3 - no major slows down or crashes when changing something in menus quickly. Some garbage left when movie starts playing or fast forwarding but no problems with out of sync sound/video after pause. Still waiting for wifi driver and way(easy way;) to install it to emmc.

    There are no secret override switches/options and in my version of English "not supported" means it is not supported.

    Not always:) I was able to force it on CE so thought maybe here not supported doesn't means in the end that. But we can leave it as it is now.

    Second thing is hdd spinning down when system is powered off/restarted - i can hear power being cut to usb drive and loud bang of headers/discs stopping. In earlier version of LE this problem was now present - is there a way to fix it?

    I know installing nightly to emmc is not recommended but i need to check something. How to install it? I can't get it to run using installtointernal command? Do i need to find the script first?

    Box: X96 Max+ 905x3

    Found it emmctool but device not supported - any way to do force installation to nand?

    Correct. Edit uEnv.ini to use the "meson-sm1-x96-air-gbit.dtb" as it's probably a close match. SM1 boxes have some known issues with hardware decoding so if you hit lockups you'll need to disable it (DRMPRIME on, Hardware Decode off).

    Just got the box and after few hours i read your post again and now i have it working but wifi is not working at all? Should i try another dtb file?

    Wifi is working correctly on CE image.

    Is there a way to check wifi chipset without opening the box?

    Not sure what Netflix has to do with my post. If it's meant as the reason for people to buy these Android devices, I'm not too sure it makes sense, because most of these devices aren't properly certiefied and often get blocked or work semi well or not at all for DRM stuff. But who knows, maybe that's the reason for most...

    Personally I couldn't care less about Netflix. Smart TVs make it possible to watch Netflix, cheap, but solid Amazon FireTV Sticks make it possible etc. If it works with LE - great, but it wasn't the point of my post.

    I don't care about NF as well but my point was - if it fully support NF there won't be anyELEC for it - most cases.

    I also would like to have a box that boots straight into ELEC with good specs.

    A quite depressing situation... I wonder if most people are buying these devices because of Android or because of CE/LE/... If the latter is the case, teams should just drop support for devices which belong to vendors not providing help/information etc., even if it means to drop support for all/most. If people would stop buying their devices because of this, maybe then they would decide to be more cooperative. I know, a lot of "ifs" there, but still...

    What about devices like Vero 4k+? They provide both: the device and the software. Not CE/LE, but similar, I think. Do they face the same problems as well, or do they have an NDA with Amlogic and have all the sources, (GPU-)drivers etc. they need?

    I think the story is: either netflix or unlocked bootloader(CE/LE).

    I just ordered hot air station - nothing fancy but should do the trick.

    [RICOH ELECTRONIC DEVICES Official Website] RN5T618 is the power management IC for GPS-PND/MID. It integrates three high-efficiency step-down DCDC converters,…

    This one here is extremely HOT straight away - i know same as yours DC-DC converter but i won't be able to replace it without hot air - too small, too many legs;)

    I still might buy it and try to replace it but i'm 99% sure i will fail. Just bought 2pcs from Ali so have planty of time to buy hot air station;)

    That's why i will be looking for new box. I wish I could get one working with 12V which would solve few problems but not all and not the one like list time - but i bought few small 12v UPS equipped with 4 batteries that should work when power is down.

    Huawei BBU15-D-T zasilacz awaryjny 12 V DC, 1,5 A z wtykiem 2,1 / 5,5 mm na baterie AA (baterie w zestawie)

    When i click on jpg files(last one and one before) that you are adding it shows page not found. So can compare it to my box.

    I do have soldering iron and multimeter but with smd i think it would be better to use hot air.

    I'm painting my house now so don't have much time either but will check it closely - will have to learn how to use multimeter correctly:)

    So before that happened the box was running. We were adding outside power socket so I switched off rcd and mains power fuse at fuse box. When we finished and i went to watch something on the tv the box was off - which was obvious as i cut the power to the box. But there was no led light at all. So i switched power button and still nothing. I took it over to my laptop to power it over otg port and same. Power adapter was the same all the time - 5V.

    I will open the box later on again and will try to look for diode but i couldn't find anything burned but one section of the board was extremely hot.

    I read online on other forum that most of the time it is not even wort looking for issues with those cheap boxes.