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    I have small problem with 115K4 firmware on genuine 812 4k box - MXIII G. I installed firmware - what looked like without any problems but i can't boot inside android(stuck on splash) but booting libreelec 8.2.2 from Demetris works well - i assume as it looks like it is not booting all the time but will have to check that.

    Should I connect box to pc and update from there using usb burning tool or something else might be wrong - i had Tronsmart MXIII Plus_106L1_151029 before update.

    OK Got it sorted by trying again with remix with nocompat file(maybe it helped) or maybe wipe and istall using twrp. Now all works perfect.

    So power off is not working the way it should on remix - or not for me - can't power off, i have to press power switch to switch it off from that state - otherwise i have red/blue/red and nothing going on.

    Installed 108l1 firmware and now power off works the way it should:)