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    Did you reboot your server ? ;)

    There is mistake in download link it should be:

    wget -O /storage/.kodi/addons/service.emby4/bin/emby-update

    edit: Just tried it now and you were right. Something was wrong with this file but fixed it already.

    Redownload, reboot and emby-update :)

    Ja mam ;) Na pierwszym pi nie chodzilo jesli serwer byl na tym samym urzadzeniu. Za slabe niestety. Chodzilo dobrze na amlogic s905x. Tuner teraz juz lezy w szafie bo korzystam z dekodera i streamuje druga glowice do amlogica :) szybciej lepiej i niezawodnie :) Przy dwoch glowicach czasami sie sypnelo....

    Have a look here ;) and read some earlier posts as well. Not sure why Klojum relating own vpn to piracy but that not my interest....

    This is my tinc.start file in /storage/.kodi/addons/service.system.tinc/bin

    After this you need to create vmnet_htpc folder in addon folder with normal tinc config and addon will start using this and not defaults

    Ah got you now. Well I'm using tinc addon and got access to whole home network from my workplace over one tcp port. It's slower than sshfs I was using before but just feeling more comfy with it.

    There is plenty of addons you can use. Wireguard is build in to Libre as well. If you can open one udp port it should be blazing fast.

    Just don't get what bottleneck you talking about? 40ms to resolve your domain name? 😉