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    And you can always use CvH update script ;) it worked great when I used libre before 👍😊

    Works for me as well :) Thanks a mill! :) Need to reboot to check if it will come back but wife watching TV now so not a chance :D

    1. [2019-06-04 16:56:26] Failed password for invalid user roo from port 50718 ssh2
    2. [2019-06-04 16:56:26] Failed password for invalid user roo from port 50718 ssh2
    3. [2019-06-04 16:56:29] Failed password for invalid user roo from port 50718 ssh2
    4. [2019-06-04 16:56:29] Received disconnect from port 50718:11: Normal Shutdown [preauth]
    5. [2019-06-04 16:56:29] Disconnected from invalid user roo port 50718 [preauth]
    6. [2019-06-04 16:56:42] Accepted password for root from port 50719 ssh2
    7. [2019-06-04 19:08:11] Accepted password for root from port 52539 ssh2

    Thank you vpeter! 😊

    Is there any manual you're following for ssh_args or got everything in your head ? 😳

    Got another question ;) How can I preserve those changes between and after reboots ?

    My log looks like this one below and I would like to have timestamps as well ? Any chances vpeter ? :)

    yep it works for me as well :) I can see login attempts but need them in log file 😉 Just wondering if changing /etc/systemd/system.conf would help ?

    We have logtarget here :)

    Can't see any location for acces log file here :( Thanks vpeter!

    You're always trying to help! 😊

    sshd.service - OpenSSH server daemon
    Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/sshd.service; disabled; vendor preset: disabled)
    Active: active (running) since Fri 2019-05-31 19:10:06 IST; 1 day 15h ago
    Main PID: 293 (sshd)
    Memory: 10.6M
    CGroup: /system.slice/sshd.service
    ├─ 293 /usr/sbin/sshd -D
    ├─22426 sshd: [email protected]
    ├─22432 /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server
    ├─24282 sshd: [email protected]/1
    ├─24284 -sh
    └─24301 systemctl status sshd -l --no-pager

    yep I did 😉

    Well jurnalctl is very usefull! Thanks for that! But I do need log file still to configure fail2ban which is included in letsencrypt docker addon.

    Anyone can point me where accepted and failed logins to ssh are stored ?

    Guys anyone know where I can find logs related to ssh logins ? Just wondering if it's available in libreelec?

    Hi bubblegum57 :) Can you write some more about gpaterd and amlogic box please ? Can not find original firmware for my M96x (tried tons already) and would like to install libre to internall but can't. It's throwing me errors about missing partitions.

    Can gparted be used to make those missing partitions and then install to internal ?

    I'm on sd daily but everytime I'm rebooting it goes to android splash screen and hangs there :(

    aptalca I need you help I'm afraid :(

    ‘filesystem_check_changes’ => 1, This option isn't working for me for some bloody reason and I'm after setting up everything like 10 times.

    I know there is other option to trigger files:scan with occ but can't get that as well :( can you write me a line I could put to the cron to scan files from time to time please ?

    My data and config is in /storage/NexT without subfolders.... Really pulling my hear on it three days in a row :/

    Thank you in advance.