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    I'm running one of 905W 1/8 in our bedroom and is no different than s905x 2/16 in living room. There is no need for bigger storage or ram to be honest. Just got no idea why your source would miss SD card slot? 🤔

    905x is running from SD card and it was on internal before it got corrupted. 905w runs from internal 2 years already....and it will run until corrupt then I'll switch to SD card 😉

    does not install, it does not work, generic hdd installation

    LibreELEC:~ # opkg install coreutils-expr

    -sh: opkg: not found

    LibreELEC:~ #

    Did you went through link I've posted? It's not that simple to install entware but it's possible. I had it working in official libre 8....

    Try to use this command without ~ before var 😉

    docker run -d --restart=always -v /var/media/[EXTERNAL DRIVE NAME]:/root/Downloads -v ~/jdownloader/cfg:/opt/JDownloader/cfg --name jdownloader -u $(id -u) jaymoulin/jdownloader

    Nice! Thanks Thoradia. Looks like I've been waiting with update too long 😉

    Marry Christmas! 🌲

    edit: all grand after update to 9.2, thanks again!

    Just delete password file and you got your settings without password. Can't remember path but I can find it in a min 😉


    There are 2 folders in .kodi/userdata/service.tvheadend42 folder.

    accesscontrol where you find users and folder passwd where passwords are stored for them.

    Remember I messed something once and after deleting password for my account I could get in without login.

    Thanks Chewitt! :) Got my own samba.conf for ages but never been checking journalctl for warnings/errors. So it was bugging me as hell.

    Had this sorted same day after finding some sources in google and added line for master browser :)

    This machine is serving files mostly so it's always on...

    There is one thing I need help with. How do I stop recreating folders from /storage/ ?

    If I delete videos,music,tvshows etc those always coming back after reboot. Don't like this mess really.

    If there is any way to stop it can you help please ? If not I can live with it :)

    Here is my samba journalctl :)

    Hi guys! Not sure if I should care much about it but my journalctl is flooded with this warning everytime I'm going in to it....

    Have three libreelec devices at home with, 112, 113.

    Any chance to fix it somehow ?

    Hi guys! Does anyone know why special characters are displayed wrong in ruTorrent rss webgui ?

    Any setting I need to change to get it working ok ?

    Got ¶ instead of ś or Ї instead of ż :(

    It seems to be set to Windows 1251 instead of 1250

    Here is issue I've raised with rutorrent author Polish special signs · Issue #1970 · Novik/ruTorrent · GitHub

    As he tried to help the issue is probably with mbstring module missing from php....

    Is there any chance you can have a look on it Thoradia please?

    And you can always use CvH update script ;) it worked great when I used libre before 👍😊

    Works for me as well :) Thanks a mill! :) Need to reboot to check if it will come back but wife watching TV now so not a chance :D

    1. [2019-06-04 16:56:26] Failed password for invalid user roo from port 50718 ssh2
    2. [2019-06-04 16:56:26] Failed password for invalid user roo from port 50718 ssh2
    3. [2019-06-04 16:56:29] Failed password for invalid user roo from port 50718 ssh2
    4. [2019-06-04 16:56:29] Received disconnect from port 50718:11: Normal Shutdown [preauth]
    5. [2019-06-04 16:56:29] Disconnected from invalid user roo port 50718 [preauth]
    6. [2019-06-04 16:56:42] Accepted password for root from port 50719 ssh2
    7. [2019-06-04 19:08:11] Accepted password for root from port 52539 ssh2

    Thank you vpeter! 😊

    Is there any manual you're following for ssh_args or got everything in your head ? 😳

    Got another question ;) How can I preserve those changes between and after reboots ?

    My log looks like this one below and I would like to have timestamps as well ? Any chances vpeter ? :)