No TV main menu item

  • Now I have a different problem. I don't have a TV item on the main menu. The Tvheadend server is running, I can access the web configuration pages. I created a new user just for the Tvheadend HTSP client. I have tried clearing the caches, rebooted several times, still no TV item. Any ideas on how to find out why?

    BTW when I go to the configuration of the client, the run button is greyed out.

  • just post a kodi log, I would bet onto wrong username/password ?

    Please provide a full debug log.

    How to post a log (wiki)

    1. Enable debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging
    2. Restart Kodi
    3. Replicate the problem.

    Full logs only. No modified logs.

    Do not post your logs directly into the forum, use and post the link.
  • Have you enabled, I think, it's PVR in settings?

    Samsung RU7400 Onkyo HTX22HDX Nvidia Shield HD Homerun Duo (Living Room)

    Samsung UE40ES5500 X96 Max+, Fire TV 4K Stick (Bedroom)

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  • I created a log file, the URL is:

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    Hope this helps.

  • Hello you are running multiple pvr Services. Maybe that ist the root of the Problem.

    Also you need to Setup the tvh hts pvr Client to Work with the tvh Server.



  • Can you elaborate? What PVR services besides TvHeadEnd are running? Also What more do I need to do to configure the client? It looks like it is connecting to the service.

  • Hello

    1. Hdhomerun simple ist installed.

    Ist this the pvr or the Video Plugin?

    For Testing I would remove it.

    2. Are you using Hardware from digital devices? Cuz the drivers are installed.

    3.which Tuner are you using ecactly?

    If thv Server is running on the Same PC Set the IP at the pvr thv htsp Client to

    Http Port 9981

    Htsp Port 9982

    Username and Password has to be Set according to your thv Server User settings

    And you have Setup tvh Server completly Up and running with TV Channels mapped/ configured and working ( you can Check this from the tvh Channels Page of your tvh server http://yourtvhserverip:9981/extjs.html)



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  • I will try and un-install HdHomeRun simple. The model of my tuner is HDHR5-2US. All muxes and services are mapped/configured etc. In fact the server is recording shows I have existing rules for.

    On another note, it looks like the client is connecting to the server because when I reboot the computer I get a message at the lower right corner stating the the client has lost connection to the server!

    What exactly needs to happen for the TV menu item to show up?

  • 1. Have you checked the Username and Password on the Client and Server configuration User?

    This Message also comes Up If you don't have any Connection to the Server.

    2. Is Htsp and Pass activated at the configuration Stream Profile Menu?

    Pass should be activated and Set and IT should be Default. Htsp should be activated too.



  • I still cannot figure out why the TV menu item is not showing up:(. I will post an updated log below. I have tried:

    Un-installing and re-installing the client

    Changing the skin back to Estuary. TV does show up on menu but all items are blank. When I try to open the guide, no guide is shown

    I have un-installed all other TV addons.

    I have tried using an older version of the TvHeadEnd PVR client.

    I have deleted all muxes in the service, and re-scanned.

    I have verified that the user name and password works by opening the web configuration using them

    PASS and HTSP are both enabled in the service.

    According to my reading of the logs, the PVR client is connecting to the service, and is reading data from it. Here is the latest log:

    Kodi Log

  • I don't understand logs.

    My suggestion, install the tvhead server. Then install client, on client, configure settings, use the ip address of the device you are installing it on. I assume server & client are on the same device.

    then set a user name & password. I just use admin & 1234.

    reboot, go to web interface, follow wizard, scan & map channels.

    Samsung RU7400 Onkyo HTX22HDX Nvidia Shield HD Homerun Duo (Living Room)

    Samsung UE40ES5500 X96 Max+, Fire TV 4K Stick (Bedroom)

    Synology DS920+ Plex Pass