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    I still cannot figure out why the TV menu item is not showing up:(. I will post an updated log below. I have tried:

    Un-installing and re-installing the client

    Changing the skin back to Estuary. TV does show up on menu but all items are blank. When I try to open the guide, no guide is shown

    I have un-installed all other TV addons.

    I have tried using an older version of the TvHeadEnd PVR client.

    I have deleted all muxes in the service, and re-scanned.

    I have verified that the user name and password works by opening the web configuration using them

    PASS and HTSP are both enabled in the service.

    According to my reading of the logs, the PVR client is connecting to the service, and is reading data from it. Here is the latest log:

    Kodi Log

    I will try and un-install HdHomeRun simple. The model of my tuner is HDHR5-2US. All muxes and services are mapped/configured etc. In fact the server is recording shows I have existing rules for.

    On another note, it looks like the client is connecting to the server because when I reboot the computer I get a message at the lower right corner stating the the client has lost connection to the server!

    What exactly needs to happen for the TV menu item to show up?

    Can you elaborate? What PVR services besides TvHeadEnd are running? Also What more do I need to do to configure the client? It looks like it is connecting to the service.

    Now I have a different problem. I don't have a TV item on the main menu. The Tvheadend server is running, I can access the web configuration pages. I created a new user just for the Tvheadend HTSP client. I have tried clearing the caches, rebooted several times, still no TV item. Any ideas on how to find out why?

    BTW when I go to the configuration of the client, the run button is greyed out.

    I found that there is a difference in frequencies reported by the HDHomerun app on my windows computer between when I use the SiliconDust supplied viewer and when I used my HTPC. The HTPC as I thought is 28+ KHZ off center frequency.

    So I dove deep and modified an existing ATSC pre-defined mux file with center frequencies change to match SiliconDust. I re-scanned the muxes and services. and from the TvHeadEnd web page all looks good. However now Kodi is not seeing the TvHeadEnd server, TV is not listed on the main menu. Any ideas why TV is now not showing up?

    live in the Tampabay area of Florida USA. I have a Silicon Dust HDHR5-2US. My HTPC is running Libreelec which used TVHeadEnd 4.2.7. In general the quality of the received TV signal on the HTPC is poor. I also have a Channel Master CM7000-PAL which performs very well even when the HTPC is unwatchable. Both are feed from the same antenna and the same coax.

    My question concerns the frequencies assigned to the various muxes. For example:

    Call Name Virtual Real Band Direction Distance Mux TVH RF HDHR

    WFTS-HD abc ABC 28.1 17 UHF 188.57° 6.05 mi 491.028 488.31 491.000

    According to some information I found, RF channel 17 has:

    Lower Edge Video Carrier ASTC Pilot Audio Carrier Upper edge

    488 489.25 488.31 493.75 494

    Center frequency is 491.00, however the mux has a frequency of 491.028. In general all of the muxes are like this. Should the mux frequencies be changed to x.000?

    I would like to map the Samba shares to a letter drive in Windows 10. I want to use this to backup my media on the HTPC. I tried to map it but Windows is coming back with an error, network location not found.

    For sometime I had Chrome browses add-in working on my system. Over the weekend I tried to open the browser, but nothing happened, no error messages, and no browser window. I un-installed the plugin and re-installed it. Now when I try to start Chrome, I get a noticed that it is downloading Chrome, which flashes several times. Still no browser window. What do I need to do to debug this issue?:(

    Found the problem I was having with no audio on playback. Under System -> Settings -> System -> Audio at the bottom there is several settings dealing with audio passthrough. I set the device for the passthrough to the same as the regular audio above and now playback works.

    I recently installed Libreelec on a generic x86 platform. I am using HDHomeRun as my tuner and TVHeadEnd as the PVR. The night before last I recorded a show via a timer. The show recorded and plays, however when it plays, there is no sound. All other KODI parts produce sound, music, YouTube and even Chrome. What do I need to send you to help debug this issue?

    According to the blog, the latest version of Libreelec allows the SSH password to be changed. Indeed in the Libreelec system setting there is an entry for changing/setting the SSH password. However when I try to set the password, I get an error message that the password does not meet the complexity requirements. Does anyone kno what these are? I can't find them documented anywhere.

    I have an Intel PC/HTPC which has two drives, the first is a small SSD and the second is a rotating 1 TB drive. All of my media is on the second drive. I have tried installing Libreelec using the USB default method. The rotating harddrive is setup as a read-only location. It needs to be read/write. Also the default library locations are located on the limited space SSD. How can I change their location?

    I have a HTCP (x86) that was running Win 10 and KODI. For various reasons I tried to install Libreelec on that machine. It runs, and works, however all of my media is on drive D (c being the OS) and shows up as /var/media/Data. The problem I am encountering is that this has been set as a read-only drive, and I need to make changes to it. Also all of the library directories have been mapped to the C drive. I need to change that also.:?: