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    wechip V5 Android TV Box Amlogic S905 X 2

    Edit: Android 6.0 operation system. Amlogic S905X CPU, Quad core, ARM Cortex-A53, 2.0GHz. ARM Dvalin MP2 GPU 2GB DDR3 RAM

    Thats what I found on the Device.

    Maybe helpful...



    LibreELEC = Linux + Kodi , so I'm a bit confused there since you stopped the Kodi application. All that remains is a Linux OS.

    But, I'll try and have a go with 2 SSDs here and see what comes out of my copy experience with a RPi-4B.

    Hello Klojum

    LibreELEC = Linux + Kodi clear but, I thought it is a KODi Bug so I posted it there 2 Times but it seems noone has the Same Problem...

    I only saw that behavior on x86 Hardware since KODi V18.

    bpr323 you are Right! Same behavior Here.

    I personaly don't use the terminal Nor the integrated Filemanager from KODi to moved Big Files. So this never happened to me before.

    Just tried it on:

    Intel NUC ( j3455 SATA SSD to nvme USB3 SSD)

    PC Gigabyte mainboard i5 4460 (SATA SSD to SATA HD)

    Acer Nitro Laptop i7 6700hq (USB3 Stick to NVME SSD)

    ASRock j3455m (SATA HD to SATA HD)

    In all Tests KODi was running but idle.

    Makes No difference If it is USB, SATA or NVME.

    But If I Copy over the Network (also from and to the Same PC), which is the way I Always use, everything is okay as Long as I don't start an Action within KODi (Grab EPG CPU load 36%, Update Database CPU load 55%, search for new Media etc) or open an Info Screen.




    The solution in the Link you mentioned is for NTFS, Not for EXT4 Disks.

    Can you Check If it also Happens If KODi is running or Not (systemctl Stop KODi)?

    What I found Out, it depends on the fact If it is your System Disk or Not (KODi can Block the whole system, makes No difference If it's USB or SATA).

    You can also force a Stall/halt of the entire PC Copy process or playback, If you Open a movie, EPG, Add-on, music or TV Show Info Page. The Copy process (also a Video or Music Playback running in the Background) slows down and finally stops.

    Feels Like there is No Multitasking anymore, one process in KODi can Block/slow down the entire system including Other Services Like tvheadend, smb. This Starts with KODi V18.

    I tought it's a KODi Bug because it only Happens as Long as KODi is running. If I Stop KODi everything is okay.



    AFAIK On the Shield, most people are using the Android Version of KODi.



    Short term would using a cheap Linux-supported USB 3.0->Gigabit Ethernet adaptor be a solution until the drivers appear?

    (I always have a couple of those, and their older USB 2.0 models, lying around to add Ethernet ports to systems like my Intel m3 Compute Stick, or a second port to a Raspberry Pi or similar)

    Had the Same Idea!

    As a tempoary fix.



    I just found my dust-covered Foxconn D525+Nvidia ION box... Installed 9.2.3, and it just worked.

    Hello Klojum!

    Okay cool!

    I thought there was a Change in LE 8 or 9 using a Driver package (348) which no longer Supports the IONs. Or was it ION 1 only?

    And Nvidia legacy Driver Pack 304 or 340 would be needed.

    NVA8 GPUs could be:

    GeForce 8400 GS, ION 2, GeForce 205, 210, G 210M, 305M, 310(M), 405

    Quadro FX (380 LP, 380M), NVS (300, 2100M, 3100M)

    So maybe His Combination is not supported.

    Klojum are you using a Special build?



    Hello redhotchico !

    Sounds Like a Nvidia ION 2 system. Some Atom CPU can Not handle 64bit but the D525 can do it.

    Edit: NVA8 GPUs could be:

    GeForce 8400 GS, ION 2, GeForce 205, 210, G 210M, 305M, 310(M), 405

    Quadro FX (380 LP, 380M), NVS (300, 2100M, 3100M)

    Maybe your specific GPU is not supported.

    Libreelec 7 should Work on your Hardware.

    Maybe LE8 but I am Not Sure worth a try.

    Or get a Raspberry Pi 3b or 4b which will draw much less Power and can do 4k (Pi4).



    Hello JoeAverage !

    I Just saw that you are using LE nightly builds...

    I am using official LE builds with TVH 4.2 with different Tuners (pcie, sat-ip) for years. Also different official TVH builds could be better than Others.

    I had troubles and some hickups using nightlies of LE with TVH officials too.

    Milhouse also builds TVH for his LE nightly builds. Take a Look here

    Maybe another Option. If you still have troubles.




    The Hama remote aka VRC-1100

    I killed eventlircd/lirc

    Ir-keytables would Not even find a Device

    And the remote still works...

    Seems Like the Remote is identified as HID Device Mouse and Keyboard only.

    Edit: If I kill eventlircd the remote is working as before!

    But still I Wonder what Changed from 9.02 to 9.1/9.2 that some Keys stopped working.

    For the Medion X10

    I Changed the Keys. Should be okay so far.

    I could select the receiving Channel (X10 is Not ir it is 2.4Ghz Radio) in the config, so He could use two remotes at the Same time, otherwise the 2nd remote will also Switch the First Htpc (works thru 2 rooms). He could get rid Of the Hama If He want to.

    Eventghost (He was using Windows before) was able to switch/select the receiving channel. Took some time but I found a way doing this With Lircd.

    Thank you for your help CvH  HiassofT !

    Btw.... Could it be that Eventlircd is on by default since LE Beta 9.1+?



    Hello CvH!

    Only Keymap Change before:


    <keymap><home><keyboard><key id="249">activatewindow(filemanager)</key></keyboard></home><global><keyboard><key id="255">runscript(,0)</key><key id="247">activatewindow(home)</key><key id="249">activatewindow(filemanager)</key><key id="44">restartapp</key><key id="49">activatewindow(tvchannels)</key><key id="213">runaddon(</key><key id="37">fullscreen</key><key id="250">aspectratio</key></keyboard></global><filemanager><keyboard><key id="195">contextmenu</key></keyboard></filemanager><fullscreenlivetv><keyboard><key id="250">aspectratio</key><key id="37">fullscreen</key></keyboard></fullscreenlivetv><fullscreenvideo><keyboard><key id="250">aspectratio</key><key id="37">fullscreen</key></keyboard></fullscreenvideo></keymap>

    I think something changed in lirc/lird from 9.02 to 9.1/9.2.

    Key 250 and 255 are No longer working.

    Edit: If I remember Well i used lirc before not lircd there was an Option in the LE Menu to deactivate Lircd.

    Edit2: following irw the Keys are working but, with a different id (255 ist now 174) and I can't Bind them Keymap Editor.

    Thanks in advance!