Can't update v9.2.1 to v9.2.3 through GUI in Czech language

  • Hi, i have a RPi4 running 9.2.1. When i try to manually update LibreElec to 9.2.3, it silently fails.

    Previous versions, at least 9.2.0 to 9.2.1 was fine, because i needed Wireguard ^^

    Log shows, that Czech letters are probably involved in this issues - wild guess "Jm\xc3\xa9no souboru:" vs. "Jméno souboru:"

    I can probably fix that by SSH or switching into English, but i thought it could be useful to report.

    Update LibreELEC []


  • I successfully updated through SSH / CLI:

    1. cd /storage/.update
    2. ls -alF
    3. wget
    4. reboot

    But when i compared the image file with KODI log, i wonder, why GUI uses TAR archive instead of above image file?? :/

    1. wget


  • But when i compared the image file with KODI log, i wonder, why GUI uses TAR archive instead of above image file?? :/

    The image file contains data for two partitions. The tar file is the one that contains the update for the Linux partition. The data for the Windows partition isn't needed in your case, because you don't install LE from scratch.

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  • Thank you for help and support. So next time can i put TAR file into /storage/.update instead of IMG and reboot?

    And when my SD card has two partition:

    • mmcblk0p1 ... 512MB vFAT
    • mmcblk0p2 ... 30GB+ ext4

    TAR updates just the 30GB ext4?

    IMG contains partition table + vFAT (boot?) + ext4 and does some trickery to adapt partition table to different size of SD card?

    When i was reading your post i thought, that when i already used IMG it rewrote my vfat+ext4 and i lost recorded TV shows etc. on ext4 :/ But when i double checked the content, all my data reminded intact on linux ext4. Uffff... Cool. 8)

    PS: shouldn't be that wiki page changed from IMG to TAR, when it mentions UPDATE?

  • The update system in LibreELEC supports updating both from a tar file and and img.gz one - you can just copy it into the .update folder, reboot, and it'll get picked up.

    The /storage (ext4/linux) partition is unchanged, the updater will only replace files in the /flash (vfat/windows) partition.

    The difference between the tar file and the img.gz file is that the tar file contains the files that need to be updated in /flash in a more suitable format. The img.gz is a compressed raw disk image with a 512MB vfat partition and an empty ext4 partition that will get resized when first booted. When updating with it this image file needs to be uncompressed first and then scanned for partitions to get to the actual files in the vfat partition.

    So, while both variants work and have the same end result, doing that with an img.gz takes longer (due to the uncompressing overhead).

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  • There is no need to extract the image by yourself. Just let the update script do the job. It updates some files. It doesn't installs the complete tar for the Linux partition. All unneeded data will be deleted after the update. At the end you'll get the same result like on GUI update.

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  • This is what I meant. The updater needs to uncompress the image. That needs additional space and takes longer than updating with a tar - but it works the same.

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