Dolby Atmos - TrueHD - Raspberry Pi 4b possible?

  • Hello,

    I recently bought a new TV from LG model (LG 65 C9).

    Looking around for a HTPC that is low budget but still working great for 4K60.
    Found that RPi 4 works now with 4K60?

    My question is, can I play 4K 60hz movies AND have Dolby Atmos working on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4gb)?
    I really want to know what is needed for a Raspberry 4b to work with TrueHD / Dolby Atmos and so on.

    Thank you for your patients :angel:

  • Movies are normally [email protected] not [email protected] but yes, RPi4 can do this. HDR and High-Bitrate audio are technically possible in hardware but not currently implemented in software. All current development is focussed on the Kodi v19 codebase (will be LE10) so there is subzero likelihood of current LE 9.2 release ever gaining the features.

    If you want more of that stuff today, you need to look at Intel NUC devices.

  • Setting audio passthrough to a compatible receiver that can handle decoding ATMOS will indeed out put ATMOS. the Pi's don't have hardware that will output discreet channels but it will pass that stream to an external processor/amp.