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    Wait.. Are you installing LibreELEC itself directly on the 8TB drive? I would not recommend that.

    Keep LibreELEC on a SDcard or bootable USB stick, and keep your media (movies/series/music) on the 8TB drive.

    It would be more reliable to run LE from the 8TB drive as less chance of failure than an SD card or USB stick.

    The biggest downside of course being to recreate the partitioning. If the start and end sectors are noted it should be possible to wipe out msdos and create a gpt table, then recreate the partition at the correct place. No data is inherently lost, but care needs to be taken to pull it off successfull.

    Its pretty simple.

    Pi4 HDMI to AVR. AVR HDMI to projector

    Pi4 USB3 to SSD enclosure

    Pi4 USB2 to 2.5" enclosure (5400rpm drive)

    PI4 RJ45 to my network

    I have the boot partition on the Micro SD card but the OS on the SSD; that was required when I set this up. Now you can boot directly off a USB connected SSD so no need for a Micro SD at all.

    I don't use any hubs but if you wanted to connect several 2.5" spinning drives a USB3 *powered* hub might be helpful to feed the enclosures. If you go for 3.5" drives each enclosure probably requires its own power supply anyway so it wouldn't put a load on the USB.

    I use my Pi4 as the media machine for my theatre, my torrent client, whole house file server with multiple drives, automatic scheduler of certain events, and it barely breaks a sweat.

    I didn't have to install any "external" software, just LE and some supported addons (all of which are discussed here in these forums).

    Your use case certainly doesn't require multiple devices. Only a need if you want them separate so your eggs aren't all in the same basket. Load isn't a concern at all.

    Yeah I can't help directly since I'm using HDMI for my audio now. I retired the SPDIF some time ago. You will be able to do Dolby Digital and DTS. But you will not be able to do the higher bitrate versions like Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Atmos, DTS Master Audio, etc. Those require more bandwidth than SPDIF has to offer. The solution for these is to let Kodi process them and render them to PCM which is still 6 channel digital sound.

    What is new in LE & Kodi is that it now supports pass through of the higher bitrates. In your case you would need to disable this.

    When you look up the codec information for the media you're trying to play, can you tell if its vanilla DD or DTS or if its one of the higher bitrate variants?

    However, my receiver indicated that the input was PCM, not digital; therefore playing my movies with DTS audio did not produce any sound. When I was playing those movies, the receiver was reporting analog input.

    Just to be clear PCM is digital. It just means that Kodi has already decoded the audio to raw digital samples so your receiver doesn't have to do any work.

    If your media uses Dolby Digital Plus, Atmos, or DTS HD or similar, these formats cannot be output over SPDIF. You will have to let Kodi convert it to PCM for your receiver to be able to play the audio.

    What version of LE were you on before you upgraded the nightly and broke Transmission?

    I can't say for sure. I tend to install the latest nightly every few weeks. It was a 9.80 nightly though, before getting the latest 10.0 one that contained the breaking library change.

    Thanks. It installs OK but the transmission config page is only showing processing priority. Config page does not show the expected details for IP, port, and login info.

    I've installed the 9.80 Thoradia, are there any other dependencies I may be missing?

    I can't help much more. I would suggest you install the broken Transmission from Thoradia to get all the dependencies, then install this over top of the version that it provides.

    I started with a working version, then upgraded the nightly which caused Transmission to stop working. I rebuilt it and installed that, then it started working again.

    Just one clarification that this is for RPi4 only.

    What is the newest/latest nightly libreelec version that works with Thoradia addons, specifically transmission?

    Here's the one I compiled for my own purposes. It works with the 10.0 nightly and is built from the Thoradia repo.

    Tmp.Ninja · Temp File Hosting

    Here's the sha1sum and original filename:


    You can install it manually.

    Looks like the latest test builds break Transmission.

    LibreELEC (community): nightly-20210314-c5d7822 (RPi4.arm)
    Mar 14 13:19:38 x systemd[1]: Starting Transmission...
    Mar 14 13:19:38 x service.transmission[1056]: net.core.rmem_max = 4194304
    Mar 14 13:19:38 x service.transmission[1057]: net.core.wmem_max = 1048576
    Mar 14 13:19:38 x service.transmission[1051]: transmission-daemon: /usr/lib/ version `CURL_GNUTLS_4' not found (required by transmission-daemon)
    Mar 14 13:19:38 x systemd[1]: service.transmission.service: Control process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
    Mar 14 13:19:38 x systemd[1]: service.transmission.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
    Mar 14 13:19:38 x systemd[1]: Failed to start Transmission.