[unoffical] LE-9.2/9.80-Images for RK3229/RK3228

  • Goodmorning everyone,

    I tested the image on the Dolamee D5 yesterday:


    and I confirm that both the lan connection and the wi-fi works!!!!!

    Excellent work knaerzche

    Thanks so much

  • Hello,

    Im new here, but Im pretty good at breaking things...

    Gotta tell you, before I gotta say a cat my HK1 lite got stuck :D

    I changed language to Finnish and now it wont move menu or anything else...

    Rebooted million times, so you can add there dont change preset English language until quick setup is complited.

    Thx for great ROM, looked awesome. Now im trying to SD boot it to Armbian.

    I need this kinda RK3228A devices for IOT projects mainly to handle Arduino data from weather station or drive a robot car.

    Cheers to all!

  • Hello, forgive my lazy English, I confirm that it works on the Mesuvida MODEL S, 2GB RAM 16GB ROM rk3229-v88MARS.

    Thank you!!


  • Hi knaerzche , first, your images works great on my mxq box (r329q), im not a great coder but i used to study computer sciences long time ago, i tried to combine your work to Lakka libreelec, and... it worked! (i think) but there is some strange green line, can you help me see what is going on?

  • Hi guys!

    First of all thanks @kznaerzche for all the great job! I have a V88 4K since about 4 years and I've been waiting since then for a release that I could use in it.

    Having said that, I flashed LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200301144659-b58333a-rk3229-v884k.img into my box through an SD card. Works pretty well, just have a couple of observations:

    1. In the sound settings there's no EAC3 capable receiver option, only AC3, so I don't get 5.1 surround when using the Netflix add on.

    2. Video with the Netflix addon stutters a little bit in 1080p @ 60 mhz, if I set the video resolution to 1080p @ 50 it improves but I still get a slight stutter.

    Those two things work well if I use Kodi from the Android firmware.

    Maybe I could help if you point me in the right direction, I have some experience as a software developer.