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    Good afternoon everybody.

    Sorry for posting here, but I would like to ask a question since in this Forum there are very experienced people on the subject:

    would any of you be able to tell me what kind of box is this?

    The pbc photos are at post # 390; attached the screenshots made with AIDA and cpu-z.

    It's just curiosity, but I think it's a very strange box .

    A thousand thanks

    Good evening everyone.

    I want to share my experience, maybe it will be useful to someone.

    I bought a cheap android box (€ 19.99) x96 mini to tinker and test.

    The characteristics had to be: 4/32 gb, Cpu S905W.

    The manufacturer is a genius: I will show you some unbelievable photos attached (of course they are original photos not retouched).

    Before trying it, I opened it, to actually check the cpu: S905W, but there was something strange, the chip was transversal compared to all the others (classic by Rockchip), but I didn't give much importance to this ....

    The stock rom works very badly, so I download some firmware for s905w to upgrade. I connect the box with the usb m / m cable, but the device does not connect.

    I try to update from sd, nothing. I try to install LE, AE, CE, but to no avail.

    At the end, I insert the build on the sd: LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20210719143419-37d171c-rk3228b-a8.img and the system starts !!!!! It's a RK3228b Alfawise A8 ....

    I am attaching the photos and for what it cost, I won't even send it back to the seller.

    Happy weekend to you all

    Good evening everyone.

    I want to share my experience, maybe it could be useful to someone.

    I bought a x96 mini box with 2/16 gb - S905W, which between discounts, coupons, etc ... cost € 11.50.

    I opened the box and I found a nice surprise: the cpu is a S905L - 1/8 Gb.

    However I have successfully installed the build: LibreELEC-MXQ-4K-Pro_2G.arm-9.2.8.img.gz with the external dtb file -> gxl_p212_1g.dtb. Everything works, wi-fi, etc .....

    Of course it still has to be tested thoroughly.

    Good weekend everyone

    Congratulations on the great job ilmich.

    I installed your latest build on a friend's box (Mxq pro 4k) and it works very well (wifi too -> ok).

    On the pbc it says: txcz-rk3229-mxq-v2.2, but I think the cpu is a rk3228a; wifi: sv6051p. The box was sold as 4/32 gb, but it is actually 1/8 gb.

    The stock android 7.1 firmware was almost unusable; initially I flashed a rom with Android 8.1 (Avengers) and already the device worked much better.

    After that I installed your build and now it works really well, considering that the box is a very, very cheap Chinese clone.

    Great job, thank you very much

    Thanks a lot to everyone.

    However it was a salvation: I was losing my head behind this damn box .......

    Fortunately, the voltage surge didn't cause any further damage.

    However, I am delighted to see that you are all special people and I am delighted to be a part of this beautiful community.

    Good luck to all and resent :mio:


    Thanks a lot dtech for the effort and availability.

    Unfortunately, today, while I was trying another couple of firmware, a power surge due to a storm completely burned the box; it means that he had to die like this .....

    Luckily I still have another mxq pro g9cx S905x with your LibreElec 9.2.7 version running 100%.

    Actually, by the way, I still have to test the new 9.2.8 release.

    Thanks for everything and good luck to everyone.

    In the meantime, thank you very much for your patience and availability.

    During the flash, I tried them all: normal erase and full erase flash, erase bootloader, etc ... trying the various combinations. However, on about 70/80 roms you try, for the most part, the writing process stops at 4%.

    Initially, after trying some Android 7 roms, you could see the "S905X" logo on the screen, but you could start using LibreElec sd. Now, however, after several tests, nothing is seen on the screen and it is not possible to start LibreElec from sd.

    It should be noted that the aml burning tool immediately recognizes the box and there is no need to press the reset button inside the AV hole.

    Thanks so much

    It is an interface that was loaned to me by a friend built manually;

    the 5v I took them from the USB box.

    Now I have returned it to the owner, and even buying a uart / usb adapter it would arrive no earlier than the end of August. However I believe that I have deleted both the firmware and the bootloader of the box, in fact on the tv via hdmi there is only a black screen.

    Ok, thanks a lot chewitt for the clarification. I'm fine with just booting from sd / usb, without installation on emmc.

    I cannot find the supplier u-boot as it is a box that I have already owned for some years. One last question: I would like to do some tests by downloading various on the net and try to boot dtech 9.2.7 LE with external dtb; exactly how can i proceed? Thanks so much

    Good evening to the whole forum.

    Sorry for posting here, but I have a big problem with the Tv Box as per the title.

    The box worked perfectly before trying to update Aidan's Android 7.1 via Aml usb burnig tool.

    I tried to flash about 70 roms, but to no avail; the burning tool always stops at 4% or 2% I tried different pc, different m / m usb cables, different versions of aml_burning, but nothing .....

    Yesterday I connected the box with UART, soldering the strips on the mainboard of the box and connected to the pc via serial with putty (115200): the device communicates with the pc, but on the terminal you can see a string of strange characters and a few letters / numbers; i tried to stop booting by hitting enter, ctrl + c, but nothing ....

    From what I have read on the net, there are hundreds of clones of this device, so you need the specific firmware for this device.

    Now I ask you: is it possible to somehow install LE directly on the nand via aml usb burning, or via usb / sd?

    MB: MXQ_S95X_V2.0 20161020, 1GB / 8GB memory / flash

    Processor: S905X Wi-Fi: S9082C

    Android 6.01

    On the box label is: OTT TV BOX X000N2ZCNN ITFBA-MXQ-S905X GooBang Doo IT MXQ 6.0

    Thanks a lot to everyone

    Thank you so much for the great work dtech.

    Tested on mxq pro g9cx 1/8 Gb s905x and it works perfectly.

    unfortunately I can't find the remote control to be able to test it, as I use a mini usb keyboard.

    The only problem is Mediaset play, which I think is related to widevine, but I saw that you are working on it to solve it.

    I used an external dtb gxl_p212_1gb as with the default one the system does not boot. Thanks and good job