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    Hi @ilmich,

    I quickly checked the GPIOs for Wlan and so far I haven't found the source of the problem. At first glance, the pins are indeed those defined in the dtb...

    To help me identify the pinctrl from the gpio kernel debug file, I've made myself a correspondence table, I don't know if it can help other people but i share it here :

    To be continue ... :)

    maybe you have already sent it, but could you please send me a dmesg? at this point the problem could be elsewhere.

    SDIO WIFI : not detected :( => wifi is sdio 02e7/9086 / smartchip sci S9082H (on armbian forum i can see : its a clone of some wifi rtl chips , its closse source , no linux support)

    I found this driver

    GitHub - ChalesYu/rtl8822bs-aml at smartchip_sci_s9012p
    unoffical driver for linux (Support rtl8189es rtl8723bs rtl8822bs) and SCI(smartchip)WiFi(S9082C S9012P) - GitHub - ChalesYu/rtl8822bs-aml at…

    I don't like it much but I can try.

    That might not be a simple exercise though, and his time is limited.

    I'm starting to work on libreelec 12, but unfortunately, it's true that I have little time available.

    pocng , do you have a link to the Android firmware of your box (alternatively also the first ~100mb of a dump of the internal memory) ? I looked at the logs and you should have a Broadcom BCM4330 wifi chip which is supported by the mainline kernel. If it's not detected, the correct gpio that enables it probably needs to be added, but I need the android dtb.

    guerrero2694 as pocng said, try sending a photo of the board

    The resizing process appears to have been interrupted because the partition is 7GB but the filesystem has not been completely resized. as they told you, post the resize log because it may have had problems completing. however you can also try the manual resize directly from the multitool

    pocng try this new build

    Index of /libreelec-11/test/

    Fingers crossed

    I modified the emmc node like this

    +&emmc {
    +	clock-frequency = <50000000>; ---> added
    +	clock-freq-min-max = <400000 50000000>; ----> added
    +	mmc-hs200-1_8v; ----> added
    +	/delete-property/ pinctrl-names; 
    +	/delete-property/ pinctrl-0;
    +	/delete-property/ default-sample-phase;
    +	status = "okay";

    jock2 is the greatest expert on these boxes (and beyond). Without him, these builds wouldn't exist because he taught me a lot. So the options he used are 100% the best.

    I'll try to make some changes and send you a build to test.

    For the options you can use in the dts unfortunately u-boot legacy is not well documented so the only way is to look at the driver

    u-boot/drivers/mmc/rockchip_dw_mmc.c at next-dev · rockchip-linux/u-boot
    U-Boot tree for pending commits. Contribute to rockchip-linux/u-boot development by creating an account on GitHub.

    However, from what I understand, the emmc that your box has is of a particular type and requires some precautions (I think the option that makes it work is the max-frequency option)

    deleonkikko Regarding the Rock pi 4C+ I saw that the device trees in u-boot and mainline kernel are present. So a porting attempt is possible. Unfortunately, I don't have that board so if you can help me with tests I can propose it as a new device (to be included in libreelec 13, to check if it can also be added later in libreelec 12)

    It's a bit baffling that an older beta was working good (well, crashes aside) while not one but two releases are crippled and the current beta is just as broken.

    It's a little disconcerting until you go in and see how much code has changed.

    As for the slowness with 4K, the subject of this thread which I imagine you haven't read to the end, it has been written that it also depends (but not only) on the DDR4 clock. the fix in question is being tested and will be released as soon as possible.

    in the meantime, you can try this old test build and see if it improves anything


    Hi luisfp

    I just have a question about the Python version these builds are using?

    the same as the official libreelec 11 which is 3.11.2.

    I am trying to install Zach's repo for games and am not able to get it working. I've installed v1.0.4. Installs but does nothing. I'm not able to install Advance Emulator Launcher or Internet Archive Game Launcher due to Python dependency not met. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

    it's strange, could you kindly send some logs?