Hi the Mitch today I installed your libreelec March 11th on my MxqPro android box it is going very well with November release LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-10.0-nightly-20221122-32b2e05-rk322x.img just some hang every now and then and inserting this dtb rk3229-box-mxq4kpro.dtb , but unfortunately I can install libreelec 11 but it does not see any network , my radio is the 6051p and I also tried to insert the November dtb but with the same result, what's wrong of different?

    Can something be done while waiting for your next buildings?

    Hi unfortunately I'm using your October version and I notice two problems the first does not work the Samba and the second while watching a video on the net it fizzes and gets stuck, you have to restart it and the dtb that are good for my box are either hk01 overclock or mxq4k.

    Hi Ilmich ok I succeeded it was enough to replace in extlinux.conf (with txt), after creating the SD with the 
    image and before starting the box, this dtb "rk3229-box-hk1mini-ovclk.dtb".
    Now your October version goes and also with the right led of the android box, and even with the original remote control, thank you for help me
    Hi Ilmich explain to me the procedure to be able to choose my dtb step by step(whats edit the file extlinux.conf ) thanks.
    I repeat myself I use the sd and the July version suits me quite well while your October version does not start and gives me an error as a processor I think. thank you
    mich now I have cleaned up your version of July again and it no longer gives me the problem of the aux that at every switch on sent me the audio in hdmi in default, but the fact remains that I do not load the latest version of you of October.
    Another thing I tried as in the first post to load the dtb via ssh but I can't, but you do this command via windows or linux
    Thanks for your work IlMich, unfortunately your October version for my Mxq pro rk3229 2 ghz does not work, it gives me an error at startup and does not load while the July version is fine for me even if it crashes every now and then even if septum the analog audio automatically at the next start goes to hdmi by default.
    but still I stay on the July version, too bad.

    Great Mich you are doing a great job with these boxes and if the best ones are still great, but can I change in the settings files and set the analog audio by default? so to solve my problem, I bother with each reboot to enter the system to change the audio.

    Thanks again

    Thanks Mich for everything you do for us, now your latest build is almost great for my Mxq pro Rk 3229 box. On Samba I can now log in, reboots are not so frequent anymore, the temperature remains quite low at only 72 degrees, but I have two problems, the first I also had with the official version 9 and that is that if or because the source of a video was slow and freezing for a moment then it happened that it was difficult to recover and at most he recovered but only with audio. the second problem is that if on the system I set the analog audio that rage works if I turn off every reboot it goes back to standard audio and I have to manually reset to analog to send the audio to my external speakers.

    For the rest now and it's almost like the official version, thanks.

    Mich thank you for all the work you give us. Last March I tried your libreelec on my mxqpro rk 3229 box but it didn't go at all well, while now I tried the latest version and it has improved a lot but I noticed two problems the first is the Samba that does not work in fact the wifi works but even if apparently enabled the samba does not work. Another problem is that every now and then it restarts by itself and does it while I use the pvr

    Dear Dhath me on my 1 Giga MXIII and with Ap 6181 I have installed your libreelec 823 mxiii ap6330 taken from third parties and everything is ok but the WiFi is very slow and the videos are very baffering while the last of Demetrio is very good. can't you change this for Ap 6181? unfortunately I cannot connect it with an ethernet cable because it is too far from my ruter

    I wanted to ask Dtech if it was possible to modify your LibreELEC-MXIII-1G.arm-, as this works fine with my one gig MXIII box with amlogic S802 but all videos (of any kind) baffering continuously . Sure it's because you created it for AP6330 while mine is AP6181, but the wify works anyway that's weird, can you do something for my box? thanks anyway.