No Audio on Raspberry Pi 4B

  • Although I have used KODI for a few years on Android devices, this is my first attempt to run KODI on the Raspberry 4B. I installed yesterday using LibreELEC version 9.1.501 with KODI 18.4 . Everything works well except for audio. I get no audio at all. I started with your default settings and then trying changing them to other settings and nothing seemed to work. I have verified that volume on the Raspberry and the television is on high. I also started up the motherboard using the Raspbian operating system and audio worked fine on a video over the internet. I have the Raspberry Pi connected to the TV with the official Raspberry Pi HDMI cable. Any suggestions for getting this resolved?

  • Can you check in System/Audio if you can change to PI HDMI or something ?

    If it's greyed and only pulseaudio is possible with bluetooth, then you need to wait a fix from Libreelec team.

  • Actually not. I moved to port one and sound is working fine now. Thanks for your suggestion.

    Kent Shaw.