Nightly images for A64, H3, H5, H6 and R40 boards

  • install on intenal storage in allwinner h3

    gaguilar I have never seen such issues on A64, either with Pine64 plus or OrangePi Win and I tested both boards recently (a couple of weeks ago). It seems to me like some GPU issue. Can you execute command pastekodi and provide a link produced?

    AjayDabas Read first post. installtointernal is (was?) amlogic specific.

    hello_world.c I worked with IR just this month but there were no remotes pre-configured. I had to add mce mapping.

    okk but how to install in allwinner h3 tv box


  • dd command is same, no matter if it is SBC or TV box. If this is not good enough clue for you, then rather wait for installation script I'm working on.

    sir how to give root permission for this foldrer /usr/share/kodi/media/splash.png how to change it my personal splash screen

  • Hi!

    I have trouble with audio freezing. At log-file I see:

    Display Spoiler

    Current build: H6.arm-nightly-20210119-c4186be

    Board: Orange Pi One Plus

    At enother Orange Pi PC all work fine.

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  • The problem:
    orange pi lite 2 (H6) + samsung 32K5500 (1080/60) + Nightly images (any version from the last couple of weeks) = No signal HDMI
    Share the secret - how to make it work HDMI?
    orange pi one plus - a similar problem

    I have noticed that my lite 2 has issues with the very old 20" samsung 1600x1200 DVI monitor-with-hdmi-cable that i use for almost all of my SBC testing - it will go black after a minute or two and not come back.

    Plugged it into my 27" 4K LG monitor and it's fine.

    I don't remember if i tried the old 4x3 monitor when i tried an older build of libreelec from this thread a few months ago, or if i tried an older build of armbian with it.

    Maybe there's just an issue with HDMI on H6 boards in some recent kernels, or maybe always.

    Conversely, raspberry pi boards can't autodetect my Waveshare 7" touchscreen (version C - genuine not clone) but all my Armbian devices that i have plugged into it don't have any issues.

    Unfortunately, i know how to force a monitor resolution with raspbian but not on allwinner boards.

  • MoToR  Timpanogos Slim  kursantkvi Can you please test this H6 update? LibreELEC-H6.arm-9.80-devel-20210128183834-7d0199b.tar

    It's build from Commits · jernejsk/ · GitHub

    To all,

    recent updates:

    1. Suspend/resume and power on via remote and power button should work reasonably well on most H6 and A64 boards. H5 was not yet tested and H3 is work in progress. On TV boxes remote IR wake up/power on key is set to the same scancode as remote which come with the box (currently only Tanix TX6). On all other boards, wake up IR key is configured as RC6 MCE remote power button. This unfortunately can't be configured at runtime yet.

    2. Installation command was added - install2emmc - it creates clean installation on emmc from currently running image (no download is needed). If you want to transfer settings, backup and restore functionality must be used.

    3. Support for DT overlays - if you want to modify DT, this should be used. Just drop dtbo file to overlays folder on FAT partition and add a line in extlinux.conf. For example, activation of IR on PineA64 would be FDTOVERLAYS /overlays/sun50i-a64-ir.dtbo. You can specify multiple overlay files, if you want. Overlays are preserved over updates. Note - if there is an issue with applying overlay (wrong file path, incompatible overlay, etc.) board won't boot. In such case fix the issue or just remove it from the overlay list and it will boot again (annoying for emmc installations).

  • Good news jernej thanks!

    Looking forward to crust coming to my beelink x2 sometimes in the future. Hoping to soon replace the rpi flying around without a case with the x2, then i might have to run a bit less after my parents tv 😁

  • Hey guys!

    Let me just congratulate you on the awesome work done so far. My Allwinner H6 base, Beelink GS1 box was utterly useless until I tried LibreELEC! Constant stuttering in any file size, bitrate or resolution is apparently now gone... but not all is good I am afraid.

    To being with Kodi thoroughly refuses to display the audio passthrough option on the expected general Audio settings screen, you have to actually play a file and then set the passthrough by accessing the currently playing file (audio) settings screen, unfortunately, that does not do the trick, my home theater setup is at a 5.1 surround and the best I can get my AVR to display is "PCM 3/2.1 48Khz" or "PCM 3/4.1 48Khz" if I set it at the max 7.1 settings.

    Correctly if I am wrong but this means Allwinners H6's chip is the one doing the decoding/decompressing of the audio track and sending it as the good 'ol PCM. Correct?

    My movies are mostly DTS-HD (MA) / TrueHD, and that is what Kodi detects also and thus I expect my receiver to do the heavy-lifting in terms of audio decoding, not the android box, at all. This is what happens when I use Beelink's Android 7.1 custom built-in OS, unfortunately, as I have mentioned, fixed interval stuttering is a no-go for me.

    To sum I'm all up, I have improved/fixed the video stuttering, which is great, but now I am not really 100% sure what my AVR is receiving in terms of audio.

    Is there any problem concerning the audio passthrough / bitstreaming with the current nightly builds? I have been using the one from the 30th of January (today).

    Thanks in advance and I hope this may help other folks.

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