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    Sorry if this is considered bad practice, replying on a very old issue but I could not find anything on this and since I am using a few days old nightly build for an H6 box and still have this exact behaviour... well, now you knot it is still a bug to be solved, either o LibreELEC or Kodi or...

    Ok, I will investigate and report back!

    Unfortunately, that development version made things worse. I can now see the passthrough option but depending on the select speaker configuration the audio gets all scrambled up, unusable actually. The AVR still reports PCM no matter what I do.

    To sum it all up, I guess it's better to just use the current nightly version and get surround sound without really knowing for sure if the lossless tracks are actually being fed to the receiver. That way I get clean surround and no image stuttering (as I did with the shitty Beelink native ROM).

    I Will obviously be looking closely at the next releases, hopefully, this will get fixed and get near perfect for movie playback at least.

    Keep up the good work guys =)

    Additionally, what does this means:

    2021-01-30 18:12:16.495 T:3036     INFO <general>: Found resolution 1920x1080 with 4096x2160 @ 24.000000 Hz

    Seems like it is saying that for a [email protected] the resolution will actually be 1920x1080, meaning, 4K will be playing at full-hd only?

    Yes, I'm referring to that one. It contains update file (albeit old one), which can be used to update (or, in this case, downgrade with different features). Just put it in .update folder and reboot (you have guides for that).

    img.gz files are always board specific, while updates can also be universal. That's why I release only universal updates for testing new features whenever possible, I have to intention to upload 10 almost same images.

    Ok, I will investigate and report back!

    you should really check pinned threads...

    Are you referring to this one? I have checked it but am I supposed to use that "development" version instead of the current Beelink GS1 specific nightly?... Sorry, but that is not clear to me... And yes, even so, I did download it but it is not in the same *.img.gz extension as required by "LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32". Does it require any sort of compiling for each box?

    Hey guys!

    Let me just congratulate you on the awesome work done so far. My Allwinner H6 base, Beelink GS1 box was utterly useless until I tried LibreELEC! Constant stuttering in any file size, bitrate or resolution is apparently now gone... but not all is good I am afraid.

    To being with Kodi thoroughly refuses to display the audio passthrough option on the expected general Audio settings screen, you have to actually play a file and then set the passthrough by accessing the currently playing file (audio) settings screen, unfortunately, that does not do the trick, my home theater setup is at a 5.1 surround and the best I can get my AVR to display is "PCM 3/2.1 48Khz" or "PCM 3/4.1 48Khz" if I set it at the max 7.1 settings.

    Correctly if I am wrong but this means Allwinners H6's chip is the one doing the decoding/decompressing of the audio track and sending it as the good 'ol PCM. Correct?

    My movies are mostly DTS-HD (MA) / TrueHD, and that is what Kodi detects also and thus I expect my receiver to do the heavy-lifting in terms of audio decoding, not the android box, at all. This is what happens when I use Beelink's Android 7.1 custom built-in OS, unfortunately, as I have mentioned, fixed interval stuttering is a no-go for me.

    To sum I'm all up, I have improved/fixed the video stuttering, which is great, but now I am not really 100% sure what my AVR is receiving in terms of audio.

    Is there any problem concerning the audio passthrough / bitstreaming with the current nightly builds? I have been using the one from the 30th of January (today).

    Thanks in advance and I hope this may help other folks.