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    levitsky86 pastekodi should generate URL - that should be enough. Script already uploads logs for you. What do you mean without compression? I can't imagine uncompressed full HD - bitrate would be enormous.

    Timpanogos Slim I found and fixed HEVC problems here: Allwinner: Fix HEVC decoding by jernejsk · Pull Request #5312 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    OK, i might have time for testing again soon. Been busy for the last couple weeks.

    If you have an ssh connection, use ir-keytable -t then point your remote and click. The scan codes should get printed if the remote is recognized.

    Look in /usr/lib/udev/rc_keymaps for a toml file with matching name, or grep one of the scan codes and look for matching files.

    Put matching filename into /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg like so

    echo "* * x96max.toml" >/storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg

    Read more about remotes and keymaps in Infra-Red Remotes -

    So, you mean to say that i should be able to use my MCE remote with the built-in CIR receiver on the board?

    I am basically conversant with lirc but haven't been as big of a user for the last 10 years or so.

    Timpanogos Slim Thanks! Note that VC1 is not HW decoded (yet, HW supports it, but driver does not) and SW decoding is certainly not quick enough. Can you please disable deinterlacing during playback and see if that works better? Only supported wake up sources are power button and IR MCE remote (power button).

    I should have some time for that this weekend. Will have to sort out exactly how to do that though.

    By MCE remote do you mean the kind that come with a USB dongle? I do have some and can hook one up. I also have some of the IR remotes that come with random chinese android tv boxes but i haven't looked into how to get the native ir port working yet. Been using one of those logitech keyboards with the built in trackpad.

    Come to think of it i have a pine64 here but it's a v2 or something not the LTS afaik

    Downloaded some samples from Samples - Official Kodi Wiki

    Anyway. nightly-20210321-32b3089 (H5.arm) OPI PC2:

    NFS works. It didn't use to. Thanks. No wifi on this board of course.

    Kodi crash when trying to install Youtube app, which doesn't work. known issue i think?

    1080i-25-H264.mkv plays monochrome green and if i bring up overlay UI it stops playing video. I'd call that a fail.

    VC-1_23.976_sample.mkv plays super slow. Fail.

    VC-1_29.970_sample.mkv plays super slow. Fail.

    MPEG2_1080i_sample.mkv plays green monochrome didn't try to bring up the overlay

    FPS_test_1080p23.976_L4.1.mkv, FPS_test_1080p50_L4.2.mkv, FPS_test_1080p59.94_L4.2.mkv, FPS_test_1080p60_L4.2.mkv -- these all play generally ok but the ff/rw bar appears by itself at about the 2.1 second mark during the countdown in the video? What's that about?

    DNCE\ 29.97\ h264\ 1080i\ 26mbps\ DTS-HD\ MA\ 2.0\ sample.mkv plays monochrome green like the other 1080i videos. Fail.

    H.265\ HVEC\ Test\ 1.mkv plays just fine. Pass.

    From my own archives, I have an h.265 hevc mkv that makes kodi lock up, but i can play it on a linux/x64 desktop kodi instance. from mkvinfo:

    + EBML head

    |+ EBML version: 1

    |+ EBML read version: 1

    |+ Maximum EBML ID length: 4

    |+ Maximum EBML size length: 8

    |+ Document type: matroska

    |+ Document type version: 4

    |+ Document type read version: 2

    + Segment: size 1118295684

    |+ Seek head (subentries will be skipped)

    |+ EBML void: size 131

    |+ Segment information

    | + Timestamp scale: 1000000

    | + Multiplexing application: Lavf58.29.100

    | + Writing application: HandBrake 1.3.3 2020061300

    | + Segment UID: 0xeb 0xc4 0x9d 0x55 0xb3 0xba 0x62 0x61 0xa8 0x43 0xe8 0x2d 0x41 0xb9 0xe

    3 0xc7

    | + Date: Sun Nov 08 18:56:26 2020 UTC

    | + Duration: 01:38:24.828000000

    |+ Tracks

    | + Track

    | + Track number: 1 (track ID for mkvmerge & mkvextract: 0)

    | + Track UID: 1

    | + Lacing flag: 0

    | + Language: und

    | + Codec ID: V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC

    | + Track type: video

    | + Default duration: 00:00:00.041708333 (23.976 frames/fields per second for a video track)

    | + Video track

    | + Pixel width: 720

    | + Pixel height: 472

    | + Display width: 320

    | + Display height: 177

    | + Display unit: 3 (aspect ratio)

    | + Codec's private data: size 115 (HEVC profile: Main @L6.2)

    Display width and display height look very strange to me here?

    Playing some files from a usb stick worked fine.

    When i selected "Suspend" from the power menu, it blinked out and turned off my HT receiver and TV via CEC (presumably) but my logitech usb keyboard does not turn it on?

    Edit: Ahh, pressing the button on the pc2 does wake it up. I have not tried playing video again after wakeup yet but the system sounds work.

    Also noted - it won't let me turn off the HT receiver and tv. I turn them of, it turns them back on. So i shut it down for the night.


    I have OPI PC 2 (which i have tested several months ago briefly) and OPI Prime here that i briefly tested a couple months ago with the PC 2 build and was working, but no wifi. I may be able to get some testing done in the next few days on those.

    Oh, I also have PCDuino 4 Nano, which i understand is identical to the NanoPi M1, but it's deep inside the control box for one of my 3d printers. It could happen, but . . . .

    Finally got around to testing with my opi Lite2 again. Image from a couple weeks ago.

    Works fine w/ HT receiver. I think. The first time it didn't display past the splash screen but i power cycled and it came up.

    5.1 audio over hdmi and h.264 720p is what i am watching now. wifi setup went fine, using my 5ghz N network. Should figure out how to use one of my generic android tv box remotes with it.

    Edit: rather, 1920x802 h264. Also embedded subtitles, fwiw. No issues.

    AZukr How much memory your OPi3 has? 1 GiB?

    It seems that H6 must have at least 2 GiB to work properly. I have 2 H6 boards with 3 GiB and I didn't observe any crashes. I got report that OPi3 with 2 GiB of RAM works ok too, but my OPi3 with 1 GiB of RAM occasionally crashes too. However, I can't make it crash reliably. it's always different combination of videos. Anyway, this is not Kodi issue but something either in driver, ffmpeg or both. I'll take a look into that.

    mike2002 No idea. What is frozen exactly? Only Kodi? Is it possible to connect to ssh? If so, try to restart Kodi with systemctl restart kodi and see if that helps.

    hopefully i will remember to test my opi lite 2 this weekend so we can see for sure

    The problem:
    orange pi lite 2 (H6) + samsung 32K5500 (1080/60) + Nightly images (any version from the last couple of weeks) = No signal HDMI
    Share the secret - how to make it work HDMI?
    orange pi one plus - a similar problem

    I have noticed that my lite 2 has issues with the very old 20" samsung 1600x1200 DVI monitor-with-hdmi-cable that i use for almost all of my SBC testing - it will go black after a minute or two and not come back.

    Plugged it into my 27" 4K LG monitor and it's fine.

    I don't remember if i tried the old 4x3 monitor when i tried an older build of libreelec from this thread a few months ago, or if i tried an older build of armbian with it.

    Maybe there's just an issue with HDMI on H6 boards in some recent kernels, or maybe always.

    Conversely, raspberry pi boards can't autodetect my Waveshare 7" touchscreen (version C - genuine not clone) but all my Armbian devices that i have plugged into it don't have any issues.

    Unfortunately, i know how to force a monitor resolution with raspbian but not on allwinner boards.

    I have an H3 board (BananaPi M2+) and I was wondering, will it run Kodi 18?

    I know the Allwinner boards are a little temperamental and some only work with Kodi 19, but I saw an old forum with an Openelec image with Kodi 16, so I thought there might be a chance? Does anyone have any experience with this device? Will building LE 9.2 work for it?

    Banana Pi M2+ is on the list of supported boards for these builds? Give it a try

    Orange Pi Prime support?

    I know it's a discontinued board, but it appears that there was a period when it was a desirable way to mine some kind of cryptocurrency, and it periodically turns up on ebay at low prices. Like currently there is a seller in Ohio who has 10 of them, new in box, for $25 shipped each.

    So yeah i bought one, showed up today.

    Since it largely seems to be an Orange Pi PC2 with 2gb of ram and wifi, should i just try the PC2 image?

    I'm having an issue where the screen just goes blank when i change video modes on my pi 3b.

    My situation is a little bizarre because the display I'm using is sort of cobbled together.

    I've got the lcd panel from a thinkpad T43 - 15.1" 1400x1050 - connected to a universal (realtek based) lvds controller with hdmi and vga ports.

    The lvds board was programmed by the vendor - poorly. I'd need to buy a special programming interface to fix it.

    The chassis I'm using has a very old intel atom board in it. With xubuntu on the atom board, xorg boots up at 1280x1024 and with xrandr i can add and switch to the 1400x1050 60hz mode. I'd like to stop using the atom board because the pi3b is actually faster, not to mention all the video codecs it can decode in hardware.

    The real point of this chassis is the 3M 15" touchscreen. The original lcd panel quit working a couple years ago.

    The pi 3b always boots up assuming a 1080p display. At least, kodi thinks it's outputting 1920x1080. I wouldn't care except that it is assuming a 16x9 display but the physical display is 4x3.

    If i then select the 1400x1050 mode, the screen goes blank and never recovers. fwiw i am using a usb keyboard at this point.

    And if i select any other video mode, the same thing happens.

    I've tried editing the config.txt on the sd card. i've added the following lines:


    The hifiberry option shows up in the audio output settings (haven't tested to see if the spdif actually works), so i guess i can assume that the file is being read correctly. But the hdmi settings don't make any difference.

    What are my next steps for troubleshooting?