Nightly images for A64, H3, H5, H6 and R40 boards

  • jernej

    What syao built for me cec works


    And any other 9.8 build has worked before.

    I have found one more from 2020 november


    This also works.

    I would use it now but i cannot install the only 2 things i need Aeon nox silvo skin and simple iptv client.

    Skin installs then fails to build main menu so im stuck need reflash.

    Iptv client can't install due invalid structure.

    Tried different versions i could find online no luck.

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  • Both images use software CEC implementation... You can build addons yourself - just make sure that you checkout same sources.

    On a side note, LE10 beta1 with Allwinner images was just released. I'm considering closing this topic and move towards one thread one issue style.


    Yes all sw-cec works fine.

    Ive tried new nightly and even beta1 and cec soes not work.

    I dont know how to build addons so looks like i install the old 9.8 and maybe i find that pvr addon somewhere which installs.

  • AZukr make sure you have appropriate refresh rate set. If it set to 30 Hz, then yes, microstutters will be noticeable. At 60 Hz it should not be really noticeable. Best way to avoid them altogether is to have refresh rate set to multiple of fps (there is option to set this automatically before playback), but that's not always possible. Note that comparison to legacy RPi2 means nothing to me, whole playback stack has nothing in common with H6.

    I am talking about movies with 24 frames per second refresh rate. My TV natively supports this refresh rate, and in Kodi I have set option for

    Adjust Display Refresh Rate for video player. For some reason movies have noticeable microstutters

  • Lewis OTA won't update U-Boot, which includes a couple of other important binaries for system stability, suspend/resume and power on functionality. Because of that I don't recommend it. Next release will have updated version of these binaries...


    There are few boards that we are not able to test, so I would like to get status of following boards (playback including deinterlacing, network, USB, suspend/resume, ...):

    Libre Computer ALL-H3-CC (H3 version)

    Nano Pi M1 (H3)

    Orange Pi 2

    Orange Pi PC

    Orange Pi PC 2

    Orange Pi Plus

    Pine64 LTS

    Additionally, can someone confirm that WIFI and Bluetooth don't work on PineH64 model B (my board may be broken in this regard).

  • jernej I confirm that wifi doesn't work on Pine H64... For Bluetooth I don't know.

    jernej I tried my orange pi PC (not the PC plus) and first problem : No Network. I going to do a test with my Orange pi PC plus to check if I have the same problem. My Ethernet cable work well with my Orange pi Lite2 and my Pine H64. Forget that !

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  • I'm using LibreELEC for my OPi PC Plus, it works like a charm. Thanks Jernej for your work on AllWInner chips!

    But I also have 2 OPi Lite (not Lite 2) which I'd like to update: they now run a LibreELEC 8 image from 2017-05-16, and don't support HW decoding.

    I tried using the OPi PC Plus image and replacing the dtb file and the extlinux.conf reference, but the OPi Lite still doesn't boot.

    What does it take to have a bootable recent LibreELEC on OPi Lite?

    I can probably compile my own image if I have a few hints, but if you can add the image for OPi Lite in the daily downloads it would be even better :)

  • Sorry, there is no plan to officially support boards with < 1 GiB RAM. There is one in nightly builds, but it won't be released as stable and it's not developed by me.

    You can however try to build image yourself and even PR needed changes to official repo. Bare minimum that needs to be done is adding new entry here: at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    Note that OPi Lite was supported in my unofficial OpenELEC 7 port and AFAIK there were no issues with it (HW decoding works). LE 7 was made by someone else.

  • jernej I've been trying LibreELEC-A64.arm-10.0-nightly-20210317-c5d7822-pine64-lts.img.gz on my Pine A64-LTS. It kinda works but the graphics driver breaks completely, directly after bootup with media present (I have jellyfin for kodi configured now, with ~100 movies / tv shows) :(

    [   27.826516] lima 1c40000.gpu: mmu page fault at 0x5c89300 from bus id 0 of type read on ppmmu0
    [   27.861332] lima 1c40000.gpu: fail to save task state from kodi.bin pid 876: error task list is full
    [   27.861359] lima 1c40000.gpu: pp task error 0 int_state=0 status=5
    [   27.861367] lima 1c40000.gpu: pp task error 1 int_state=0 status=0
    [   27.861375] lima 1c40000.gpu: mmu resume

    I think also ethernet was kinda weird a bit but after a reboot it worked again; definitely not very important at the moment.

    Thank you so much for working on this, it's very appreciated!

    edit: I have it connected via hdmi to a 3840x2160@30Hz screen; also I've tried lima job timeout (#33) · Issues · Lima / linux · GitLab and it seems to help (with my very quick testing right now, the error is still in dmesg but the UI is still running)

  • jernej Thanks for showing me the way. I launched a build. We'll see how it works...

    I can confirm HW decoding doesn't work in the 2017-05-16 release of LibreELEC 8 on OPi Lite, maybe something was broken. Is there a place to download past releases?

    My OPi Lite displays only 42% of RAM usage during playback. Why only support boards with ≥ 1 GiB RAM?