• Ok it's really time to stop the Chinese spammers. It seemed to have started few weeks ago with few posts and now they have completely flooded the forum. What can the forum moderators do to stop them?

    Personally, I am all for changing the way the accounts are created to make it harder for bots/spammers to sign up. I am also for forcing some kind of two-factor authentication every time you need to log in and forcing time-out of logins, if this stops the spamming.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe there are some spam experts on the forum who can help out the moderators.

  • First 10 post could require a CAPTCHA and a time limit (max 1 post every 10-15 mins) that should make the forum less appealing for those spamming b*stards.

  • cleared for now, looks like recaptcha at extreme settings is not good enough anymore -.-

    I disabled reg for now, need to fix it when at home.

  • I realize this is old but I did a search for "post limits" and this is the most recent one.

    Anyway, my two-cents is that I understand the need but it is very annoying to me to have to wait 460, 2600, etc seconds to post.

    I hate spammers too, but I'd like to be able to participate a bit more and decide not post sometimes because of the wait. (I know patience patience :) )