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    I realize this is old but I did a search for "post limits" and this is the most recent one.

    Anyway, my two-cents is that I understand the need but it is very annoying to me to have to wait 460, 2600, etc seconds to post.

    I hate spammers too, but I'd like to be able to participate a bit more and decide not post sometimes because of the wait. (I know patience patience :) )

    Creating a 5GHz frequency needs more energy than 2.4GHz. So switching to 5GHz could break a weak hardware part.

    I think we did all we can to fix it. Replace your RPi or use a WiFi adapter.

    Thank you for taking your time to help me address my problem, Da Flex, I had that impression from the beginning, but just did not want it to be true. I have been in contact with the seller on [email protected], and the seller agrees to replace the board. Still waiting for that... And for what it would be worth, I plan to update this thread after the replacement one arrives.

    (The Pi4 was one of the 4GB ones you can get as a kit from Vilr** with the pi4, power supply,card,cable, fan. )

    (I also forgot to mention just how extremely hot the wifi radio portion of the board gets with wifi enabled only (and obviously unable to connect to anything) Also even the USB and ethernet ports get hot when wifi is enabled. No cable in ethernet either).

    (Interesting that there would not be enough power for 5Ghz with the included power supply. But if I am correct just putting a label on a power supply and actually having thick enough wire to handle said power are usually different these days. Who knows. But if true about not enough energy that is not good. Nor would it be good to fry the wireless just by trying to connect to wifi.)

    Yes, it's a risk to select the right files. Probably too much risk.

    My advice is to use a second microSD containing Raspbian.

    On Raspbian use the rpi-update command to update the firmware. That's the safest way to do it.

    After that, insert your LE card, and it hopefully runs better with the new firmware.

    I installed Raspbian again and ran the rpi-update command you mentioned and did the update. There was no difference.

    I am including the log files from running RaspbianOS and updating and running rpi-update as raspOS-fully-updated_[<the log file>]

    I am including the log files from running LibreElec (after having ran the above) as libreelec_after_raspOS_updated_ [<the log file>]

    If you still can't connect to 2.4GHz with the latest firmware, then I bet your internal WiFi is broken, and you should replace the device.

    It is seeming so because I still can not connect to 2.4Ghz nor 5Ghz networks. If that does become the conclusion my question would be how is that possible to have it die just by connecting to a 5Ghz router? (Surge strip is being used of course.)

    milhouse gave this instructions. If you have a second card containing Raspbian, it can be used to update RPi firmware more comfortable.

    As mentioned, make sure your card has no errors, or followings steps might end badly.

    PS: Here are the instructions from HiassofT : click. Be careful.

    I appreciate the links (although I came across them too). They seem to be dealing with the Pi3 and circa 2018. Still relevant? I am a little leary especially with the warnings.

    [Really I do not want to come off as unwilling to accept help but don't want to bork the hardware.]

    [I have contacted the seller in the mean-time to ask for exchange or advice. I am still looking for anyone's help or advice here too, and thank you Da Flex for your help (and time!) so far]

    I had, in the mean time, seen another post talking about making a change to a conf file for cfg80211 and adding US. So I had done that before seeing this post. The change didn't make a difference (as you stated). I do have the logs anyway for after the change with the still resulting crashing and unable to connect.

    Also the mentioned file system in the log was the usb flash drive i am using to transfer the logs from the pi4 to my laptop for upload (thank you).

    I have gone ahead and read the link in your post. I downloaded the zip file with the firmware I have now and the 'original' one.

    I should try the original firmware?

    (Thank you for your time.)

    [ran into an issue with forum error about posting within 2600 minutes, uh oh!]

    Just found this message through a search........

    My Rpi4 uses aout 30% at idle....

    Hey I was wondering if you go out of range again of your 5Ghz again, can you still connect to 2.4Ghz then?

    I ask because I was fine with 2.4Ghz, but wanted to go 5Ghz to reduce congestion and I also had a hard crash but now I can not connect to either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz any more.

    Thank you for your time.

    Everything was fine before I enabled the the 5Ghz radio in my router and tried to connect to that with the pi4.

    Showed associating...then right to idle.

    Tried to connect again, crashed and the pi4 auto-rebooted.

    Now I can not even connect to the 2.4Ghz as before.

    Both bands when trying to connect show the failed message under connections, and a notification of 'Network Error: Input/Output Error'.

    I wiped the card. Reinstalled, same thing no wifi anymore.

    Wiped the card and installed offical Raspbian, same thing no wifi anymore.

    The Pi4 can see the networks.... Associating... Idle... Failed... Network Error Input/Output Error.

    Nothing else changed. Signal strength 74.

    Back on fresh install of LE 9.2.1 repeatable OS crash upon: 1st trying to connect to wifi, (connect, associating... idle...), connect 2nd try (connect, associating.., fail..) and it crashes.

    Basically after a rebeoot it crashes on the second attempt to connect to wifi.

    Whether it crashes or not the situation is the same (if that helps some more). ...

    Is there anything else I can add that would help anyone help me? I'd appreciate it much! :)