Transmission on Libreelec 9.0.1 - Error "could not connect to Transmission"

  • I've installed LE on an Intel box and I cannot get Transmission add-on to work.

    I installed Transmission from official LE library - not from zip or from Thoradia.

    It installed with 3 mandatory components, but fails to launch when I click on the icon tile. Returns an error that it couldn't connect and asks to open settings dialog ..

    1) What is the bloody point releasing an "official" module that doesn't work out of the box?

    2) There is bugger all information on how to fine tune it on LE Wiki - NOTHING there, nothing on this forum.

    I try opening - nothing, connection refused

    I SSH to (root/libreelec) - cannot even find transmission-daemon

    Can someone please provide instructions on:

    1) how to start transmission on LE

    2) how to get rpc and web ui working?

    I've uninstalled the "official" Transmission add-on and downloaded the from Thoradia repository on Github, but when I try to "install from zip" on LE 9.01 add-ons page it returns error msg that installing from unofficial sources is disabled :(

    What's the work-around?

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  • Wow, I think you should consider asking your money back!

    Seriously though, you could have at least provided a logfile as is clearly described on the wiki before posting such a rude post. Thoradia is not an official addon. Even if it was, the devs are sharing their work with you for free. Google manners ;)

  • Wow, have I triggered you ? ;)

    Seriously - can you even read?

    I've UN-installed the official Transmission add-on.

    Must be an in-joke to not deprecate from the release a useless module that hasn't been supported in 5 years and is known not to work, right?

    You're funny guy! what "log file" do I need to provide that "installing from zip and unofficial sources is disabled in LE"?

    Google useless

  • Firstly your initial post is rude and condescending. Continue with that frame of mind, and you risk having your account banned.

    Secondly with that attitude I'm surprised anyone even bothered answering.

    So: ---

    1) Transmission is NOT an official LE Addon - it is a Kodi Addon.

    2) If you can read, it is a client NOT a server. You have to have a transmission server running somewhere.

    3) To have transmission server running on LE, you need to use the Thoradia addon.

    4) Google "kodi installation from unofficial sources is disabled" finds many hits.

    Take this as polite reminder to adhere to the forum rules

  • Thank you for your response, Iridium!

    Could you please advise - how do I install Thoradia's Transmission server add-on, if LE doesn't allow "installing from zip"?

    Is there some work-around for that?

  • Have you ever considered to follow the message you receive for the "unknown sources"

    If you click on that ^ you will be pointed to:

    So, I have a question towards you....what is the bloody point of an error message if you refuse to read it properly

    Regarding your initial question about the transition add-on and the settings-dialog:

    Have you ever considered to simply configure the add-on to work properly. Why on earth would you think that the same add-on from another source would behave differently? If you would have hit "Yes" on the above dialog, you would have seen that:

    Maybe you should learn how to read the messages Kodi shows you. But I even don't think that you will read this posting properly. So don't expect further help in here if you refuse to read.

    No offense

  • Hi Iridium,

    None taken

    No, I haven't tried to disable "disabling" message by clicking on [settings] - but I will try that, to install Thoradia add-on from zip.

    On the "Unable to connect to Transmission " - Yes I went to settings and tried different user /password, and replaced "localhost" with IP, but to no avail.

    In fact, transmission-service was not even installed in init.d - the Transition add-on installed from Kodi library is an empty shell.

    Once I overcome this issue, I will publish here the full how-to in order to fill the gap in the LE WIKI

  • All right ... success! Thank you Iridium for the tip on overriding the "unknown sources disabled"

    1) Install Thoradia repository from thoradia/ at master · thoradia/thoradia · GitHub

    2) Install add-on from repository (LE will now show the Thoradia repository in the list) select Thoradia > Services > service.transmission

    3) Once Transmission installed on LE, go to My Add-ons > click on Transmission tile, go to Settings and update the IP of your local network ending with x.* Leave all other defaults as is

    4) Open from browser the LE's ip address - 192.168.***.***:9091/transmission/web/

    5) Edit settings

    6) I have installed Chrome extension called " .torrent to Transmission" - it's very nice, you can right-click on a magnet link and select "download with Transmission". There's also a Windows GUI app that connects to transmission daemon on LE and you can manage transmission settings from there

  • Thank you, Iridium!

    Is there a how-to on getting MiniDLNA scan external USB drive?

    By default it scans only ./storage due to Kodi mounting points are not shared by MiniDLNA

  • I'm sorry, I didn't mean to break the rules or annoy you.

    I've created a thread a day ago with the question on MiniDLNA, but no one is replying :(

  • A day??

    What world are you living in. Do you think that free software comes with unlimited support options? The persons behind LE and Kodi provide that software for free. Do you help?


    Do you really expect a reply within a day

    You are living in another world,

    I gave you a chance but now accept an "official" warning.

    Your NEXT posts determine your existence on this site.