• General Conduct

    • Be polite and respectful to forum staff and other users
    • Be polite and respectful towards this project and other projects
    • Be patient, user and staff are spread all over the world, an answer may take time


    • One topic per thread
    • Posts should be written in English (add text in your native language if needed)
    • Be as descriptive and detailed as possible. We are not mind readers!
    • Do not cross-post or double-post
    • Do not post or promote external URL links to products, a name description is enough

    Avatar Images

    • Do not use the LibreELEC or Kodi logo as your avatar image or as part of your avatar image
    • Do not use provocative images that may offend other forum users
    • Do not use images of a political or religious nature
    • Forum moderators may delete avatars that cause offence or breach the rules

    Piracy Policy

    • Discussions regarding the piracy or theft of copyrighted materials will not be tolerated
    • Forum staff and users will refuse support to other users who have piracy add-ons installed
    • LibreELEC references the Kodi team list of piracy repositories and add-ons
    • We are not fans of tools (e.g. torrent clients, NBZ suites) that are used to acquire copyrighted materials
    • We are not fans of discussion on VPN services used to hide piracy or bypass geolocking

    Community Releases

    • Builders sharing LibreELEC images via the forum must provide code sources for their releases, e.g. GitHub
    • Builders should seek to upstream useful changes whenever possible, to benefit the project
    • Builders can use <name>.libreelec.tv hosting space on request - ask a project admin
    • Builders are asked to keep image version numbering in-line with (but not ahead) of official releases
    • Community images that embed libwidevine, piracy add-ons, etc. are not welcome in the forum

    Commercial Parties

    • Companies who assist their users with support issues in our forums are welcome
    • Companies who create "advertorial" postings for their products in our forum are not welcome
    • User accounts must be tagged so forum users understand you are not a normal public user
    • Please identify user accounts to existing moderator/admin staff so we can tag your account
    • User accounts posting VPN service recommendations will be deleted without warning

    Accounts and/or posts may be removed without notice in case of clear violation of forum rules.