Information Regarding Linux on Rockchip SoC's

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    The 4.9 kernel is the same badly written Amlogic 3.14 codebase forward ported to a marginally newer (December 2016) kernel. I've even heard some rumours of a 4.19 version being worked on. I wish everyone the best of luck using them once amcodec is removed :)

  • It was my thread so just go ahead and kill it and thats the last post i will bother making. personally i fail to see how as the thread originator trash talked anyone...

  • one more piece getting close... i noticed the update in panfrost last nite while looking and plan on playing with it this weekend when i have more time. looks interesting tho.

  • Do you know if Ezequiel's work will be published and added to a review of libreelec for rockchip? Or is it necessary to patch what it says manually?

    I tested the initial MPEG-2 decoder using libreelec and v1 patchset is included in my mainline test build. I will update to v2 patchset and 5.0 final for next mainline test images.

  • Can anyone give a hint at what is still missing on mainline to do the switch besides VPU and GPU? Seems here at LE the community is currently more positive towards mainline than at other projects (think Armbian et el).

  • I tested the initial MPEG-2 decoder using libreelec and v1 patchset is included in my mainline test build. I will update to v2 patchset and 5.0 final for next mainline test images.

    and the v2 fixes the problem of reproduction in full hd with h264? Do you know how I can implement those changes in the current version to see how it works? because I imagine that the new version will still be published

  • Lu sorry i should have read your post more closely...

    outside of the graphics stack still at least short basically in the userland area such as the drm/abi . I am not sure what else is still a issue for people working on stuff in the public.

    privately most of what i needed to make work on the rockpro64 seems to be working but to be honest i have been so far running off sd based setup and not looked much at the eMMC or PCIe stuff yet.

    I should have also said am working in the the 4.20 and 5 kernel areas...

    i would think that publicly they should be in the same general realm tho.

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    I've been using Lima on the family daily-driver (Amlogic) box since last November and it's about 90% complete from a Kodi perspective. There are some minor corner cases with specific screensavers/visualisations not working fully (e.g. shadertoy) and there's the occasional glitch, but Kodi is a fairly simple app to support and it's very usable. However most RK devices we support need panfrost which is a trickier proposition. Amlogic test images are now using this out of necessity (the T820 GPU in the S912 box has no Linux blob) and we're now using the recently merged DRM driver and performance from an OpenGLES perspective is starting to look rather nice. On the kernel side there are still memory management issues and crashes/hangs to resolve, and we're still working to upstream support for 32-bit userspace. There's a lot of activity around panfrost and it improves daily. I'd estimate it's 75% complete for midgard right now. Since RK hardware has mali blobs available there's no rush to switch so we'll let panfrost mature before making that decision. Bifrost support is also completely missing; the developers are deliberately ignoring it for now to keep the focus on midgard hardware.

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    The DesignWare HDMI driver used in Amlogic (and Allwinner/Rockchip) devices still needs to evolve 10-bit video support, and the Intel developers still need to get their HDR and colorimetry patches merged into the upstream kernel (still work in progress). In the last week or so we've started to poke the Kodi side of that work using Intel hardware where the dependences in a more mature state, but this is really a green-field area for all Linux hardware, so there are no prior examples to crib things from and we are literally making up the rules (and code) as we go. In the mid/long-term I have absolutely no concerns about LE (and Kodi) having A1+ support for HDR .. and hopefully in the near future I can write a blog post to explain what's going on in the background and why we're rather confident about that :)

  • anyone running libreelec on H96 Max Plus?

    or which device's img should i use with RK3328 chipset?

    Hi. I don't own H96 Max Plus RK3328 box, but a lot of other users experience issues booting LibreELEC from it.

    Here's a link where Balbes offered some help (check out the first comment on the page) on how to boot LE from your box: Libreelec for rk3328 - FreakTab

    I hope it helps because I really don't understand anything. :)