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    Good there is no image for 3288?

    I tested the initial MPEG-2 decoder using libreelec and v1 patchset is included in my mainline test build. I will update to v2 patchset and 5.0 final for next mainline test images.

    and the v2 fixes the problem of reproduction in full hd with h264? Do you know how I can implement those changes in the current version to see how it works? because I imagine that the new version will still be published

    Regarding mainlining:

    Today, a second version of a patch was submitted by Ezequiel Garcia thanks to the inital work of kwiboo:

    Add MPEG-2 decoding to Rockchip VPU

    Also, panfrost driver apparently is making some progress: (blog post from today)

    Panfrost update: a new kernel driver

    Do you know if Ezequiel's work will be published and added to a review of libreelec for rockchip? Or is it necessary to patch what it says manually?

    Hi, I have a list of private iptv and I have the libreelec build for asus tinker 8.90.014, but when playing full hd channels I find that they are pixelated, they are encoded with the h264 codec, mp2 2.0 audio and a 1.78: 1 aspect ratio . Do you know what is due? can it be a problem with the compilation version that your state is alpha? or is it possible that it is due to some bad configuration? I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you so much for everything.

    PD: use as a method of reproduction pvr simple iptv

    Good I installed the latest version of libreelec for my plate asus tinker board, when playing my list of iptv I find that when playing the channels in full hd are pixelated from time to time, however in the hd and sd channels does not occur . Could someone tell me what is due? if it is a bad configuration that I have not done? Or is it that an external player is necessary?

    The plugin that I use for my iptv list is PVR simple iptv client, I do not know if it is the most suitable and that's why I get these problems. I await your news about it.