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    I think it does none of us any favours to take this tone. LE is a big project and competing needs have to be weighed up. We should be grateful for both the LE and CE teams in all their hard work so far. If you don't like the tone of a project then don't use it. i personally use both and am grateful for both teams.


    It's hard not to be annoyed when decisions and moves like this are taken.

    Some of us do not want to use other projects but are forced to merely because of things like this.

    Also same story with removing cron support from busybox which is PR from another admin here because there is systemd timers, users are second place here it seems.

    These are not even big changes like this.

    Stop making up stories.

    Which part did I make up?

    The fact admins here never liked the idea of generic Amlogic with all its evil bad nasty hacks?

    Are you really trying tell the whole forum that it was solely your idea and nobody else had any input in your decision to send that PR to strip all of your work from LE?

    Or how out of touch the admins here are with the users?

    How many times have users asked for something to be included in LE to be told no, no, no, a simple symlink just so we can use Entware for example? Even that is too much to ask.

    You came to the resource to the developers, agitate for competitors. Are you a provocateur or want to look like the smartest?

    CE has linux 4.9, here going development of 5.0. What are you want to say?...

    My post was not to provoke but to inform, I simply state facts that everything works on CoreELEC and nothing more, I did not say which is better, nor any personal opinion on the subject.