Information Regarding Linux on Rockchip SoC's

  • RK3328 and RK3399 share same DW-HDMI TX core and can both send Dynamic Range and Mastering InfoFrame with EOTF/MaxFALL/MaxCLL metadata.

    Yep - the Rock Chip devices are the first Kodi platforms that I've seen pass an HLG EOTF correctly over HDMI for HLG HDR content too.

  • I understand the neutrality of your position as i realize your driving force is to get the LibreELEC project better supported looking forward to ensure its own longevity. Others going back to the 1st boxes at a time when there was no OpenELEC's or forks who were trying to put Linux on a box were basically told to by Amlogic reps to buzz off as there was no interest in the subject. Even a few factory techs back then while working for major downstream factory had the door slammed shut when they attempted to show there was a developing market interest in Linux. Thank god most hackers never give up and eventually things started to appear and continue to appear while growing. Eventually Amlogic partially caved and put up a server for openlinux support but theres really not much of any real value on it and its old but a choosen few were allowed access or shared some info with while the rest had to hone the hacking skills and invade the asian factories looking for protected or leaked docs. Here it is years and millions of boxes later and its still pretty much the same.

    After about a year of not really bothering with whats out in the public i started looking around while playing catchup and found this place to be a good place to read and chat and was nicely suprised to see at least Rockchips attitude has somewhat changed. From what i currently see at least Rockchip is openly providing decent information and not just to the choosen few but anyone that wants to download it which proves to me that Rockchip is light years ahead in at least providing some basic help and info, so on that point i guess you and i will have to agree to disagree.

    Lets not be naive as we all know money makes the world go around and neither one of these billion dollar company's give much away for free, At least Rockchip has proven its helping no matter what the skill set is of anyone wanting to mess with their products while Amlogic is still sitting behind controlled access providing very little, When the reality is both of these billion dollar companies are trying to hedge their bet for the future by leveraging against the growing group of FREE smart coders that are interested in helping because of a willingness to want to help for a variety of well meaning reasons. Going forward both companies are going to need better Linux support as that part of the market develops and you can see it already in their opening up to fuel the much smaller manufactured products not coming out of one of their bread and butter mainstream factories. So why not leverage development time against the free labor pool i get it and really have no issue with it as thats the way the world now works but come on Amlogic at least open up the vaults and provide some basic docs.

    As i said at the top tho, i understand your position based on the LibreELEC project which is community driven and depends on better support going into the future. I respect your thoughts and hopefully nothing i have said offends anyone as i always look at things from the big picture.

  • Could someone from the devs confirm what is the current status of the deinterlacing support on RK3399? I have no deinterlacing options available on the H96 MAX but I've seen somewhere that it could be due to a bad device tree. Is it true? Is deinterlacing working on other RK3399 devices?


  • i ordered a Rock64 Pro with 4 gig and the sata extension board along with the wifi board so hopefully it don't take to long as i known the asian new years stuff is gonna be upon us.... friggen canadian dealer in montreal wants close to double the price so i just ordered it else where.

    i thru together another workstation last nite and started migrating the rockchip repos and toolchain stuff onto it and started looking at the panfrost stuff and ayufan's github as well... been putting together some of Arm's Mali stuff as well.

  • I'm going to wait and see if Rockchip deliver on the mainline support... RockPro64 looks very good indeed. The NanoPC-T4 has an M.2 slot for NVME on the backside of the board, a design that looks interesting. I suspect they're stuck on 4.4 as well... the only boards that seem to have updated kernels are the ones from LibreComputer afaik.

  • ya i kinda noticed that as well but i am sure given time that can be cured as my interest in the chipset goes beyond the H94 type of tv box so i will probably disappear again and put some serious time into working into getting some form of kernel 5 series working for what i want to do with the board

  • Could someone from the devs confirm what is the current status of the deinterlacing support on RK3399?

    The mpp library will automatically activate deinterlacting using the IEP (Image Enhancement Processor), for this to happen the iep and iep_mmu node needs to be enabled in device-tree. Kodi will not show any deinterlace options or reflect if deinterlacer is used or not.

    There is also a different post-processing unit in the VPU that should support deinterlacting, but this is not used by mpp library.

    It is still unclear on how deinterlace will function in the drm prime rendering pipeline, hopefully the IEP can be exposed as a V4L2 device and a ffmpeg filter can be created that make use of such device or similar block on other platforms. Main focus on the drm prime rendering pipeline is to be cross platform compatible.

    Please give me a link to dts and I can take a quick look and possible include the dts in my linux tree (I usually compare it to rockpro64 dts and reorder nodes in same order to make compare across the different devices easier).

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    I suspect they're stuck on 4.4 as well... the only boards that seem to have updated kernels are the ones from LibreComputer afaik.

    Khadas EDGE works well with kernel 5.0 . The only patch you need is to add DTS for EDGE (or just add the desired ready - made DTB to the working image with 5.0 NEXT kernel). All major components are supported with current sources in the official kernel. :)

    Armbian for Khadas EDGE - Khadas Edge - Khadas Community

  • Thanks, this is the info I was looking for.

    I've posted the DTB to the H96 MAX thread:

    H96 MAX RK3399

    I've already added hdmi-sound, ir-int and ir-receiver nodes to the original Android DTB and I've also added a HDMI-CEC handle to the pinctrl-0 in HDMI and set audio-cards names.

    The IEP nodes seem to be there and the deinterlacing seems to work as you say (Kodi doesn't reflect it but it works). I'd swear that I've checked that before and the deinterlacing was not working but it definitely does now with official LE 8.90.012.

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  • i seen the Khadas EDGE write ups and stuff but didn't think it was available yet or is there someplace to actually get one?

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    i seen the Khadas EDGE write ups and stuff but didn't think it was available yet or is there someplace to actually get one?

    As far as I know, the project is ongoing (and new options are being prepared).

    Indiegogo Update #3 - Khadas Edge - Khadas Community

    You can request a purchase here. If you need help with the purchase (getting a sample), write to me in the PM forum Khadas, I will try to help (contact you with a representative Khadas).

  • cool, ya i had seen the April release thing and wasn't sure if peeps were able to get a early realise or dev type setup... i joined the forum the other and will probably take you up on that in the near future. thanx a ton

  • Also i meant to add.

    After a lot of web surfing and talking to a few people behind the scenes i really truly think Rockchip has finally hit the nail on the head and products like Khadas and some others are going to pave the way as Rockchip finally realizes the potential in working with people to bring Linux to the for front helping to ensure future dominance in this box area and the SBC market thats growing.

  • When it comes to the 4.4 kernel rockchip have a pretty recent Linaro Stable Kernel (Android) merged, unfortunately when I asked if there was a chance to see a new version pushed to github it ended with "not a chance", I am speculating that the internal rockchip linux tree contains code for unreleased products blocking pushing a new version public.

    Rockchip pushed an updated 4.4 kernel and u-boot to github today, it has the latest linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-android merged bringing it up to 4.4.167 and restores the tree back to a state where some rk3399pro/rk1808 commits no longer is dropped.