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    I'm going to wait and see if Rockchip deliver on the mainline support... RockPro64 looks very good indeed. The NanoPC-T4 has an M.2 slot for NVME on the backside of the board, a design that looks interesting. I suspect they're stuck on 4.4 as well... the only boards that seem to have updated kernels are the ones from LibreComputer afaik.

    12MB/s is 100Mb/s speed, not gigabit speed. Probably the network handhake is having issues.

    Some cheap CAT-5(e) will not connect at gigabit speed. Try a different/better cable, and also try a different port in your switch/router.

    I would also like to mention that an older motherboard I had wouldn't negotiate at 1000Mb/s if I used the offical drivers (Windows of course), but did if I used generic ones. Hopefully this isn't the case in Linux, but I just thought I should mention it.

    The reason I made the suggestion was merely because I don't think the investment in getting this feature in Kodi is worth it for most people, I may be wrong though. I'm not a big believer in devices that do everyting aka "Jack of all trades, master of none". I would personally use a phone/tablet and a simple PC for LE. If you want to do all of this on one box then you're best served using a distro that has a full-fledged desktop environment/window manager. Perhaps you could use something like Openbox and create a shortcut in Kodi that launches Chrome in full screen/kiosk mode. Alternatively use Android.


    i'm trying and it works very well but i have only one problem

    the ethernet it's slow only 12mb/s transfer rate.

    why? can you help me?

    Ok try the following:

    - reboot (remove the power cord) from your router and try again

    - try using the ethernet cable on another PC and check if the speed is slow there as well.

    - try with a new cable.

    If it still is slow then let us know where is the content you are playing located?

    If passive cooling is performed well, there should be no problem with KODI running on rk3399.

    • For a small case, I think the RK3328 should be good enough for 4K 60fps with HDR?
    • The next question is which device is the best for RK3328.. Currently I've seen the Renegade, Rock64 and maybe the Rock960.

    original case (open case) and this fan:

    No more than 40ºC

    Without fan, after 2 hours playing full blueray, >75ºC so I stoped and decided not to continue without fan. I wish i can find more heatsinks compatible with this pcb.

    Do you know any 3d printed case for this PCB?

    Hmm, it seems like it isn't possible to use this for Kodi without active cooling... I will have to go for RK3328 then i think.…ry_id=0&sub_category=true this isn't 3D-printed, but looks nice. Not sure if there is room for a fan or where the exhaust goes.

    Passive cooling really have any hardware (all Rk3399 rk3328 etc). The main thing is to perform it correctly. Metal body can help with this. But it should be borne in mind that under certain conditions (maximum load on the system and high ambient temperature) passive cooling can not cope with heat dissipation. By the way, even in this metal case, the engineers made a mistake - there is an air outlet on the sides of the body, but there are no holes for air supply to the body. It as in a task for school students about the pool where there are two pipes - on one water flows into the pool, and on another follows. In this case, made only one " pipe "to flow, but there is no" pipe " to enter the air into the body. Therefore, the side holes will only work if you put the case vertically sideways (from the bottom of the entry hole, from the top to the exit). I had to make holes for the air inlet on the rear side , and the output to make the top cover in the area of the radiator. Then passive cooling will work better directly from the radiator. This is more efficient than transferring heat from the radiator to the body and only then to the environment.

    Perhaps the Rock64 would be a better choice.. I'm beginning to get the impression that RK3399 will run too hot for LibreElec or other Linux distros with these smaller cases. What are the currently recommended rockchip SoC for 4k60fps?

    The choice of model depends on what video you want to watch and on what TV. For example, if you have a FullHD TV (not 4K) and you're going to watch options up to 1080p inclusive, and you don't plan to change TV in the next 1-2 years, If you plan to use only LE optimal rk3328 (ARMv8). IMHO I would not begin to spend now money for the outdated model ARMv7 (armhf) rk3288 and similar.

    The use of RK3399 is justified if you want maximum performance on Linux (when running other systems in addition to LE), or if you want the maximum performance of graphics subsystem (T860). Note, for full use RK3399 (to use all its power and performance) need a very good cooling system. A sealed plastic case is a bad decision no matter what radiator you install there. Try it yourself, wear a sealed coat and in the summer heat to go running in it on the street. Buy RK3399 and use its features, only 20-30% is not reasonable.

    You read my mind! :)

    The main reason I want the RK3399 is for the extra performance in Linux as well as LE as you say, though I want to passively cool it. If this isn't realistic with this SOC then perhaps I should indeed go for RK3328 or a different alternative. The NanoPC-T4 seems to have a compatible metal case that can accomodate a small heatsink... though it may still be that sealed coat in the summer heat as you say.…ct&path=93&product_id=237or maybe I'll just go for the Rock64

    Thank you for good advice so far!

    Playing video doesn't generate much load (as it's hardware decoded) so I would assume it's fine. That's not a promise though :)

    I would also assume that any overheating would just throttle the CPU, so it won't get damaged. From what I can tell, the Rockpro64 is currently one of the best options when it comes to single board computers.