Kodi 18.0 Update for Slice.

  • Thanks Hias,

    I've updated to the official 9.2.0 and as far as I can tell, everything is working well. :)

    Thank you.


  • ok so I am new to this form and working with OpenElec/LibreElec, I was having some trouble with scrubbing my files "can not connect to remote server" error kept coming up and couldn't update with the on board update. So how do I go about updating to this new build you guys have going? Sorry for the newb question. Do I need to update from OpenElec to LibreElec first or can I just go straight to the Slice update?

  • Hi there,

    glad to found a SLICE community since the official forum shutdown.

    I just pop up to say that I can't get any wifi network with LE 9.2.1 and CM1

    I've have to investigate a little further and get to know if the wifi dongle is working fine. I'm not so familiar with network configuration.

    I'm strongly thinking of getting a CM3. I can't read a H265 file so far.

    Cheers !

    Edit : I've re-flashed the CM1 with a new instal of LE 9.2.1 and everything is fine now.


    See ya !

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  • Please wait with testing, we just noticed a bug (probably in the RPi firmware) that causes issue and prevents kodi to start on RPi0/1 - quite certainly Slice is affected, too.

    I'm terribly sorry about that, seems I missed it in final testing :(

    so long,


  • hopefully, the final LE9.2.3 for slice

    Looks good here on my CM3 Slice. Updates OK and then boots OK and then plays music and streams internet radio fine. I will update my other Slice CM3 later.

    Thanks again for all your effort in helping maintain Slice up-to-date


  • ok now really, hopefully, the final LE9.2.3 for slice :D

    Kodi 18.7.1 included

    Index of /test/slice/

    Hi CvH,

    Tested on my Slice CM3. Video H264 & 265 both playing well, WMA Music over HDMI, Analogue & BlueTooth also fine. :)

    Thanks for continuing to suport this great little box.

    Regards, Kevin.

  • ok now really, hopefully, the final LE9.2.3 for slice :D

    Kodi 18.7.1 included

    Index of /test/slice/

    Hi CvH

    After some testing, I've found a problem playing H265, two samples in dropbox, I use handbrake to encode them.

    Link to two test files, one 720, one 1200.

    Some H265 pay ok, others do not, they appear to lock the whole box up, sometimes requiring a power off.

    I've gone back to 9.2.1 and all my files play fine, I've re-installed a second download of 9.2.3, just incase and that also locks up with the attached files. For the moment I've gone back to 9.2.1

    Let me know if you require any other information.

    Regards, Kevin.

  • bleep42 did you overclock your Slice? If yes it might be worth testing with all overclock settings removed from config.txt.

    There were changes to the RPi firmware regarding clock/voltage handling so overvoltage/overclock settings in config.txt may need to be adjusted.

    so long,


  • Hi HiassofT

    I've removed all overclocking and force_turbo from /flash/config.txt

    The attached files above will still not play. :(

    Regards, Kevin.