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    Even if I didn't get the change right it shouldn't result in major issues but better keep an eye on the RTC and report back if something's off there (will probably only be noticable if the Slice isn't connected to a network, otherwise time is synced with NTP).

    9.2.0 working OK on my CM3. I'm ignorant on RTC and NTPs: In my network settings, NTP servers are blank but so far the time has been OK.

    is to removed the power plug from the Slice or the 'wall wart' from the wall. If it does not work first time, power down again and remove power.

    Thanks - on a hunch, I had actually tried that before installing the respin ...and that cured the green LED.

    Quote from CvH

    Sadly we had to respin our images due a bug upstream, so pls test again (sry)

    Installed respin and it is working OK. Thanks again.


    Actually on LE 9.0.2 I have noticed a "bug": there is a single green LED light on the left side that is on all of the time. LEDs function as expected (like pause, fast forward, etc) but after about one second the green LED comes back on.


    OK - I finally got my CM3+! (8GB was all that was in stock at the retailer I used) Installed easily and was able to follow instructions to install the CM3 slice version on the eMMC. I probably could have backed up my settings, libraries, add-ons, etc. but in my case it was easy enough to just start from scratch.

    Now for the heatsink: Locally, I found a small, fairly lightweight, copper heat sink (20x20x6 mm). With just that guy, the max temp (gputemp / cputemp) I’ve reached by just playing videos is about 52°C. While playing video AND updating a large library over the LAN, the temp leveled out at 60°C.

    From what I read at the pi site: “...the CM3+ has better thermal behaviour under load. It has more thermal mass and can draw heat away from the processor faster than CM3. … longer sustained operation under heavy load before the processor hits 80°C and begins to reduce its clock speed.”

    My 52-60°C seems like a reasonable enough range?

    Two questions before I take a plunge from someone who still:P has the CM1:

    1) CM3+ eMMC Flash size: Which one is needed or best?

    2) Heat Sink ? I remember lots of discussions and trials on the now-defunct slice forum and in this forum. How hard will this be to figure out or is there a good, safe solution ?


    Installed 8.90.008 (upgrade from V17) and most everything seems OK.

    My problems FYI:

    1) My Harmony 650 Remote “guide” button now causes a PVR error, not the “Context Menu” like before. I'll need to research this more. (EDIT: installed/used Keymap app to fix the button)

    2) Because I upgraded from V17 (or I goofed something else up) my library didn't get retained. So I just rescanned my library.

    Thanks for keep this old Slice (CM1) up and running!

    Hi, it would be nice if someone could confirm that the images (they are the release images) for Slice/3 are working.


    Was running 8.2.5 ; I downloaded and saved the ...slice.arm...img.gz file (CM1) into .update folder; rebooted; found update and installed OK; reboot..... now I can only get

    Error in mount_flash: mount_common Could not mount  /dev/mmcblk0p5

    Have been searching and trying various things, but no luck.

    I still have the slice noobs, so should I Flash LibreELEC to internal eMMC storage?

    EDIT: I finally pieced together various howto sources and was able to reflash eMMC with the 8.90.005. Seems to work. But I have other set-up and problems to work through getting back to the previous state of functionality.