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    thanks noggin for sharing this, this is really interesting news.

    I'd certainly look into this if its easier than getting an rpi4, HVEC decoding and HBR audio would be a great feature update for the Slice and would buy a few more years of use. Dare we hope of 4K output too?

    chewitt out of interest can you tell from the stats if people are moving over to LE10? Mine might be counted as a rpi3 (not that it makes much difference from a 100).

    Thanks for the quick reply HiassofT , I've followed your suggestions and its looking much more stable now. I cleared the thumbnail folder too, and while I started off with cma320 which was much better it did still suffer a kodi restart. I'm using cma384 now and its looking good so far.

    Cheers :thumbup:


    Thought I'd give LE10 a try on my Slice as the RPI3 is now supported, unfortunatley it seems a little unstable. Scrolling though the movies section I can consistently crash Kodi.

    Links for the crash logs

    I'm also seeing the following on the boot screen (after i reboot or shutdown), not sure if its all connected...

    [TIME] Timed out waiting for device /dev/serial1.
    [DEPEND] Dependency failed for Broadcom sdio firmware update for BCM43430A1
    [111.455310] [813]: Failed to unmount /flash: Device or resource busy
    [111.458831] systemd-shutdown[1]: Failed to finalise file systems, loop devices, ignoring.

    No worries if this is not a priority to look at right now I've got my 9.2.8 backup. Maybe it helps with RPI3, maybe it doesn't.


    The Slice look like it uses a GL830 USB > Sata interface

    That makes sense, it certainly looks like a USB drive from the way Libreelec and Kodi present it.

    Maybe i will try the RPi2 build

    I dont think it will make any difference for you with this issue. it'll possibly be useful when LE10.2 is released.

    Maybe it's just a power issue

    that would be my guess too, my original drive is rated at 1amp. When you connected it via usb, did you use a seperate power supply? The plug is rated at 3amps so the slice is capable of drawing plenty of power, cant find any real power output details for that chip.

    I'm still using the slice (CM3) with the original onboard 1TB drive, I switched over to the RPi2 build a couple of months ago as a test and it still works for me.

    if I remember rightly the drive height is thin, 7mm maybe? does your drive fit in the case? thats the only reason thats stopped me putting in a newer disk. I think I'm using exFAT for the disk format.

    Just ran rpiboot to compare..

    theres some differences but looks like its not crashing out. does your CM3 definitley have flash memory, i think you can buy them without.

    other than that i would try a different usb port or PC and see if the problem follows the slice or the PC.

    Thanks everyone for continuing to support the Slice its very much appreciated.

    HiassofT I've successfully booted an RPi2-9.2.6 image, its very much useable and I have been able to test video and audio content from both the local drive and a network source via the ethernet port.

    in addition to the dt-blob.bin i also copied:-




    I also added the following to the config.txt




    not sure if any of this extra stuff has made any difference but its done me no harm at least.

    ws2812 doesnt seem to be working anymore but that might be because i need to install the slice addons.

    I have not tested:-

    IR sensor working

    Analogue Audio & Optical not working

    Wifi Dongle working

    Radio Remote Control working

    Happy to help with any testing in the future, I'll probably keep the RPi2 image until the next update to see what happens!


    Edit: updates on testing

    This is now resolved, thanks everyone for your help.

    Despite using the stock config and reseating the CM the black screens continued.

    There were actually 2 types of black screens:-

    The first was caused by switching on the Slice and then powering up other devices and switching sources while the Slice was booting, this resulted in the TV displaying 'no signal'. This was resolved by creating an edid.dat file using tvservice -d.

    The second is still unexplained but was resolved by doing a soft reset using the Libreelec menu. Most of my settings are now restored and the Slice is still working with no issues.

    for a few weeks now i seem to be getting an occasional black screen after booting my Slice3. It started after 9.2.3 and still seems to be happening on 9.2.4.

    ssh works just fine every single time, the kore remote just seems to just say 'connecting'. Once or twice its occured after booting, the kodi screen has frozen and the remote goes back to connecting.

    wondering if anyone can see any clues in the debug log files:


    Would've thought the Slice's HDMI chip couldnt be upgraded so 4K would never be an option for the slice. If a CM4 did work and offered some feature updates I would still consider an upgrade.

    Still use my slice several times each week, and i think its great - just wish it had a power switch. Thanks for looking after it LibreElec team!

    Just confirming that running the above python script removes the green led only while it is set to low. When you set it to high again the green returns.

    I can also confirm that by writing some extra logging into the ws2812 source code and building a slice image, that the device's 'ws2812_write' function is not called at any point and both of its internal buffers (rgba & pwm) do not show any green values, but only the pattern that was last sent (off or red).

    So could some other process be directly accessing the PWM pin?

    Thanks ghollingworth, have tried to get raspi-gpio to run but its coming back 'file not found', so maybe i'm missing some dependencies.

    what I can use easily though is python, would this code effectively do the same?

    Thanks g7ruh I haven't seen it myself for a couple of months, out of interest is your sound via the optical/analog or HDMI? do you use the wifi dongle or ethernet? Do you use the IR to control it with a remote? These are some of the things I've changed around recently.

    That's awesome, thanks chewitt and ghollingworth!

    I've written directly to /dev/ws2812 while its happening, using a python script based off the libreelec slice addon, and whether you clear them or change their colour the one (same) led will turn back to green in a gradual change of colour and brightness, all other leds stay at what state they were set to.

    From my experience it can be weeks or months from seeing it and then it can happen every single day, its really unpredictable and so far I haven't worked out how to trigger it into happening.

    If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know.

    Thought I’d create a thread especially for the green LED bug, the more knowledge we can collect about it in one place the better the chance of a fix being created. The bug has been around since probably the beginning and occasionally people still ask about it.

    What is it?

    The LED strip will randomly light just one green LED, its always the same LED, the closest one to the power plug.

    Once the bug appears the only way to clear it is to unplug the power, rebooting does not clear the bug. the green LED will stay until a reboot.

    What we do know

    Writing RGB values directly to the WS2812 device will only temporarily clear it before the green LED bleeds back in.

    Playing LED patterns while the bug is present causes the whole LED strip to flicker as it plays.

    The fact that you can stop Kodi with “systemctl stop kodi” and the bug still continues until power off tells me that the bug is low level? Possibly kernel level, and probably in the WS2812 device driver? Alternatively it could also be caused by the hardware?

    The source code to the ws2812 driver is here slice-drivers/ws2812.c at master · LibreELEC/slice-drivers · GitHub

    What next?

    If you spot something about this bug that nobody else has mentioned or have spotted wrong information please leave a comment below, also if anyone has worked out how to make this bug repeatable please comment as it could go a long way in helping to work out what’s happening.