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    Would've thought the Slice's HDMI chip couldnt be upgraded so 4K would never be an option for the slice. If a CM4 did work and offered some feature updates I would still consider an upgrade.

    Still use my slice several times each week, and i think its great - just wish it had a power switch. Thanks for looking after it LibreElec team!

    Just confirming that running the above python script removes the green led only while it is set to low. When you set it to high again the green returns.

    I can also confirm that by writing some extra logging into the ws2812 source code and building a slice image, that the device's 'ws2812_write' function is not called at any point and both of its internal buffers (rgba & pwm) do not show any green values, but only the pattern that was last sent (off or red).

    So could some other process be directly accessing the PWM pin?

    Thanks ghollingworth, have tried to get raspi-gpio to run but its coming back 'file not found', so maybe i'm missing some dependencies.

    what I can use easily though is python, would this code effectively do the same?

    Thanks g7ruh I haven't seen it myself for a couple of months, out of interest is your sound via the optical/analog or HDMI? do you use the wifi dongle or ethernet? Do you use the IR to control it with a remote? These are some of the things I've changed around recently.

    That's awesome, thanks chewitt and ghollingworth!

    I've written directly to /dev/ws2812 while its happening, using a python script based off the libreelec slice addon, and whether you clear them or change their colour the one (same) led will turn back to green in a gradual change of colour and brightness, all other leds stay at what state they were set to.

    From my experience it can be weeks or months from seeing it and then it can happen every single day, its really unpredictable and so far I haven't worked out how to trigger it into happening.

    If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know.

    Thought I’d create a thread especially for the green LED bug, the more knowledge we can collect about it in one place the better the chance of a fix being created. The bug has been around since probably the beginning and occasionally people still ask about it.

    What is it?

    The LED strip will randomly light just one green LED, its always the same LED, the closest one to the power plug.

    Once the bug appears the only way to clear it is to unplug the power, rebooting does not clear the bug. the green LED will stay until a reboot.

    What we do know

    Writing RGB values directly to the WS2812 device will only temporarily clear it before the green LED bleeds back in.

    Playing LED patterns while the bug is present causes the whole LED strip to flicker as it plays.

    The fact that you can stop Kodi with “systemctl stop kodi” and the bug still continues until power off tells me that the bug is low level? Possibly kernel level, and probably in the WS2812 device driver? Alternatively it could also be caused by the hardware?

    The source code to the ws2812 driver is here slice-drivers/ws2812.c at master · LibreELEC/slice-drivers · GitHub

    What next?

    If you spot something about this bug that nobody else has mentioned or have spotted wrong information please leave a comment below, also if anyone has worked out how to make this bug repeatable please comment as it could go a long way in helping to work out what’s happening.

    Hi chewitt,

    Thanks for keeping the slice alive, its much appreciated!

    Instead we will roll it into our normal Pi images

    If Slice users in the future load a regular Pi image would there likely be any loss of functionality of the Slice specific hardware? e.g. analog sound/SPDIF or LED patterns etc. Or could these be in an addon that would keep the functionality?

    Cheers, Mattthew

    I have one of those dual PS1 USB adapters connected to my Slice to use for some retro gaming.

    I've got both controllers working the Kodi menu and both work perfectly on the snes9x2010 emulator. For some reason I just cant get the second controller to do anything on the genplus emulator.

    I'm wondering if anyone can see anything in the log as to the reason why.



    Everything works fine just System ⇢ LibreELEC ⇢ Settings screen keep default light blue colour for selection and titles.

    I know what you mean, all other screens (e.g. system) are your preferred colour...

    But the Libreelec keeps its blue colour...

    It's never really bothered me personally, but i guess it comes down to development priorities.

    its definitely slice with power, this will get you access to flash the image. Without power gets you access to the hdd where you store your videos.

    just keep trying different combinations of powering on and connecting, it can be temperamental. Also change usb ports (maybe an old usb 2 port?)

    I would second the CM3 upgrade, a much better user experience all round, though you'll have to sort out a heatsink.

    Have you tried switching between the ethernet and the supplied wifi dongle to see if theres a difference? also does this happen on SD content?

    Havent streamed any blurays but have streamed HD broadcasts via wifi with no issues on CM3.