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    Could you pls test if the 9.1.002 images work well ? Tx !


    tested as requested. 9.1.002 installs and loads OK. Plays music fine, no video to test on this particular Slice. LEDs function correctly in a short test.

    If you think it is stable enough to give a longer test, please ask and I will install on my other slice which has screen and kbd attached. I used an HDMI cable and a kbd / mouse. (normally running headless using VNC) for this test.

    Have reverted to release version.


    Otherwise we can't move forward for the slice

    Hi CvH and HiassofT

    Tested on my CM3 Slice.

    LEDs seem to work OK

    RTC works too. Removed power and internet and it reboots with correct time having been off for a few minutes.

    Plays music and video OK too on a very short test.

    I will revert to standard build. Ask if you want anything else tested.


    Thanks g7ruh I haven't seen it myself for a couple of months, out of interest is your sound via the optical/analog or HDMI? do you use the wifi dongle or ethernet? Do you use the IR to control it with a remote? These are some of the things I've changed around recently.


    Sound out via optical. I have seen the Green LED problem using optical and analog. Swapped to optical when I upgraded the amp which has a good DAC.

    Ethernet used

    No IR used. Just use VNC to select media and use a separate amp to play music so volume controlled via the amplifier remote.

    If I need remote control while computer is off (no VNC immediatley available) I use Kore on my Android phone.

    This setup has been in place for a year or so, so no recent changes.

    I have another one which uses the supplied remote, also ethernet connected. I use that for music and some video. That device also acts as a wifi hotspot via a dongle.

    Frequency of "Green LED Syndrome" is about the same on both units. Quite infrequent but not as rare as rocking horse manure!


    Tried a test.

    Slice CM3 headless with hard drive, controlled by VNC. Reboot via GUI not ssh.

    1) Reboot while music (flac) playing (power plug NOT removed)

    2) after reboot green LED on

    leave overnight (just because it was bed time)

    .... later, the following morning...

    3) Green LED still on

    4) reboot (power plug NOT removed)

    5) Green LED is off

    6) play music as 1) and reboot

    7) Green LED is off after reboot

    8) play music as 1) and reboot

    9) Green LED off after reboot

    So that blows my idea about needing to remove the power plug every time. Maybe it was just luck that the Green LED came on the first time.

    I will leave it a few days and repeat to see if that makes a difference.

    EDIT: a "8)" changes to a 8) when posted, so read 8 ) for a 8) :):)


    From my experience it can be weeks or months from seeing it and then it can happen every single day


    I have seen it, but not often. Both my Slices are usually powered up and only tend to get rebooted (other than main electric supply failure) when there is a software update or the hard drive hangs up. It only seems to happen after a reboot, and I think (not proven) only after a non-update reboot. Sometimes the Slice hangs and needs a power off reset (no gui / keybaord responds). It is after an unscheduled event when I have noticed the green LED issue. Several power off reboots (I.E. removing the power supply plug) seems to correct the condition. Does not always fix it at the first power off reset. A reboot without removing the power plug does not seem to fix the condition.

    As you mention, it does not seem to happen often enough to be able to trace the events leading up to it. However I will take note next time it happens.

    Hope that helps.



    Sadly we had to respin

    Hi CvH

    Well, good news, the respun version works fine on both my Slices. I confirmed that the sys info screen shows a compile date of 2019-05-05 to verify that the update did happen without issues.



    I have noticed a "bug": there is a single green LED light on the left side that is on all of the time.

    Hi okichatan,

    I have noticed the same sometimes. The only way I have found to 'cure' it, well make it go away for a while, is to removed the power plug from the Slice or the 'wall wart' from the wall. If it does not work first time, power down again and remove power. Seems to work then.

    I recall that the Slice folks thought it was a saved state which did not always get reset at power on / reset.

    Hopefully that helps you.



    Hi CvH, Slice 3 downloads, updates and loads fine. Will continue testing (flac music and internet radio only on this Slice).

    Edit: tested Slice 3 on my other box, plays video fine too :)

    Keep up the good work,



    Heat Sink ? I remember lots of discussions and trials on the now-defunct slice forum and in this forum


    as chewitt says it needs a bit of work and the CM3+ will need a slightly thinner heatsink (fatter CPU because of the silver top). The easy solution is as chewitt suggests, get a stick-on one. I found that it still did not really remove enough heat, especially when playing video, so I adopted the DIY approach. While the measurement of the sink needs to be fairly accurate, there is a slight bit of "give" if you press on the CPU so there is a small amount of lattitude when making one.

    There were a lot of different designs using bits of copper, I recall one was using buss-bar from a consumer distribution unit.

    I used a copper core from an old PC CPU cooler and while not the best at heat transfer, using an aluminium plate, fixing it to the case with epoxy resin glue and letting it sit on the CPU with some heatsink compound works fine. The combination of Cu and Al gave "just the right" size to bridge the gap. The plate is fixed so it prevents the sink being dislodged and doing damage inside.

    I attach a picture of the parts. The kaptan tape was used to position the sink and the heatsink compound was used to check contact with the CPU before finalising the design. You can use heatsink compound to help measure the gap, when it transfers to the case or CPU you have it "just right".

    I hope that gives you an idea of how to do it.


    (LE9 Beta 3) 8.95.003 builds (Kodi18 RC5.2) are ready for testing, could you pls test if it starts/works (we are sadly low at slice hw so we can't properly test it)

    Index of /test/slice/


    CvH : I tested CM3, it still works fine. Also confirm the updating / changing of the password works fine and is remembered across updates :) Music (mostly flac) only Slice


    Is it worth upgrading to CM3 for audio only use?


    I used the CM1 for audio and it worked fine.

    I upgraded to CM3 and the GUI interface and general responsiveness is much better. Worth the effort, I think, as the user experience is much smoother and faster, with less jerky screen / pointer movement. However the CM3 really needs a bit of cooling and a number of folks have "stuck a lump of copper"*** between the CM3 CPU and the case which keeps it running much cooler. Less of an issue for audio, almost mandatory for video.

    If the sluggish user interface (compared with a CM3) is not an issue, I agree with chewitt If it is not broken, don't fix it.


    *** Technical term, the actual solution was, in most cases, a little more refined :) (pun intended)

    LE9 Beta 2) 8.95.002 builds (Kodi18 RC4) are ready for testing, could you pls test if it starts/works (we are sadly low at slice hw so we can't properly test it)

    Index of /test/slice/

    Hi CvH

    Loaded fine on my slice and seems to work fine on the headless music player using VNC as the remote screen.

    Also loaded on the main media player Slice with HDMI screen, video and music play as expected.