Kodi 18.0 Update for Slice.

  • Thanks Hias,

    I've updated to the official 9.2.0 and as far as I can tell, everything is working well. :-)

    Thank you.


  • ok so I am new to this form and working with OpenElec/LibreElec, I was having some trouble with scrubbing my files "can not connect to remote server" error kept coming up and couldn't update with the on board update. So how do I go about updating to this new build you guys have going? Sorry for the newb question. Do I need to update from OpenElec to LibreElec first or can I just go straight to the Slice update?

  • The original SliceOS update function is based on noobs and points to files that probably don't exist anymore (as 5Ninjas are no longer around). I would clean install the current LE image (re-flash the eMMC storage) .. Kodi v15 (SliceOS) to Kodi v18.5 is a large jump.

  • Hi there,

    glad to found a SLICE community since the official forum shutdown.

    I just pop up to say that I can't get any wifi network with LE 9.2.1 and CM1

    I've have to investigate a little further and get to know if the wifi dongle is working fine. I'm not so familiar with network configuration.

    I'm strongly thinking of getting a CM3. I can't read a H265 file so far.

    Cheers !

    Edit : I've re-flashed the CM1 with a new instal of LE 9.2.1 and everything is fine now.


    See ya !

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