LibreELEC (Leia) v8.90.003 ALPHA

  • CvH : Thanks, done for the Chrome addon thread... As for the video file that doesn't play which I provided logs, new thread for this one also or is it related to Kodi and must post it over there ?

  • Hi, guys! This v8.90.003 alpha is looking great, it's almost perfect for my basic usage. Just a minor snag: the ProjectM visualisation plugin seems to be broken. Is this a Kodi or LibreELEC issue? Should I open a new thread with more detailed info about my setup? Thanks in advance!

  • So I tried out the new Alpha, PVR with VU+ works perfectly for me. In the past I always had some channels that would not play correctly and could never pause live TV but I can now!

    With regular file playback the issue I have is that occasionally I will get some stuttering but it goes away if I bring up any OSD. Strange

    Happy to post whatever is needed if you point to where to do so.

    Thanks for all the hard work

    P.S. Running an Intel N5000 with Gemini Lake

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  • My model is z83ii.

    If play back the video, the video will stop about 15 seconds later.

    It stops regardless of the codec.

    The installed version is the same for versions 8.90.003 and 8.90.004.

    Thank you.;(

  • J'ai essayé alpha v8.90.003 et je le trouve très bien, cela fonctionne bien pour moi aucun problème pour signaler merci.

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    in english
    I tried alpha v8.90.003 and I find it very well, it works well for me no problem to report thank you.

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