RPi3 to Rock64 Do I need to download a new image file?

  • I have bought a Rock64/4Gb to replace my RPi3. Can I simply plug in my existing RPI3 SD card into the Rock64 or do I need to download a new image for LibreELEC specifically for the Rock64??

    Thanks in advance

  • Raspberry Pi and Rockchip RK3328 devices are completely different animals, so will need a Rockchip RK3328 build of LibreELEC.

  • Thanks. Can anyone direct me to a link for an image file for 17.6 Kryton for a Rock64? I've already tried a couple of Leia images but I am finding them unreliable.

  • Thanks, but I've tried this, its v18 Leia Alpha. Its unstable and crashes whenever you stop a video stream or if you use the search facility in an addon. It won't install certain items from the LibreELEC repository. Downloaded source files known to be good on 17.6 as of yesterday show as empty when you download and go to unzip them.

    I'm looking for a link to v.17.6 Krypton for the Rock64. Does it still exist??

  • There are no usable Kodi 17 builds afaik. Rockchip support in LE is more or less experimental - there are no guarantees that it will ever work well like Rpi3.

  • No Krypton images exist. RK hardware shows a lot of promise but LE support is still "work in progress" and under active development.