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    Hello All,

    I went to Android because the Rock64 wasn't supported by Libre Elec when I bought it and there were many problems. I see from the list that it is now approved so I would like to rid myself of Android.

    But...which version do I need to download? Pine/Rock64 isn't on the list.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks, but I've tried this, its v18 Leia Alpha. Its unstable and crashes whenever you stop a video stream or if you use the search facility in an addon. It won't install certain items from the LibreELEC repository. Downloaded source files known to be good on 17.6 as of yesterday show as empty when you download and go to unzip them.

    I'm looking for a link to v.17.6 Krypton for the Rock64. Does it still exist??

    Thanks for the reply, the problem with this recommended thread is that inexperienced users, like me, cannot follow the instructions.

    I do not know where to type in these instructions, so they are useless. If it's just a few lines of code why not put it behind a button, thats what computers are good at.

    Although I have a Pi branded power supply and limited testing implies it's OK, I am going to replace with a new one to be sure. The network drops seem to be happening more frequently (it's now simply unusable) and the diversity of sources employed when failure occurs implies my problem is hardware based, The power supply has to be favourite in view of Hiassoft's comments (#9 above) his description fits exactly what I am seeing happen. All network communication dies suddenly and can only be reinstated by a full reboot.

    Thanks Hias, will do.

    I am using the official power supply that came with the Pi. Sounds like it might benefit from a multimeter test just in case it has developed a fault.

    I have installed the log file addon and can now read the file on screen, a lot of errors mainly CCurFile timeouts.

    I also found a Kodi add on stream that didn't falter, the Bible Teachers Broadcast Network, that went on and on and on, no matter how much I wanted it to stop. You couldn't make it up.

    I would never knowingly do anything illegal, but my understanding is that there is still considerable legal doubt about what is, and is not, legal in this field. In my view it's better to keep such a can of worms firmly closed, why go looking for trouble?

    And of course I didn't read the forum rules, only the monumentally anally-rententive ever do. I'm a nice guy, never nasty to anyone (unless they really ask for it), so its not a problem.

    Lets get back to the original post.

    I would surmise that my issue has nothing to do with the stream source, as the problem occurs on all streams from all sources at any reasonable definition. And, the problem has only materialised recently. It didn't occur at all before the 17.6 update, using the same sources.

    I'm afaid don't know where my Kodi debug logfile lives, how to identify it, or even how to extract it, in order to send it in.

    I was hoping this was a well known issue that already had an answer( like "change setting x to y"). It appears I am to be disappointed.

    This must have been covered before but a search didn't turn up anything relevant. Seems everyone uses wi-fi. My network is wired, Pi wi-fi is much too slow.

    Whatever I am streaming (fibre broadband about 35mbps) from whichever add-on, at some point between 2 mins and 25 mins the wired ethernet connection drops and the Pi has to be completely rebooted to restore it. Literally every time, and this is quite a new occurance, I don't remember it happening at all under v17.5. I have replaced the router and the network cable and have completely reinstalled LibreELEC and all the (still working) addons with no improvement.

    It's driving me crazy.

    I have read that USB shares the network in some way but I only have a combined Rii keyboard mouse attached and that is switched off once the stream begins to prevent accidental keypresses.

    Can any kind souls offer any suggestions that might alleviate my problem? (I'm not a linux guy so keep it simple please)

    Thanks in advance for any help.