@balbes150 LE images with Kodi-19 for S9xxx

  • Hi,

    I installed


    for my kii pro device. Kodi started as well but lan connection is problem also it's remote controller does not work. How can i fix this problem.

    Which image i must use to use mecool kii pro for?


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  • With LibreELEC-ARM-ALL.aarch64-9.80-devel-20200516162359-12f1618-amlgx, kodi does not segfault anymore like it did with aarch64 from 30.04 and 05.05.

    However with the latest LibreELEC-ARM-ALL.aarch64-9.80-devel-20200525120524-c313732-amlgx, all font rendering is gone on the main UI, when I ran an addon I see white squares. Everything else runs fine.

    Hardware is s905w if anyone's interested.

  • Hello balbes150

    I have tried the box image on S912 and the video seek is getting stuck, I am aware that it is a known issue with panfrost implementation.

    I would like to know if there is any old image which I can use on S912 for a smooth LibreElec Experience?

    Thank You.

  • Does the Bqeel Y8 Max have a supported dtb file for this test build:

    cat /proc/device-tree/amlogi-dt-id



  • Hi,

    I tried the latest image for Odroid-C2 in 20200604 folder. It seems to work ok apart from hdmi audio passthrough which makes a horrible noise and CEC remote control which does not work.
    Unfortunately these 2 features are critical to me. Are they known to not be working in this image? do you think they will be fix in near future?

    Is there any changelog or link where we can see what works and what does not for each image?

    Thanks for the great work you do with this images.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    I am just thinking that maybe I need to reconfigure the CEC source in my TV menu. I will try that next time.

    Regarding pass-through, thanks for the information. Good to know that is not an issue with my devices.

  • erbas I'm already on Linux 5.6 and will bump LE master to Linux 5.7 around 5.7-rc2 to keep the patch count under control. This means I am always working on a kernel one version ahead of working media_build support (which always lags) so there's no point in adding the drivers. Once video and audio things are more upstream (around 5.8) we can probably realign with the x86_64 kernel version and reintroduce those drivers.

    NB: News on the DVB front is that I submitted the missing pinctrl change on behalf of afl1 (his first in-abstentia commit to the kernel) and those are now merged upstream for Linux 5.7 .. and we've been coaching Availink on their efforts to provide public and modernised sources for their demod and some related tuner drivers. The mainline codebase will need someone to write a new V4L2 compatible demux driver, but I think that can be done, maybe by the Availink folks. I wouldn't expect usable code anytime soon, but there's light at the end of yet another long dark tunnel.

    chewitt Things are evolving this way!

    Does it bring any progress, any improvements?

    Will we have news?

    At what stage does this kernel version put LibreELEC?

    When can we start playing?

    LKML: Linus Torvalds: Linux 5.8-rc1

    It is useless knowledge if not shared the world.

  • Hello,

    new here, I have the

    h96 max x3

    and I got libreelec up and running on a usb stick using this image:


    and by adding


    to the uEnv.txt file

    I did a backup of the emmc and havent tried to install it yet.. just wanted to ask a few things:

    -this multiboot I read about..I can't find any clear instructions on what to do or check this. Do I need to update or install something additionally? Add an image to the usb?

    - CEC seems to be the only thing "missing" when running form USB, otherwise everything seems ok. Any tips on how to get it working?

    I have libreelec on a rpi3 but wanted to move to the android box for h265 and better use..

  • Thank you for answer

    I downloaded this version exactly yesterday, but I was waiting for a reply to be sure

    Now I read that it is version 19 (did I read it wrong?) So more curiosity than use,

    but thank you for this support in small steps until finally it becomes the official version maybe this year ..