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    What is the physical resolution of the TV ? Show a sample (link) video, with the desired format, I'll try to run it on different devices (rk33x rk356x aw).

    mediainfo below.

    @JFL from Beelink's forum found a solution to kernel panic of mainline version.

    JFL didnt find a solution, he used balbes150 Newer uboot binary from LibreElec image which seem to have fixed the issue.

    Show the link to the original source, I want to look at the "author".

    It Is your work only, It will be helpfull if you can share the source for it as I was not able to use the newer version on emmc after running the I end up in the Chainloader uboot and it is not able to find the emmc.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    amlogic-boot-fip/gtking at beelink · chewitt/amlogic-boot-fip · GitHub

    ^ These are the FIP files that I am using, which can be used to sign a mainline u-boot image. I built mainline u-boot using the VIM3 defconfig and the signing recipe from the N2. You can use the same process to write u-boot to eMMC as any other Amlogic device.

    Great work by chewitt

    I am able to use LibreElec and Manjaro without facing any kernel panic while transferring large files.

    I've also flashed Manjaro on emmc of my GT King Pro and it is working quite well.

    Currently I am uploaded an alpha image with mainline uboot from the gt king pro itself ;)

    Image size is 1.2gb.

    Finally we have a solution to get it working on mainline linux atleast.

    Next we need to find a better uboot source to fix the Ram detection issue which I see on the current uboot. my hardware is 4gb Ram while it detects only 2Gb in uboot as well as in OS.

    Same here with GT King Pro, mainline kernel is not stable for GT King Pro too.

    This is confirmed to be a android BSP Uboot issue and not linux kernel issue.

    We should hopefully have Mainline uboot images to test which should not cause any kernel panic anymore, but for this to work user's will have to erase android bsp uboot from the emmc.

    Finally chewitt was able to figure out the issue. We will have a working linux OS on GT King & Pro and GS King X

    Pay attention. Starting from version 20200826, the configuration order for the used DTB changes.

    Please note that the algorithm for initial configuration of the system for startup has changed. Instead of a file "uEnv.txt", is now used the file "/extlinux/extlinux.conf " . The rules for editing a file remain the same.

    You no longer need to manually add the u-boot.ext file , it is included in the image.

    This sounds good, much improvement but I see that beelink dtbs are removed for some reason.

    I will follow up with the new changes.


    I have uploaded 5.7 to unstable and it was snapped to testing already. Hopefully it will arrive to stable within a week or two.

    I have not tried kodi with samba, I am still waiting for my new NAS drive to arrive been in shipping since almost 3 months now.

    Once I have it then I will test with smb and get back to you.

    I've just got a Pinebook Pro and thought it would make great use of the ability to boot from SD card to have LibreElec running via the USB-C to HDMI. That way when its not being used productively, it could easily plug into a PC and be a powerful media centre.

    I'm guessing as the RockPro64 image is available it wouldn't take much to adapt that to the PBP?

    With RockPro64 image you will be able to boot but without the LCD screen working as lcd driver is needed in the kernel.
    Maybe you should try kodi on the default installation.

    LibreElec should be able to make a pinebookpro image with kernel 5.7.

    I tried this 2018 released image on S912 GT1-Ultimate with a dtb from other image and it works fine except that netlfix plugin fails to install due to `pycryptodome` missing.

    I have searched for it everywhere and I think it is because of the older kodi version which doesn't seem to have it by default.

    Is there any way to install it ?