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    For years and months people have dedicated themselves to testing and reporting help, giving, solving problems here, they have left their family obligations to support this forum when they needed it most.


    I am not going to deepen it,

    because his apologetic vacancies are not objective without annex

    and called incompetence

    balbes150   chewitt Just one question!

    is there a developer here to help and answer questions?

    Thank God today there is a bridge called CoreELEC.

    For here they only respond and help what is of interest to you.

    More donation requests can be found throughout the forum.

    If all is well they are all here.

    As everything is wrong we will be hiding.



    After installing Tvheadend and PVR clients is not possible to access Tvheadend by browser does not open! I tested all the versions found in the repository.

    PVR service (not installed without service)

    Previous version was ok with tvheadend just not found tuner. KI Pro.


    I need help with script.

    DEVICES = AMLGX or AMLG12 (I do not know these tools)

    I do not know what the end result!

    The correct method used would be this for dtv test.

    # afl1 version: ##########################

    git clone GitHub - afl1/ 'Just enough OS' for Kodi


    git checkout test-dvb

    PROJECT=Amlogic DEVICE=AMLGX ARCH=arm make -j4 image

    Sorry about my English.

    I would like to test this version on my KI Pro.

    Thank you.

    Good friend I'm using KI Pro mecool!

    We did not need the usb, the controller picked up right without accessories

    Well, thank you for clarifying.


    Sorry for resurrecting this topic

    I have a Philips SRM-5100 / MCE universal remote control

    That was saved for a long time!

    This one works with LibreELEC perfectly.;)

    I do not need to do anything at all.

    Plus the power button does not turn on the box, it just turns off.

    My question, it is possible to edit any key if yes how to proceed.:?:/shrug

    Thank you,:thumbup:

    Good friends I've been following this topic since the beginning.

    Always testing all the latest builds

    A few days ago the compilations with DVB support

    today was one more compilation 20190128_test_dvb

    Where I gave my last attempt to upload this image in a KI Pro (S905D)

    I asked for help in some forums, not very different from here!

    If someone can let me know

    Do you really think that all such devices runs any ELEC system? ;( There are lot of users who are using Android on it. Why? Because there are apps for different TV providers which are not possible to watch by ELEC :(

    There is also the problem with some new "Certified Android" tv boxes coming with blocked bootloaders, again that's another problem! The good and wait to see if it will maintain LibreELEC support.

    I was in the wetek forum in search of some information but what I see are members disappointed with the brand.

    From what wetek say promised Netflix HD, did not fulfill the promise.

    NEW WEOS for WP2 - WeTek Community Forum

    I see more of a risk than a certainty!;(

    Follow this excellent tutorial of the Khadas forum simple and practical

    Instructions: Activating Multi-Boot - Khadas VIM - Khadas Community

    This way Multi-Boot has been successfully installed:thumbup:

    I burned the LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.1-devel-20190123095652-2f2cce8.img.gz image with rufus-3.1, I edited the uEnv.ini file with my existing dtb folder meson-gxl-s905d-ki-pro.dtb

    Even so the image does not leave the screen mecool!:thumbdown:

    If I try to activate the Multi-Boot again using the files of the boxed SD card it shuts off and does not reboot!


    No problem 😃 Did you solve your boot issue though?

    Also, it's preferable to use Rufus (not Etcher or Win32DiskImager) to burn your image. For a while I had a problem booting from USB sticks. Today I took CE Forum recommendation (which wasn't clearly explained earlier) and used Rufus- my USB stick now boots.

    Even on a box with internally installed old CE version, the USB stick boots, eventually. It gave me problems ( alternate flashes of box and CE boot screens, then dark screen), but then it booted in Kodi safe mode !

    Not possible with the balbes150 compilation

    With Libreelec or coreelec perfectly!

    I have always used Openelec successfully libreelec

    My only problem is in the balbes150 version

    Thanks friends for help shippy , turgus  :thumbup::thumbup:

    (Not possible with the balbes150 compilation)

    I use Coreelec + Libreelec perfectly!

    All versions

    I have tried all possible methods mentioned here.

    (I'll try to initialize an armbian)

    I also tried this maneuver quoted in the Coreelec forum.

    I always use good quality SD card sandisk ultraHD 16GB

    My box KI Pro (S905D)

    Thank you all. activate the multiboot via you need to boot android and use the "update&backup" app there. choose from the card(inserted after android boot) and the box should after some seconds try to boot from external media. All attempts to update via recovery directly seem not to work..

    The same thing happens here

    I waited up to 15 minutes.


    friend balbes150 I repeat again the degree of difficulty and gigantic!

    1- does not install the same unplugged, and does not reboot

    2- I tried to install via pen driver reboot plus goes to debug screen with error.

    3- I tried to install only the zip file via SD and pen driver error again!

    4- I edited the uEnv.ini file: dtb_name = / dtb / meson-gxl-s905d-ki-pro.dtb

    5 - I edited the extlinux file in the same way: dtb_name = / dtb / meson-gxl-s905d-ki-pro.dtb

    6- rename the file: meson-gxl-s905d-ki-pro.dtb to dtb.img and put it in the root of the card!

    but not boot at all.

    All options without success!

    balbes150 If you have any more ideas on how to solve this friend

    I'm your beta test!

    Thank you.

    Error Photos

    Download. Unpack. Write to external media. Edit " uEnv.ini", specify the desired option dtb (this item is executed if the system does not start with the default option, if it starts, you do not need to change). If the TV box has previously activated universal multi-boot, you can immediately try to start. If you have not previously activated universal multiboot, you need to activate it. For those who want to install LE in eMMC, it is necessary to update the multi-boot using the recorded image. Please note, if you do not know exactly which multi-boot option is used (activated it earlier from other media), I recommend to re-activate using this image. The new version of multi-boot is compatible with previous LE images. That is, after activating the new version, you will be able to run new and old versions of LE. For correct operation the remote control also requires its setting (description how to do it earlier in this thread).

    The installation can be in SD card with dual boot in android

    or nand or emmc using just one system excluding android.

    First step and enable multi-boot

    Now all images Armbian and LE have all the files to activate the multi-boot. Anything in addition to download and copy to media is not required.

    1. Download the desired image
    2. Unpack
    3. Record an image on the medium
    4. to run Android
    5. open the app "Update & Backup"
    6. Select local update and an archive on removable media (
    7. Run update
    8. System twice to reboot and start running the system from external media.
    9. If after 7-10 minutes on the monitor not to receive any messages on system startup. Turn off TV box and add in manual in the first partition (FAT) the file "dtb.img". On the media there is a directory dtb from where you can take the files and copy them to the root of the renaming of "dtb.img".

    Need to pick up the option for the file system will run. Pay attention, after you add \ change the dtb file, you need to try to run the system and waiting to run 7-10 minutes. If not, repeat with a different dtb file.

    I correct balbes150 if you have forgotten any detail.