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    Construction with day version: 20200911

    tried a transmission with raspberry + tbs for the same using tvheadend htsp client the same crashes without audio or video. (With green screen)

    I tried youtube addon same errors: locking the box, only and possible unplugging.

    If you go through the audio configuration the box will fire with a noise (hum), if you select the audio correctly everything will return to normal.

    Construction with day version: 20200914

    error when trying to enter the libreelec repository, it is impossible to install any addon.

    The errors on the screen on the usb remain, the box restarts 3 or 4 times to boot, more usb now works.

    Edits made as mentioned above for mecool KI Pro: ok boot

    I immediately received an error, which apparently and in the usb usb ports do not work to complete the installation with usb remote.

    Can help balbes150

    1. LABEL LibreELEC
    3. FDT /dtb/amlogic/meson-gxl-s905d-p230.dtb
    4. APPEND boot=LABEL=LIBREELEC disk=LABEL=STORAGE quiet console=ttyAML0,115200n8 console=tty0 systemd.debug_shell=ttyAML0

    There is no dtb suitable for K1 Pro as in previous builds, I used meson-gxl-s905d-p230.dtb

    this setup for libreelec is complicated, on coreelec i create sd card put card in box and its working

    Feel free to use whatever you want!

    I don't think you read the post: Test LibreELEC images with KODI-19 for S9xxx

    Everything here is in tests we use the latest kernel!

    We are development supporters!

    These buildings may not be for you.

    ok so first problem that i solved was that i was unable to boot libreelec image in the first place and then i figure out that i need to run but that did not work so i reflashed my box firmware and i was able to use file and boot to libreelec.

    But now i cant use remote and i'm not sure if my dtb file is correct i used meson-gxm-q201.dtb but remote is not working i have try to add file remote.conf from coreelec sdcard root to libreelec sdcard root but this is not working

    Everything here is totally different from CoreELEC if you need support for CoreELEC.

    Make a brief reading of the first post!

    2. The start system in Coreelec is not compatible with LibreELEC, Armbian etc. If you run coreelec on your TV box, you will no longer be able to run LE and Armbian normally until the full recovery of the standard firmware via the USB Burn Tool and the new activation of the universal multi-boot, which is used in all new systems.

    Test LibreELEC images with KODI-19 for S9xxx

    Try using the KI Pro files! (control and the same model)

    1. copy rc_maps.cfg to /storage/.config
    2. copy mecool to /storage/.config/rc_keymaps

    Just restart the box.

    If it doesn't work, check if the files are white and blank, just copy and paste manually.

    mecool k1 pro (2).zip

    Ok so i dont get a'm i stupid of what, but how do i run this on my mecool pro l (s912)?

    I have downloaded and burn sd card with LibreELEC-ARMv8.arm-9.80-devel-20200626140824-569f834-amlgx.img image file and put that sd card back in tv box and when i power on tv box i see mecool logo and then i start boot android, i have try to press menu button on remore when box is booting in order to boot from sd card but nothing is working


    i can boot coreelec from sd card so i know that sd card reader on tv box is working

    Please note that the DTB configuration order has changed.

    Now a single configuration method is used for all Rockchip Allwinner Amlogic platforms. The file (uEnv.txt) is used for configuration DTB all platforms.

    Now a single configuration method is used for all platforms, using the file (uEnv.txt). You need to edit this file to configure it. You need to uncomment the two lines that are responsible for your platform and specify the correct DTB for your model. If you use this image to run on the one platform, you can delete it from the settings file (uEnv.txt) strings from other platforms.

    Test LibreELEC images with KODI-19 for S9xxx

    Edit the file (uEnv.txt)

    Place the model for your box.

    Here as an example: meson-gxl-s905x-p212.dtb

    1. FDT=/dtb/amlogic/meson-gxl-s905x-p212.dtb
    3. APPEND=boot=LABEL=LIBREELEC disk=LABEL=STORAGE quiet console=ttyAML0,115200n8 console=tty0 systemd.debug_shell=ttyAML0

    If universal multiple upload has not yet been enabled on this device

    Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW (aarch64 ARMv8) - TV boxes - Armbian forum

    add to make_target an command that deletes all modules that you are not interested in, so all that just dvb modules are there at the build folder

    you need to compile the full stack and remove it afterwards, if you disable it at compile time it won't work at all at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    Can you help with this command?

    I just need the driver for TBS5520SE

    Don't know how to create the same!

    Be welcome!

    try another tvheadend.

    Perhaps the latest one will work, it will solve your problem.

    Tvheadend nightly builds for LibreELEC

    in your case raspberry pi 4

    in the browser use: ip_raspberry_4:9981

    Tvheadend is in the repository, LibreELEC, Services. (More needs to be installed).

    Maybe it helps you!

    step by step.

    1. Install TVheadend add-ons

    From main Kodi menu:
    Add-ons - Install from repository - LibreELEC Add-ons - Services - Tvheadend Server 4.2 - Install
    Add-ons - Install from repository - LibreELEC Add-ons - PVR clients - Tvheadend HTSP Client - Install
    No configuration on the LibreELEC box is required.

    2. Configure TVheadend from a PC/Mac

    Find the IP address of your LibreELEC box. From main Kodi menu:
    Settings - System information
    On a PC/Mac using a web browser visit IP:9981 (for example,
    The first screen allows you to select interface and EPG language.
    Select relevant languages and select Save & Next.

    erbas I'm already on Linux 5.6 and will bump LE master to Linux 5.7 around 5.7-rc2 to keep the patch count under control. This means I am always working on a kernel one version ahead of working media_build support (which always lags) so there's no point in adding the drivers. Once video and audio things are more upstream (around 5.8) we can probably realign with the x86_64 kernel version and reintroduce those drivers.

    NB: News on the DVB front is that I submitted the missing pinctrl change on behalf of afl1 (his first in-abstentia commit to the kernel) and those are now merged upstream for Linux 5.7 .. and we've been coaching Availink on their efforts to provide public and modernised sources for their demod and some related tuner drivers. The mainline codebase will need someone to write a new V4L2 compatible demux driver, but I think that can be done, maybe by the Availink folks. I wouldn't expect usable code anytime soon, but there's light at the end of yet another long dark tunnel.

    chewitt Things are evolving this way!

    Does it bring any progress, any improvements?

    Will we have news?

    At what stage does this kernel version put LibreELEC?

    When can we start playing?

    LKML: Linus Torvalds: Linux 5.8-rc1