[] LibreELEC Kodi Krypton - S905 & S912 devices

  • Thanks for this great build wrxtasy ! Really smooth menus and 4k video plays better than on kszaq builds

    Unfortunately I ran into problem with external USB DAC. I have Breeze Audio USB DAC which worked flawlessly on kszaq build but after upgrade to your build it just stopped working. DAC itself is OK, I have checked it bu connecting to my laptop.

    I can select it in Kodi as audio output but there is no sound. I tried fresh install of your build to different USB drive - no luck.

    Is there any way to fix this?

  • Thanks for this smooth builsd wrxtasy :)

    The only problem I have is:

    My DVB-S usb tuner not working (It get detected, can tune to any freq normally, BUT CANT GET ANY DATA!!!).

    After investigating around I caught this (dmesg):

    [ [email protected]] xhci-hcd xhci-hcd.0.auto: Ring expansion failed

    [ [email protected]] dvb-usb: could not submit URB no. 3 - get them all back

    My hardware:

    RTV Box S10 (S912) + Technisat Skystar usb HD

    * Iv to use crazycat drivers to get the usb dvb tuner to work.

    Ps: In AlexElec distro all seems to be good.

    hope you find a solution wrxtasy .


  • Installed Libreelec forced 444 and 1000mb 2g u9 dtb file on my u9-h (usb) and although Kodi runs fine but emby crashes during initial import (box freezes about halfway through). Tried different usb. Any guidance ?

  • Same problem with this like the other releases from you where it just crashes while trying to load a channel from mediaportal

    exactly same problem here...

    libreelec community build (LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.2- video stuttering when subtitles are shown but livetv (mediaportal tvserver) running without any problems.

    builds from wrxtasy (LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.2.4-Subtitles-ff, LibreELEC-S912.arm-, LibreELEC-S912.arm- videos with subtitles are running smoothly but kodi crashes everytime i'm starting livetv or even when I try to watch a recording :-/

    please wrxtasy can you have a look on this? If you need something like logs or so just let me know!


  • Question, I installed the image on a USB Drive, loaded it in the U9-H and it loaded libreelec without any issue. I now want to have it on a SD CARD instead.

    Do I have to do anything besides load the SD CARD and it should load LE the same way? I know LE installed some things the first time with the USB Drive. Do I have to reset it or should it find the sd card right away and load LE?

  • Yep, I also get crashes with watching live TV via the MediaPortal PVR plugin using LibreELEC-S912.arm- :(

  • My files have a brief sound delay on my Minux u9 . The sound kicks in after maybe 5 seconds of the movie starting . How do I fix this?

  • So far so good with and a Minix U9-H. Thanks wrxtasy and kszaq

    I have one problem though. Can someone explain why the amlogic renderer doesn't support shifting the image up or down (vertical shift in the videoplayer settings during playback)? I have a projector with a bottom masked screen, so shifting a 2.35 aspect ratio movie up so that the active image area goes to the top of the screen is pretty important to me. The PI supports this, as do a whole bunch of other renderers from a quick look at the source.

  • on my hardware, tanix tx92 2/16, it runs very fast. but kodi crashes. dtb file is right. may be do build with stable branch of kodi? or some revert to dec 2017, as in alex elec?

  • There is likely a Kodi GUI settings conflict happening if you upgraded from the S912 subtitles fix release OR your device is overheating when GPU overclocking.

    The Kodi GUI settings can be hard reset by, SSH logging in and:

    systemctl stop kodi
    mv .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml.bak
    systemctl start kodi

    The fix-lost-audio-v2 is the current S912 LE release found in this test folder:

    (S912) Kodi Krypton-AML

  • Is the download on the first page the updated one with the fix lost audio v2?

    If not, what is the easiest way to upgrade?

    I had some issues with audio not playing from the beginning of some 4k/HDR movies but when I pause/resume or stop/play it gives sound the next time. Dont know if this is what The fix-lost-audio-v2 relates to.

  • Sir wrxtasy i am commenting just to salute you.

    I got my H96 Pro+ today. 3gb ram, 32gb, S912.

    I tried many many LibreELEC builds, but they all had some problems until i installed your audio fix v2 build. Works flawlessly. In previous builds passthrough audio would work but not PCM such as when playing an mp3 file, this build fixed that problem.

    If i HAAAD to complain, it's that the UI performance is meh, close to 20fps when scrolling a wall list at 1080p. I was expecting more from this chipset. On the stock Android build, kodi is definitely smoother than it is on LibreELEC.

    Any tips to improve this? I've already got data running off the internal storage and UI at 1080p.

    Also, i have an Air Mouse RF remote, some keys aren't working, aren't read by the keymap editor. Any way i can assign those?

  • If i HAAAD to complain, it's that the UI performance is meh, close to 20fps when scrolling a wall list at 1080p. I was expecting more from this chipset. On the stock Android build, kodi is definitely smoother than it is on LibreELEC.

    You are Not going to get snappier (vs Android) GUI performance when using current libhybris GPU drivers with LibreELEC on S912's.

    We would need proper Linux - ARM Mali-T820 GPU drivers from AMLogic to see any improvements, those are not available.

    It's a shame AMLogic think their current Flagship S912 chipset is not worth licensing the required GPU drivers from ARM.

    This is the problem with closed source licensed drivers.

    Have you enabled the GPU 792MHz option in:

    (you may need an updated .dtb as well)

    Settings > System > AMLogic ?

  • I read pages and pages of these forums and saw your comments and i learnt that a smoother GUI was not possible.

    Anyway, yes i enabled the GPU overclock, verified that it was working with: cat /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq , though it made no difference. The UI is mcuh better in other places, like the settings, but whenever there's some artwork on screen, it just slows to a 20-25fps crawl.

    Could you help me out with the rf remote problem please, it looks like this when i press the key that i am unable to program:

    08:41:36.943 T:4095639872   DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x73, sym: 0x00af, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0
    08:41:36.943 T:4095639872   DEBUG: OnKey: volume_up (0xf0b9) pressed, action is VolumeUp
    08:41:38.143 T:4095639872   DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x72, sym: 0x00ae, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0
    08:41:38.143 T:4095639872   DEBUG: OnKey: volume_down (0xf0b8) pressed, action is VolumeDown
    08:41:41.376 T:4095639872   DEBUG: CLinuxInputDevice::KeyEvent: TranslateKey returned XBMCK_UNKNOWN from code(150)

    I pressed vol up, then vol down, then the key i am having the problem with: it has an internet explorer icon made on it.

    As you can see, the last line is what i get when i press the key in question (there are multiple keys not working btw). I've tried adding key id 150 under the keymap xml but it doesnt seem to have any effect.

  • Update the dtb.img to a new one as per the instructions on GitHub.

    Then this will give you a value of 792cat /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq

    Do not run the Kodi GUI at any 4K resolution. Leave it a 1080.

    I have no time for detailed help.


  • Sorry if i wasn't clear, i already am using the new dtb, and can confirm that the gpu is running at 792mhz, but it made no difference to the ui performance

    EDIT: OK so it mayyy have improved the GUI performance a little, I'm now close to 28fps most of the time. When does thermal throttling kick in? Im running between 70-75 C, would a cooling mod help? wrxtasy

    Also, since ive moved Data to internal, can i format the second partition on my boot usb drive as fat32 and use it for storage?

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  • My files have a brief sound delay on my Minux u9 . The sound kicks in after maybe 5 seconds of the movie starting . How do I fix this?

    Same here. This happens on a refresh rate change. The latest LE version which does not have this kind of behaviour on my setup is kszaq’s 8.0.2a. I have asked about this but no one seems to have a clue of what may be the cause. I have U1 and NAD M15 HD.