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    Im having some issues with playing 4K remixed MKV's with dolby atmos sound. The movie starts and the sounds then plays , stops, plays, stop etc.

    If I switch to AC3 sound it works. If I turn off passthrough it works.

    Dolby TrueHD works with passthrough.

    Using the fix lost audio version. Any ideas? I will get a debugg log if needed

    I've got a Beelink. The movie stutters when there is HD-Audio (TrueHD, Atmos or DTS-HD) with a 4K HDR movie.

    If I disable both DTS-HD and True-HD options, or disable passthrough, the movie is fine.

    I'm using a Gigabit USB adaptor, so no bandwith issue. Tried new HDMI cables with no luck.

    I noticed some microstutter in the movies i've been playing to. 4k HDR with DTS-HD audio formats.

    Will try and disable HDR see if it makes any difference, then disable the passthrough and see what happens.

    I checked my cables and they are fine but I will doublecheck them as well.

    Seems the Minix U9 is strong enough but this seems more software related but I could be wrong.

    Having the same issue with Minix U9-H but in my case i am using wired network, when i disable the Audio pass-through, 4k video plays fine without any issue.

    I am scratching my head since the device is 1G speed, i am also using SMB share from LibreElec.

    Any Help?

    Is the movie not starting at all or is it stuttering?

    I myself have the Minix U9 with wired network and I am able to play 4k files with Audio pass-through. Using SMB as source

    Can I confirm it somehow that it is actually running 4k resolution? Should be using a lot of bandwidth I guess if I pull up the information on the screen.

    Is the download on the first page the updated one with the fix lost audio v2?

    If not, what is the easiest way to upgrade?

    I had some issues with audio not playing from the beginning of some 4k/HDR movies but when I pause/resume or stop/play it gives sound the next time. Dont know if this is what The fix-lost-audio-v2 relates to.

    Question, I installed the image on a USB Drive, loaded it in the U9-H and it loaded libreelec without any issue. I now want to have it on a SD CARD instead.

    Do I have to do anything besides load the SD CARD and it should load LE the same way? I know LE installed some things the first time with the USB Drive. Do I have to reset it or should it find the sd card right away and load LE?