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    My files have a brief sound delay on my Minux u9 . The sound kicks in after maybe 5 seconds of the movie starting . How do I fix this?

    Same here. This happens on a refresh rate change. The latest LE version which does not have this kind of behaviour on my setup is kszaq’s 8.0.2a. I have asked about this but no one seems to have a clue of what may be the cause. I have U1 and NAD M15 HD.

    Once Kodi devs figure out how to implement HDR on x86 hardware (Intel NUC etc.) and also figure out proper HDR->SDR converion, there will be no needOnce Intel NUC hardware and other x86 based hardware gets support for it, you can throw any Android devices into garbage where they belong.

    Price difference is too big for comparison. Nvidia Shield is a nice alternative. I am considering to try it myself.

    If it is difficult to support all amlogic boxes, I would just concentrate on a number of high-quality ones (Minix etc) and make them officially supported. Rest may be supported by community builds.

    Thanks, I've one TV yet to try but my main TV and the one in the bedroom did nothing when I changed it. That's not entirely true, my main TV went into a green / negative look when I set the value to 1 and Libreelec needed a reboot, afterwards it was the same as it was before.

    Sounds like your main TV simply does not accept RGB signal. There is nothing wrong about that.

    Thanks. Probably a stupid question on my part, but what should it do? I've got three boxes on three different TV's, but I can't see any difference.

    I was expecting a change like from limited RGB to full RGB , but colors and black levels stay the same.

    That’s exactly what you shoud be seeing. You would immediately see if you have a color range problem.

    RGB mode is not an improvement. It is needed only if your tv requires it.

    Guys, would you know how to prevent the box from resetting the HDMI connection when I start or stop playing a video?

    I don't know why it does it, whether it changes a resolution or something...

    It is kind of a problem for me, because the projector I use resets the volume settings when HDMI gets disconnected, even for a moment.

    Disable Adjust display refresh rate in kodi settings.

    Is is done by the hardware scaling of GPU. CPU is not powerful enough to perform lanczos or spline.

    I'm doing passthrough and don't have this behavior. In 8.0.1l, kszaq "reverted some experimental audio patches." However from your description, this doesn't sound responsible for the change.

    • What are your GUI and video refresh rates?
    • Did you run 8.0.1l-mm at all?

    If the answer is "no" to the latter, this is probably a nougat->marshmallow change (though audio is basically the same).

    GUI is at 1080p/60Hz. Frankly, I haven't tried 8.0.1I, in fact, I had to skip a few builds because I had been away for some time. This issue bugged me for quite some time, to the point of disabling framerate switching completely and locking gui at 24Hz. Then, I tried 8.0.2a and was happy to see that switching is perfect for me now. Now, since this behavior started again and all future builds will be based on your work and considering that this bug has not been reported by anyone else, I will have to either stay on 8.0.2a forever or set a huge delay of ~10 seconds which is not good.

    I will try 8.0.1I today,

    New build is working fine on 1080p 8bit AVR/TV. Everything seems to be working although i didn't have time to test everything.

    One issue that seems to be specific to my setup only since nobody mentioned this. Framerate switching with 8.0.2a is blazing fast. I even disabled pause after refresh rate change. Audio kicks in instantly. Builds preceding 8.0.2a and the latest build here behave differently. AVR starts playing audio (bitstream) after 5-8 seconds (video plays ok). Can I tweak something to bring this to some acceptable level?

    My setup:

    Minix NEO U1 - NAD M15HD - Sony KDL-52HX900

    Thank you once again.