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    Why are you saying LE is latest for S912? The OP only has LE as is in title name.

    I don't even have my u9-h yet, so take what I'm saying here with a grain of salt, but, when I search for "Hyperion addon" and hit the first page that comes up (Kodi Addon | Hyperion - Forum), the big red "ATTENTION" area right in the middle of the image there, point number two says "Don't use this Addon with enabled hardware acceleration on Android boxes/systems! It won't work!", and I'd assume 98% of your videos are being hardware accelerated.

    I just try without enable hardware acceleration and, HOLY SH*T this works!!!!! You sir are my saviour of the day. I didnt see that page in the guide at all.

    Still have 3 issues/questions however. Sorry if I ask them here but maybe you know a thing or 2 about this since you knew about hardware acceleration.

    1. Which is my main issue atm. The colours are "fading" in and out which is annoying as hell making the ambilight colours not correct. So the colours are always "lagging behind by some" This happens mostly with scenes that are rapidly switching/changing. If the screen is mostly static you'll won't notice any problem. I think this might be a "feature" "effect" of some sorts i googled around can this be a "cinematic fade in/out effect" that is on? I don't see an option though for it.

    Took a video check here:

    2. When playing HDR video's will the colours be correct? (still need to test this myself)

    3. What Threshold value to attribute for playing 16:9 movies? I read around and saw some people talking about values ranging from 0.10 % to 0.25%

    But the guide mentions WAY higher values such as 14 or 16%. I tried both of them. But couldn't say which is more correct quickly. I think (not sure) that the 0.25% value caused in more ambilight then the 16% value."


    What is this LibreELEC-S912.arm- ?
    The op says so what are these versions? is true up to date best version?

    Anyway I have a question does anyone have Ambilight running with this image? Or any libre elec image whatsoever?

    Because I have an issue. I install Hyperion on my Minix u9-h neo S912 Box and the ambilight of "Hyperion addon" works with the KODI interface and "pictures" but not with 98% of my video's for some reason.

    I found out that for whatever reason it does work with a couple of videos I compared the mediainfo of those files with some other MKV to see why one MKV would give me ambilight and one wouldn't. Only difference I could notice is that one MKV file was 8 BIT, and another 10 BIT...
    Then I play 4K HDR movie which supposidly is also 10 BIT. but then ambilight doesnt work also... weird.

    I am not inclined to switch Libre Elec versions as I have many addons installed etc.. and configured options that I don't like to reset.
    Perhaps a different libre elec version however, might solve my ambilight problem. but im not sure.. where the problem lies.

    Anyone?? really want to get this working!

    Btw here are my hypercon settings:

    Hardware tab: Screenshot by Lightshot

    Process tab: Screenshot by Lightshot

    Grabber tab: Screenshot by Lightshot

    External tab: Screenshot by Lightshot

    SSD tab: Screenshot by Lightshot

    Then I tried Boblight Addon setup the t4a_boblight.ino file:

    "Boblight Team LibreELEC - 8.2.100"

    "Kodi Boblight Bobo101, Memphiz - 2.0.18

    And I can set a static LED colour and that works correct.
    Then I try some video's anime, 1080p movie, 4k hdr movie. ETC.
    Now for some video's it does seem to work. But no logic as to which videos.
    So far all 4khdr and 1080p movies don't seem to trigger boblight/ambilight.
    Only some anime trigger boblight/ambilight...

    4kHDRand 1080P = movie section in kodi
    anime= tv show section in kodi

    (InitLog) start of log /storage/.boblight/boblightd.log ( -

    Ok fixed a part of it baud serial rate wasnt the same in the script of the Arduino as in the Hyperion script.

    Now using: Config AdalightAPA102, /dev/ttyUSB0, baudrate 115,200

    Now I the lights are on, and I can controll the leds via the laptop eventhough colours seem way off.

    However the leds don't respond to the video that is being played on the box!!! Why is this?

    Am I missing something? Interal frame grabber should do the job?

    Hardware used:
    Nano V3.0 ATmega328P controller arduino nano CH340 USB driver with CABLE NANO 328P NANO 3.0 Ws2811 Led Strip
    Minix neo u9-h @ Libre Elec
    Marantz SR 6011

    Windows 10 latest updates
    Hypercon V1.03.3

    So I tried following the Hypercon guide, setting all the zones and options and I connect through SSH and send the config through. and start/stop and read the log. But from what I can see nothing is working.

    Not sure what to select @ the "hardware" tab either at "type" WS2801 gives me a log error for:
    LEDDEVICE ERROR: Unknown/Unimplemented device ws2801

    If I select WS281X-RPI I get error
    LEDDEVICE ERROR: Unknown/Unimplemented device ws2812

    If I try "adalight" No errors pop up. (on pc i have also selected adalight with ambibox and that seems to work)
    Anyway No lights popup.
    So what do I have to do get something to pop up lights?
    Also where do I connect my usb arduino nano to? Host PC with Hypercon? or my Minix uh-9 neo box?

    Any tips on making it to work? I feel im close. Since I think I have setup the rest pretty well.

    Thanks yes. that worked

    Trying to make it workt with mysql/ Maria DB10.

    I made the Kodi account in Phpadmin gave it all privileges.

    Now if I understand correctly I need to edit advancedsettings.xml somehow and redirect the library to the MYSQL database.
    No idea on how I am gonna do that but before that I need to find how to edit the advancedsettings.xml.

    Help appreciated:)

    Found it.
    Needed to use SMB to acces userdata folder and create it.

    Now as to how to add MYSQL functionallity. Would love to know the answer to that still.

    Well the video i had an issue with had a subtitle file. However when i renamed both and moved to other folder. it would play through SMB.
    So maybe thats the issue i don't know, but ultimately it still played.

    Try to mount SMB via OS, not via KODI and add the mount command to

    On my PC I created a special account(read-only rights) for use with SMB - Username: kodi Password: kodi

    This will work with every Version of LE/CE or whatever

    Hey how do you do that? mount SMB via OS? you mean windows? what where? im realy confused
    Im new to kodi/linux and all this.

    I created a new guest account earlier today with no password, called MEDIA. so it has only read rights.
    I tried a movie today, and it would freeze the entire time i access the share in the folder. Once I renamed folder and filename it did play. very weird. Any idea? Many other movies did not face this problem.