Remote power trouble

  • still bootloop.. i think i'm going to stay with 2gb of ram ;)

    Btw thank you for all your efforts!!

    This is the last log:

  • seems that i can boot with ChimeyJimmey link


    i've extracted




    and now:

    I'm testing it right now.... i don't know if the bug is still there or not

  • no.... i can boot from sd (aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT used as

    but not with u-boot from internal storage... (UBOOT.USB and also bootloader.partition used as u-boot.ini)

    once i write to internal memory the uboot this is the log:

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  • Is that ROM also working in the blue PCB S32-V6 with LPDDR3?

    I would suggest to find a suitable Android ROM for your box (stock, preferably),

    then edit it like suggested in this post - Remote power trouble - by injecting this u-boot, for example:

    [email protected] (Post #151)

    Then flash it via USB Burning Tool/Burn Card Maker.

    Keep the stock ROM at hand and beware that you might need to short-circuit the eMMc pins (while keeping the reset pressed all the time), in case you brick the box to a black one... :)

  • You're free to try it.

    Otherwise - ask bumerc or BigMike to supply again the one from #151...

    P.S. The one from #149 seems to be for normal DDR3, as advised previously - I do NOT recommend flashing it on LPDDR3 box...

  • Semms to be a bigger problem, my keyboard locks and couldt not reboot/power off with RC. Will flash back the original Freaktab firmware and wait for a response of the guys here.

  • Why don't you:

    # adb connect <ipofyourboxhere>

    from another device with ADB in your network,

    and once successfully connected,


    # adb reboot update

    to see if it will boot from LE SD/TF card?

  • Thank you. Now Power on/off works with LE. Have to check Android on internal again, after some minutes keyboard/RC does not reponse. System seems to be freezed. I used the ChimeyJimmey method.

    Now LE also freezed. How can i debug and help? With ADB? How can i get the bootloader log?


    Could i have this RAM chip? Found one single chip with D9TXF printed on. Clock rate 933Mzh, Data rate: DDR3-1866

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  • there have been users on this forum ( zed85 ) claiming they don't experience the same issue, which is why I believe there has to be a solution that does not include trashing the whole thing

    True. My brother has a H96 Pro Plus Amlogic S912 (or +) and can power up the device with his remote. He can also power down the box with his remote.
    There is no working Android ROM (corrupted by internal installation) on the box anymore. I tried to install to internal after installing it to SD card first and that failed... Now he is running Libreelec from SD card and he can power up and power down the device.

    See the following post for the remote.conf he is using right now.

    remote.conf repository

  • Check the power supply. So far none of the users complained about it

  • It freezes in LE and with Android. Without your u-boot.bin everything works as expected (except power on with LE). So i dont think, its the power supply. I would like to debug, but i dont know how. Now i'm back on the original Freaktab firmware. How can i get the log about RAM? Do i need e serial connection? Tutorial somewhere?