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    Finally is all ok, 3GB and power bug resolved!!!

    Many many thanks bumerc

    in attachement the complete log also with poweroff and poweron by remote.

    Great work man!!!

    no.... i can boot from sd (aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT used as

    but not with u-boot from internal storage... (UBOOT.USB and also bootloader.partition used as u-boot.ini)

    once i write to internal memory the uboot this is the log:

    seems that i can boot with ChimeyJimmey link


    i've extracted




    and now:

    I'm testing it right now.... i don't know if the bug is still there or not

    still bootloop.. i think i'm going to stay with 2gb of ram ;)

    Btw thank you for all your efforts!!

    This is the last log:

    please also test this uboot from the other github


    this u-boot can boot:

    but the power on bug is present:

    i've libreelec booted, turn off my board with remote and the system log this:

    after that i cannot power on with remote

    this is log of another u-boot (from beelink official firmware for GT1 Ultimate)

    this version con pass ram check at: DDR4 chl: Rank0+1 @ 912MHz - PASS

    Btw also this uboot version has the power on bug on H96 pro +

    i've tried another u-boot (from ROM SCV1-GT1_Ultimate for beelink GT1 Ultimate 3G DDR4).

    The box boot, this is the log: (DDR @ 636MHz :huh: )

    But once shutdown, the remote cannot wake the box up, so like the original one

    nothing...still bootloop

    btw, with originlal u-boot, the ddr is detected as 792Mhz:

    DDR4 chl: Rank0+1 @ 792MHz - PASS
    Rank0: 2048MB(auto)-2T-18
    Rank1: 1024MB(auto)-2T-18
    DataBus test pass!
    AddrBus test pass!

    bumerc ok, i've wiped bootloader on mmc and then booted SD2 (your u-boot) and i've this loop:

    Yes, please do this update

    after last update, i've this loop:

    the only way to restore was to short pin 29&30 of mmc and start an USB restore. (otherwise the board was not detected neither in usb).


    Rank1 (1024MB) could not be initialized, i will see what I can do.

    What is the size of the single RAM chip - 12x8, 13.2x9 or 14x9 mm? Please measure on the front and on the back of the PCB.


    size is the same on front and on back side, and is 14mm x 0,9mm,

    Attached there are some photos (chip on front side have different ID of back chips).

    i can try another update with



    use this dtb for Gigabit Ethernet


    or is better to wait?

    seems that using dtb for 2Gb of ram make the difference.

    So Booting with gxm_q201_2g.dtb or gxm_q200_2g.dtb is ok, i was able to write uboot to /dev/bootloader

    now i can boot the (old) SD1 and my remote can shutdown and poweron my Alfawise H96 Pro+ 3Gb

    but i've only 2 GB =O

    So, somenthing in new uboot cannot detect all my ram.

    bumerc , do you think is possible to fix also this problem so boards with 3Gb can use all available ram?

    For now, thank you!

    In attachment there is the UART log of my board booting from u-boot from mmc and load libreelec from SD1, hope you can find the problem.


    before you go to sleep.. please test the next build:shy:



    i've prepared SD2 (/dev/sdf)

    burned your "LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.90.6-h96pp-emergency-sdcard.img"

    copied "gxm_q201_3g.dtb" (and after i've tried also gxm_q200_3g.dtb") over dtb.img

    then injected into SD2

    After i've done a boot with SD1 (my libreelec sd card),

    erased bootloader

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/env bs=8M count=1 && sync
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/bootloader

    then rebooted with SD2

    this time u-boot starts, but the emergency systems dosn't boot, this is the UART log:

    so i cannot write new u-boot.bin to eMMC.......

    a little better than previous attempt


    No Log = No Help

    Sorry, i've tried the u-boot update without connecting serial (hoping in good luck).

    As soon i've some time (my son use the box every two i've to try at nigth :dodgy: ) i'll upload your u-boot (ddr4) and i'll provide you the log.

    In meantime, i've solder the pins to onboard serial port, so i can connect a lot faster nowI

    Thank you for your support!

    My board with DDR4 hangs at boot also with this u-boot... restored with Amlogic USB burning tool full restore.

    I've just done...

    booted libreelec, erased bootloader,

    rebooted with second sd card prepared with:

    sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=1 count=442 && sync

    sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=512 skip=1 seek=1 && sync

    but is not working....seems a problem with ddr4 memory... this is the log:

    i've restored Android with amlogic usb burning tool.

    Maybe i need a different u-boot.

    Sorry, yandex disk automatically compresses the folders in zip format, I did not see that. I will update the link in the installation guide. You only need the * .img file

    LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.90.6-h96pp-emergency-sdcard.img.tar.gz — Яндекс.Диск

    Edit: Try this tutorial, use win32disk manager with "Verify" option. "Verify" is equivalent to the linux command "sync"

    Can i replace "u-boot.bin" inside LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.90.6-h96pp-emergency-sdcard.img.tar.gz with your "" for DDR4 and use the emergency LE instead to short pin 29 and 30?

    So i want to rename "" to "u-boot.bin" and overwrite "u-boot.bin" on "SD card 2" with LE Emergency...





    upgrade mode

    i've just done a boot recording UART log.

    DDR seems running at 792Mhz...strange....

    "DDR4 chl: Rank0+1 @ 792MHz - PASS"

    Here the boot log (Libreelec SD) captured on serial console:

    Do you think i can use your u-boot.bin compiled for ddr @1067Mhz?