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    Before i do another test, is there any way to create a backup of the entire Android system including working u-boot, that i can easily flash with Burning tool? Would save much time.

    Just get this:


    You forgot to mention that it just does not work for you:shy:. What is the length of your network cable? Does the router have 1Gbit connection, or only 100Mbit? If you have CE installed, try this dtb

    What can change the DTB file, if Android also crashes? Cable lenght is maybe 1 or 2 meter, gigabit connection is no problem (AVM 7490)

    I see, that i have Longsys LTM8830 WLAN chip instead of Atheros 9377, but dont think, it causes the crashes. I use cable connection.

    For me the uboot fix does not work. Don't know why. My system then always crashes/hangs, but power on/off works.


    Read this thread, beginning around page 6. Maybe you find the fixed u-boot for your device here.

    Maybe i'm wrong, but i think eventlirc is removed from packages.

    Remove eventlircd from virtual/remote · CoreELEC/[email protected] · GitHub

    On my system eventlirc is also not available, but remote works.

    Maybe check dmesg or kodi log files.


    Is that file

    CoreELEC:~/.config/udev.rules.d # ls

    98-eventlircd.rules README

    still needed in 8.90.1?


    Do you have problems with your remote? Sorry for the question, but this thread is really bloated.


    meson-ir * /storage/.config/rc_keymaps/M1_REMOTE

    instaead of

    meson-ir * M1_REMOTE

    EDIT: Should also work your way.


    Wouldn't it be better to have one thread for each release?

    All is good and the new build seems very stable in the latest 8.90.0, a thumbs up for getting to this stage in such a short time frame.

    The only issue I am getting is with TVH and radio playback. It is behaving in much the same way as the HD HW accelerated channels were before the latest fixes. If the signal degrades for any length of time it will lock up the box. Also if you choose a Radio channel as the first option after a reboot it will play for a second and then lock up. If however you choose a TV channel and then switch to a Radio channel next - all works well. I cannot believe it is not a residual issue from the previous TV channel switching issues in 8.90.6 and back.


    Then maybe you should collect logs and report that in the issue tracker.