[8.90.6] LibreELEC 9.0 Alpha for S905/S912 devices

  • it's not a bug, your box looks like it didn't get the dns settings from your router so it couldn't connect to any repos and complete the migration

  • Upgraded to 8.90.1 - everything crap.

    Reverted back to 8.90.0, disabling autoupdate on the boxes until further notice... :D

    It shouldn't be... can you elaborate?

    I've just noticed some commits by afl1 in my efforts to create 1 global project for all Amlogic products I had broken some things, S912 being one of them, I was too eager to rush a release out for the new year without testing, apologies for that, I will correct it tonight.

  • GDPR-2

    I am not confident the issue roots in your latest build,

    as I am experiencing the same Kodi crashes also in Win and Linux (all Alpha releases from December 21st on), which is remedied by re-installing and pre-configuring all my addons from scratch.

    So far - I was not able to pin-point it to a particular component, as (crash) logs on all platforms are not providing any clues, none whatsoever.


    for now I'm blaming mostly my sophisticated implementation.

    But I'm eager to test your next build. :thumbup:

  • Don't spread panic. Only issue was in rebuild global project and S912 was built with wrong gpu library. I successfully tested S912 build with latest commit.

    Happy New Year!