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    For years and months people have dedicated themselves to testing and reporting help, giving, solving problems here, they have left their family obligations to support this forum when they needed it most.


    I am not going to deepen it,

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    Some of your posts are living proof that SkyNet is far, far away! ;)

    Lima and Panfrost will give us the same or better experience like proprietary blobs from ARM in 2021, there's much more things to be polished. Meanwhile, we can help joining the bugfest or settle with what already works.../shrug

    Can you try in portuguese? Você pode tentar em português? Maybe we can translate properly?

    Can someone tell me how to get the image on the box? The tool does not include 905x2. Do I have to create this with disk 32 as an image? Or how does that work with flashing? Sorry about this, I'm brand new

    Take my advice and try it first on a speedy microsd card with this Burning tool, from Android try to reboot to Libreelec (search the forum for choices) and after that if you succeed to boot from sd card you can install on emmc.(you will lose android - beware of backups first).

    No, no "official" (just community) images for Amlogic like in LE 7/8. LibreELEC 9.0.0 builds for S905 (semi official)

    This is the best you can get from LE 9. Support for Khadas and Le Potato its different, they are SBC-s not OTT boxes.

    For your box if you want more than LE you should try a fork of LE, Coreelec. They have their own forum for support.

    Try and see what's better for you.

    For installing the instructions are the same like in LE 7/8. [HOWTO + FAQ] Install community builds on S905/S905D/S905W/S905X/S912 device

    My device not is the Mecool KIII PRO with 3gb of RAM It is the Akaso KIII without PRO and 2gb of RAM.

    With pendrive of 8gb and creare with Win32disk It worked perfectly . But with a pendrive of 32gb and 3.0 not worked. When boot show that message. I used USB-SD Creator tool of Libreelec, rufus and Win32 disk imager and there is no way.

    Try an USB 2.0 flash drive then, search for a fast one.

    that´s totally not true. Nvidia Shield supports hd Audio Even dts x and Dolby Atmos. Nvidia Shield is based on android 7 nougat

    Actually, the truth its in the middle: START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated November 2017)

    "Q. I need Android 5.1/7.1 Audio passthrough (inc. Dolby Atmos/TrueHD, DTS:X/HD-Master) when using Kodi Krypton ?
    NOTE: Android devices must meet the Google IEC61937 standard, more details in Welcome to Android MediaCodec standards
    (make sure "Expert" mode is enabled in Kodi Krypton settings - bottom left)

    • WeTek Play2
      WeTek Hub
    • MINIX U9
    • NVIDIA Shield running Android Nougat (**Be aware - Audio passthrough is unreliable for some users)
    • Xiaomi Mi Box (uses backported Nougat Audio code)
    • AMLogic S9xx devices running Android Nougat Firmware"

    And from Nvidia How do I play High Resolution Audio on my SHIELD TV? | NVIDIA

    Hi, if you have internal bluetooth you must enable it. Maybe you don't have internal BT. No specs on the box, hard to tell.

    Read carefully the following stuff: LE install . Booting LE from SD card or USb won't harm your box. If you install on internal you will erase android OS from there. Download latest img for S905X LE 8.1.9, use dtb from here Mecool, burn it on sd or usb flash with Rufus or LE LibreELEC USB-SD Creator.