LibreELEC vs Android

  • Hi everyone. I'm doing research on LibreELEC vs Android, why one would prefer LibreELEC over Android TV using Kodi or SPMC. I'm listing some I think are the advantages of LE. Please chime in (correction or additional info). Thank you ^^

    1. Frees up more resources for your hardware

    2. Faster & more responsive

    3. Use larger storage space. Most Android devices can only access up to 2TB of HDD space, with the exception of Nvidia Shield.

    4. Can read more file systems out of the box (linux & mac) as opposed to just fat32 and NTFS.

    5. Can double as a Network Attached Storage (via samba)

    6. Smooth playback with auto refresh rate.

    7. Better compatibility with home theater hardware. Some Android TV devices cannot passthrough to certain soundbars.

    8. Less prone to viruses.

    You think this is accurate?

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  • that´s totally not true. Nvidia Shield supports hd Audio Even dts x and Dolby Atmos. Nvidia Shield is based on android 7 nougat

    Actually, the truth its in the middle: START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated November 2017)

    "Q. I need Android 5.1/7.1 Audio passthrough (inc. Dolby Atmos/TrueHD, DTS:X/HD-Master) when using Kodi Krypton ?
    NOTE: Android devices must meet the Google IEC61937 standard, more details in Welcome to Android MediaCodec standards
    (make sure "Expert" mode is enabled in Kodi Krypton settings - bottom left)

    • WeTek Play2
      WeTek Hub
    • MINIX U9
    • NVIDIA Shield running Android Nougat (**Be aware - Audio passthrough is unreliable for some users)
    • Xiaomi Mi Box (uses backported Nougat Audio code)
    • AMLogic S9xx devices running Android Nougat Firmware"

    And from Nvidia How do I play High Resolution Audio on my SHIELD TV? | NVIDIA