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    Sorry not audio related, but maybe you can make this or make a new Minix U1 thread.

    Are you running the temp-sensor disabled or have you tried getting a good temp-sensor version working on the U1? I've shyed away from testing because the temp sensor on the older boards would freeze my system so bad that i've have to reboot a zillion times to get a boot in, my SD card would become corrupted, loose all my settings. I had at one point flashed it to my internal, but dealt with the temp sensor issue that I bricked it and had to reinstall android, etc, etc.

    TLDR; does the temp sensor version work so I don't muck up my Minix.

    The 905x can't do 192, it's been posted some pages back. The 905 can though.

    OK... So I'm not losing my marbles :P I knew I had seen something, somewhere about this.

    It's a really weird downgrade (sonically) for the s905x. I wonder why that is the case? I have more need of excellent sound capability than HDR video at present. Maybe I'll look around for a now really cheap s905!!!
    GeToChKn - my s905x does 1Gb ethernet, so no limitation there.

    Says who, no s905x chipset has 1GB ethernet in it AFAIK. Only 100mbs/. It's the specs of the chip.

    I just tried the temp-sensor enabled build, no problems booting. Before the temp sensor disable builds, it would take 10 tries to get a single boot. Now it's fine, so I know you say the only difference is the temp sensor and you haven't changed anything, but the most recent builds boot on my box, with sensor enabled, that would never work before.


    I got my API key, installed it all according to everything.

    When I go to select the Audio device and choose any audio device, I get no option to choose a default mixer, and the addon never loads.

    HOWEVER, If I plug in a USB headset into my Minix U1 S905 box, then I choose the USB headset, I can pick a software mixer, the addon loads and I can stream from any device to my Kodi box, but the sound only comes from my USB headset obviously.

    So the addon is quite capable of working, but something with the ALSA default HDMI driver doesn't load a proper software mixer or something along those lines.

    any ideas?

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    kszaq - I recall reading somewhere about LPCM playback being limited to 96kHz on the Amlogic, but can't remember exactly where and this forum doesn't support searching :(

    My remaining issue with my box (S905x 2GB/16GB) is that when I play my (few) 192kHz FLAC audio files via HDMI to my AVR, they are are output at 96kHz. Is this a hard limit in the hardware or might it be fixed in a future release? Otherwise everything is working perfectly for me!

    Must just be you, or it's a 905x vs 905 thing because I have a s905 box, went here, hires downloaded a 192 stereo file, played back. 192 on my Denon AVR over HDMI.

    post image online

    Please try using this build: LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.0c-es8323codec-test2.tar
    with this device tree: gxbb_p200_2G_minix_neo_u1.dtb

    This is untested because I don't have Minix U1. Fortunately Minix offered me a free sample and I will have one next week. :D

    In case the test build doesn't work, you can safely downgrade to 8.0.0c using gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_OTG_Port.dtb device tree.

    Very cool. Maybe you make a temp sensor enabled build for them and see if there is any exclusive features you can add. It really is a nice stable, fast, cool box.

    I am running 8.0c on a Minix U1, everything runs great. I have an older 4K TV that only does 30hz, and while that is fine for watching 4K content, the UI in 4K only at 30hz, is slow and jerky and drives me crazy. 60hz is so much smoother, so I choose to run in a [email protected] and will switch for the little 4K content that I have.

    The problem is randomly either while watching something, or seeking or anything, it will switch from [email protected] to [email protected] Can be doing nothing and it happens. Now I know I can edit disp_cap and remove 4K from there, but then I can't actually watch ANY 4K content. Anyone else run at less than the max resolution and experience this.

    S905x boxes are limited to only 100mb/s ethernet whereas most s905 boxes have gigabit ethernet. S905x support HDR and 10bit though which the s905 don't. Kind of a weird trade off since if you playing huge bitrate HDR 10bit ripped blurays, you want the gigabit ethernet, but if you don't have HDR 10bit support, you movies might be ripped in a smaller size and thus won't need gigabit ethernet to stream them. lol.

    So I've always used HDMI from my devices to my Denon AVR, to my 4K30hz TV. Now I'm looking at 4K60hz TV to replace it, but my Denon only supports HDMI 1.4, so it won't pass 60hz video, so I'm curious how well does audio passthrough via toslink work in Libreelec. I have a lot of ripped DVD's and blurays on my network that I watch with DTS, DTS-Master Audio, etc, etc to listen with my Denon 6.1 speakers, so I want to retain that. Since I'm not buy a $40 cable at best buy and Amazon won't have one here till next week, just curious how well it works.