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    did not in any way ask for spoon feeding, and you are insulting in your statement, no matter what or who you are here.

    A full path to said file is all I ask for and you REFUSE it thanks for the non answer. I have no idea where a commandline.txt file goes it is unique to libreelec , which is why I posted here.

    Funny how certain people are allowed to repeatedly publish gruff replies and other are banned for it here.

    ... LE mounts the "disk=" device stated in cmdline.txt so you can prepare a different /storage device and switch over to it by changing the UUID....

    Thanks, That is probably a great answer if one knows where that is or where it goes. Otherwise for non - devs like me, it is not a complete answer.

    I have an install of libreelec on an undersized SSD (16GB) , which leaves me little space for video storage.

    I want to move the entire /storage partition to a different physical disk

    I am unsure whether this is mounted by label or UUID .

    I have another install that I copied all the /storage partition from that has my remote config, addons , files, etc

    I thought it should be easy to "drop in" the new /storage location however I can not figure out how to do this. If necessary I can remove the Storage Partition on the SSD in favor of the new one.

    As I indicated I want all of the /storage locations, settings addons, etc.



    I have three systems that are all giving me a bluetooth error that does not show up in any log that I can find, neither Kodi.log or dmesg

    This started after the update to latest version in the last week or two on three different systems all x86 with different bluetooth adapters.

    I need to know if there is a way to reset and clear all old bluetooth connections

    the message looks something like

    Bluetooth Error

    ("i" icon)Error disconnect with signature "" on interface "org" , 5000 /then/long/file/path/to/skin/bluetooth.png

    and is consistent no matter what skin I use.

    Okay so the message looks something like

    Bluetooth Error

    ("i" icon)Error disconnect with signature "" on interface "org" , 5000 /then/long/file/path/to/skin/bluetooth.png

    It is a little more detailed but that is more or less what it says, not much to go on as yet.

    Is there a method to clear out all bluetooth settings like old adapters and old connections?

    Tried changing skin back to default (was using confluence) no change in error.

    I did not provide log files , AS STATED "I was curious if this is a known bug" !

    If you do not know if it is known bug then please withhold your replies unless you have some special interest in the topic.

    I have no desire to sanitize my log files for posting if this is a known bug.

    I have now upgraded 3 systems to x86 intel 9.2.6 , all of which have the same error after upgrade.

    The systems are

    Asus Chromebox M004U2GB Intel Celeron 2955U Processor.

    Mission Bamboo with Intel Celeron

    Intel NUC

    All three systems have different models of Bluetooth adapters installed. One BT adapter is USB the other two are on MiniPCI-e cards.

    All above systems now throw up occasional bluetooth error when system is idle. I was curious if this is a known bug.

    Awfully coincidental that three systems all have the same error and only after updating to latest version.

    I updated to 9.2.4/kodi18.8 yesterday after having many frustrations getting artist and title for ripping or playing CDs with the 9.2.3/kodi18.7 . I heard the problem was fixed in 18.8.

    As normally happens with these damn never ending updates just a new set of problems…

    Now the CDs will not rip. The CD artists and titles are now recogniszed, however the CD may start to rip, make folders then …nothing. Sometines it will rip for a few seconds then quit.

    Can anyone else confirm this problem?

    Free software sucks so hard. This is for people that don't want to configure openvpn themselves. The instructions on the wiki tell you this.

    There is NO OPTION tin the current version o configure it yourself! Only to load a config file. I can see that older versions had such options

    VPN mnager just gave me another addon that did not work.

    I would like to configure the OpenVPN clien directly with the VPN provider files that I have but nothing seems to work.

    I just tried to use this addon with a free test account from ProtonVPN

    1 My config files were at : ~/.kodi/downloads/LongFileNamewithserverinfo.ovpn

    2 changed filenames to something simple like us1.ovpn

    3 when files were loaded into open VPN Kodi client I had to se the same name as the file us1.ovpn. I previously saw in the log file it could not load <entered name>, so I conformed it all and it loaded

    4 OpenVPN addon now says it can not connect to management interfce which I could not load at from the LibreELEC Chrome browser.