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    I guess you did not read my post. Doing ANYTHING that so much as MENTIONS libreelec on the Kodi forums usually results in poster being attacked. No thanks. I use Libreelec only confirmed it on Kodi 20 on windows. My bug report STANDS as I will not post any Libreelec Bug on Kodi forum even if I confirm the same problem is in Kodi on Windows. I feel no need to be attacked neither here nor there

    Please READ my post next time even if you are a dev that does not justify ignorance, as it was clearly stated in my OP.

    I have migrated an install to LE 10.95 to see what would happen and I believe I found a bug with IPTV Simple Client

    I use streams from FrndlyTV as well as streams I add from iptv-org/iptv: Collection of publicly available IPTV channels from all over the world (

    I use this script to login to FrndlyTV and get the channels

    matthuisman/frndlytv-for-channels: Frndly TV for Channels (

    I also run IPTV Merge Kodi addon to merge my customized iptv-org list and FrndlyTV list. This list is written to a NAS where it is accessed by different Kodi systems.

    All worked perfectly well until Kodi 20/ LE 10.095.x

    On Kodi 19 I was always able to get the highest quality streams 720P (for FrndlyTV cannels) or 1080p (with the two streams below) with no issues.

    Now on Kodi 20 I get reduced resolution. (see attached screenshots of the same exact channel playing on IPTV Siple on Kodi 19.x vs Kodi 20) These screenshots were from the History Channel on Frndly TV (720P) where I first noticed the issue. You can see the difference in "resolution" in On Screen Display

    Screenshots from Libreelec Generic x86-64 on Intel hardware Chrombox CN62 running Mr Chromebox

    So to compare, I had the following channels in my manual list from the huge list at IPTV-ORG github These are both 1080p streams (confirmed on Kodi 19) however on Kodi 20 (on Windows and Librteelec) only reproduce at 720p

    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-country="INT" tvg-language="English" tvg-logo="" group-title="News",Al Jazeera (QA)
    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-country="INT" tvg-language="English" tvg-logo="" group-title="News",NHK World (JP)

    Upon additional investigation........

    I installed Kodi 20/IPTV Simple on a Windows machine and found the exact same limited resolution playback (720p) so the Bug goes back to Kodi not LE. It is worth noting however if you ever post on the Kodi forum and so much as mention Libreelec you are likely to be attacked for trying to get support for LE on a Kodi forum, even if you have already found the same bug on Kodi (without LE). I therefore leave it in this forum's capable hands

    I think with the above two streams on IPTV Simple , anyone can easily reproduce this bug on Kodi or on Libreelec by comparing IPTVSimple on Kodi 19 vs 20

    Note the "resolution" in screenshots

    I have isolated this issue now that I may or may not have reported here or elsewhere in one form or another, but now I can Make it happen on an Asus CN60 "at will" and Can NOT reproduce it on other hardware such as Mission One Mini PC. The trick is when I started testing with a second CN60 chrome box and was able to get the same results with a few tweaks it told me more clearly how to reproduce it.


    Chromebox CN60 4GB RAM internal SSD

    Procedure (exactly what I have done to reproduce the error and not all steps may be necessary) .......

    - Install MrCromebox for UEFI booting

    - Install Libreelec to internal SSD

    - Boot to Libreelec

    - Install and switch to Confluence skin (may not be required but I did this on all test systems because it is easier for me)

    - In Libreelec add-on set a fixed IP address (I used and with identical results. I tested this mostly with 5Ghz Wifi but saw the same results with Ethernet and 2.4 Ghz Wifi)

    - Set IP V6 to Auto (it seems Netflix add-on is happier this way)

    - Set DNS Server to and (may not be necessary but as I did)

    - Make sure network is set to auto connect if WiFi as there is a bug in Libreelec and it may not retain this setting at first. You may need to set again after reboot

    - Make Sure Firewall is disabled in. Libreelec settings

    - reboot Libreelec

    - Make sure Libreelec connects to Wireless if using wireless, and if not change the auto connect setting and reboot again

    - Now with Libreelec running and a fixed IP address go to a computer on the LAN and initiate a continuous ping ( I believe Ping -t in Windows???) Ping to the Libreelec fixed IP.

    - When Libreelec first starts there will probably be no issue, but after several minutes you will probably start to see that the ping stops getting replies from Libreelec box

    - sometimes at this point if you go and create some activity on Libreelec the ping MAY start getting replied to again , but not always.

    So what this means is that this MrChromebox CN60 Libreelec box with the IPTV Merge Add-on with web server enabled (or a plethora of other addons) the box becomes inaccessible as it also becomes unavailable via ssh, as a web server , etc.

    It however does not seem to affect outbound connections, for instance while I can not Ping Libreelec I can access my NAS from Libreelec and can access internet based sources like Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, Frndly TV , etc from Libreelec

    I have now confirmed this on a SECOND Asus CN60 and can CONSISTENTLY reproduce the same issue.

    I have also removed the internal SSD and installed to an SD card and got the same results. In fact that same SD card will NOT give me the same issue when I use it to boot the Mission One Mini PC, but will CONSISTENTLY give me the same results on two different CN60s

    I am unable to reproduce similar results on a Mission One Mini PC with intel hardware and exactly the same Wireless card.

    I am reporting this as a possible bug to MrChromebox too as we do not know if it is a Libreelec issue or otherwise.

    IP Addressing oddity -probable BUG- · Issue #411 · MrChromebox/firmware
    I have isolated this issue now that I may or may not have reported here or elsewhere in one form or another, but now I can Make it happen on an Asus CN60…

    I also want to note that during this diagnostic process.....

    I originally tore apart my entire network infrastructure and replaced it ALL, thinking I had a switch or wireless access point failing. NONE of my network hardware; switch, router, access point remains the same but the problem on the CN60 does and also remains even when connected to Ethernet!

    Strange problem WIth LE on Chromebox with SAMBA shares

    I have a SAMBA 1.0 share that comes from an old NAS. I throw files on this old NAS for later playback.

    All tests were done with the same 1.61GB file at the same location on the NAS

    I have two LE x86-64 systems with similar hardware and getting different results on the two of them.

    LE1 Mission One minimalistic Celeron 4GB RAM

    LE1 works Perfectly. I can copy or playback large files over wired or wireless connections

    LE2 Asus Chromebox CN60 (MrChromebox) 4GB RAM

    LE2 is the problematic unit it seems when I try to copy or playback files it often stalls out and displays an error about not able to connect to SAMBA share in log.

    LE2 has been reformatted with all addons copied from (working) LE1 using backup/restore to return to exactly the same problem.

    LE2 hardware was tested with my USB thumb drive install of Windows and not having issues copying from the same SAMBA share. I also tested a Live Ubuntu CD

    Notes when this occurs:

    • Its seems ALL network connectivity is lost, as I can no longer ping LE2 and if I set up LE2 to ping my computer those pings also stop when the stream stalls or stops. It does seem that ALL network activity is then lost
    • Libreelec control panel add-on becomes unavailable (will not load)
    • The same is confirmed on wired Ethernet, Wireless 2.4Ghz and Wireless 5Ghz (which seems to rule out NIC issues)
    • Log entry about SAMBA share timeout

    The SAMBA share on the NAS is stable from Windows, Mac, Linux and the LE1 install

    It almost seems like something in the chipset is not supported properly in LE V10 or something is overheating??

    Now if you are paying attention I tracked down a similar, but unrelated issue with the Netflix addon, and that seems to have been due to no IPV6. Clearly the logs in this case show a completely different error as the SAMBA share times out. The Netflix issue may have looked similar but was showing audio/video sync issues before it would stop.

    BTW, I believe this amounts to a BUG in LE. in the following way

    on x86_64 when I go to edit connection to set IP V4 on manual IPV6 goes from Auto to OFF when in fact should stay on AUTO.

    Also when editing auto connect turns OFF . Sometimes you can set autoconnec to to ON but on the next reboot it will be OFF again

    I think when manually editing a connection the other settings should remain as they were unless specifically changed, or that the user is made aware of the other changes.

    In general it all seems little hinkey

    I have two different intel based boxes (Libreelec Generic x86_64 with Intel hardware) giving me the same issue (to different degrees) when using the netflix addon and only the netflix addon.

    As the logs will show a "large audio sync error" then the stream pauses then when its ready it will go fast motion to speed up to where it should have been. Once this starts though it seems to get worse so I can often watch for almost an hour before seeing this but when viewing a second hour these pauses would become more and more frequent

    I do see that this Netfilix addon is using inputstream adaptive, with either VP9 or H264 and I can switch it between h264 and vp9 (in settings) with similar results on either.

    I have ruled out Wifi as I have tested on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz as well as wired ethernet. Also the unit remains connected to the network and able to serve up Samba shares and SSH connections when this happens. Internet and network functions all seem normal even when this is happening.

    The problem is worse on my Asus Chromebox CN60 (via MrChromebox) than on the Mission One Mini PC but seems to happen on both.

    One of my other suspicions was heat related that after an hour of software decoding something heats up but Kodi shows CPU heating up to about 117F when software decoding (vs 115F or so when hardware decoding) . I also used an hddtemp commmand and found the hard disk (an SSD) to be at about 115F when viewing netflix. I do believe these temps to be okay but could be wrong there.

    I have tried multiple settings in nextflix and posted the problem to GitHub on the netflix addon page.

    I thought maybe someone here had this issue before too.

    I was thinking I have seen settings for where some temp files are written and I may try a thumb drive for temp files

    Any suggestions form anyone?

    Well looking again at it all, the device works for streaming to Facebook and YouTube with both the regular Hauppauge app in Windows and the standalone StreamEez (for Windows)…_streameez.html

    You will notice that on that support page it says "hardware acceleration" which I take to mean hardware encoding.

    Of course not interested in running it on Windows, not long ago I set up Kodi on windows and hated it the whole time

    Will say again looking mostly for hardware support in Libreelec.

    I have no intention of repeating the same things I already said in OP but here is one thing "So if I can get a work- around for HDCP , which I have read a few solutions for...".

    Secondly what emveepee fails to recognize is that the device (by way of a host computer) is also capable of streaming to the web, and probably therefore to something like my PVR even if I have to use a go-between such as ffmpeg (available via addon) . I have no interest in using the hard drive on libreelec and no idea how you read that into my post at all.

    Let me reiterate that those are NOT my issues. My issue is DRIVER SUPPORT, to say it more specifically.

    Lets not make this thread about something it is not.

    So if I can get a work- around for HDCP , which I have read a few solutions for, leads me to the following question...

    can Libreelec support the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 so I can stream to other Libreelec Boxes?

    I have a cable box on one TV and it also has a libreelec system on it. I was hoping to take Cable box output (circumventing HDCP) and connecting it to the cable box using libreelec as a host machine, to see the cable box output on my other systems by way of the network.

    Is there support for the Hauppauge HD PVR2 Gaming edition and how might one make it work? If there is hardware support I think all I need is an ffmpeg addon and ffmpeg command. i think the hauppauge device itself handles encoding, so I do not believe it would be too heavy of a load.

    *I* answered this question already exactly in my comment and please don't overread the word "YMMV" !

    YMMV is not a word. It only has any meaning to you and a few others I read and write ENGLISH SPANISH and some others YMMV is not a word. I have no idea what it means.

    Pint is poster never said "shittty OS" not "if you dont fix my problem" those are the words you put in OPs mouth. People like you make places like this INTOLERABLE . I really do not care how many (possibly useless) posts you have made nor how lomg you have been here. YOU ARE JUST RUDE!

    so long,


    why the smart-assed comment from a Dev? It seems inappropriate, regardless of what poster says

    what holds you off ? :cry:


    a hardcore question - I know - triggered (YMMV) by "If *you* don't fix my problem..." or "LE is such a shitty OS" or the like attitude

    Why must people make these kinds of comments? Why are they allowed? I do not see this in Poster's comments you are putting words in his mouth.

    This forum is getting more and more like the Kodi form was a few years ago.

    The NUC is a DC53427HYE, which does not have an IR sensor built in. An external USB IR Receiver must be used and not all are compatible with Kodi/LE - at least that's what I read some time ago.

    Well I have used a variety of USB MCE IR sensors and remotes on LE without issue.

    Did you try my suggestion? You did not say you would nor reply with results.

    It does Sound like maybe you want someone to fix it for you.

    Hmmmm is this an internal IR sensor as found on some NUCs or is this an external IR sensor? Is this a MCE remote?

    Are you sure you are not using TWO IR receivers one internal and one external?

    do you have a custom keymap?

    If this is a Windows MCE remote and receiver, Try removing (renaming extension to ".old") your custom keymap and try this with your remote then restart . See what happens when you hit the remote POWER then. Do not worry about your other functions right now just see if this fixes the shutdown menu.

    create the file at /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/keymap.xml

    with the following contents...

    As I also recall there is a tweak to allow WMC remote ONLY thereby disabling other remotes. You may need this too

    I believe you want to edit /storage/config/rc_maps.cfg as follows:

    # use combined multi-table on MCE receivers
    *      rc-rc6-mce               rc6_mce
    #*       rc-rc6-mce               libreelec_multi

    Lately I have been looking for ways to do things better with Live TV on LibreELEC and Kodi in General, as I have found a lot of streams that seem problematic and have been looking for ways to surmount some problems.

    I found a script called xTeVe ( , and was able to run and use the Linux x86_64 from within LibreELEC Generic x86_64. I imagine the ARM64 version might also run on Raspberry Pi 4 (?) with LibreELEC, but I also built a version for Raspberry Pi 3 that I only tested on Raspbian Stretch (not on LibreELEC) which I had wanted to attach but they frown on executable files and do not allow large enough attachments. As I recall getting the "go-lang" and all of its dependencies on the pi3 to make the build of xteve on pi 3 was not very easy and there is no Pi3 binary download.

    xTeVe calls itself a "M3U Proxy for Plex DVR and Emby Live TV" . Although xTeVe says it if for Emby or Plex it can also be a HUGE benefit for live TV if you use IPTV Merge, IPTV Simple PVR Addon, or most any PVR back-end. I use nextPVR back-end. running on Raspbian Stretch on a Raspberry Pi3 , but one of my LibreELEC x86_64 boxes is now running xteve to proxy problematic content before sending it to NextPVR

    xTeVe can also merge and re-stream m3u playlists and xml guide data.

    You will need the ffmpeg addon installed.

    I suggest once you download and unzip the file , create the folder /storage/.kodi/xteve and place the file there. Make sure it is executable.

    Once you have the script installed for your platform , you need only run xteve from the command prompt. from the directory where the file is installed run ./xteve or if the file is installed in the recommended location /storage/.kodi/xteve/xteve

    I suggest you eventually add the following line to /storage/.config/ to make it start up with kodi

    /storage/.kodi/xteve/xteve >/dev/null 2>&1 &

    then reboot

    Once running you should have a web interface available at (where IPADDRESS is the IP address of the LibreELEC system running the script) http://IPADDRESS:34400/web

    This is not a tutorial how to use xteve rather is intended to increase awareness of this highly useful script. Please refer to the xteve pages for more info on how to use it.

    I am not certain that ffmpeg is required to use xteve, it claims to have its own proxy internally but my results have been far better with ffmpeg. Another nice feature is its ability to spoof a User Agent string where necessary and will ( it seems) take advantage of those user agent strings found in many of the m3u files.

    Log on to your LibreELEC over ssh ( where xteve is installed) and type

    which ffmpeg

    This will return the location of ffmpeg via the addon and you can enter this path into the "FFmpeg Binary Path:" on the settings page of xteve (oif not already detected) if you do not find the path to ffmpeg you probably need to install the addon

    Good luck!

    I do not know your level of expertise or experience with things like Linux, but I will say that what I have started doing for low cost full featured 1080P (Not UHD) systems is install LibreELEC Generic x86_64 on a used Chromebox CN60 that you can often find (used) for as little as $30 on ebay. In fact when you use the script from one of the options is to install LibreELEC, so it is pretty easy.

    No than ks on the docker, I have tried that too much overhead on my little LE system. I think both these packages are set up for docker just that it seems to resource intensive for a docker instance for everything you want to run. Better that I just run it elsewhere.

    Not sure why everyone is so bent on running "another docker instance" to make something work. Must be nice to have a powerful CPU with memory to spare everywhere.