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    It's hard to guess without seeing what the error is. Plan B .. clean install the second machine and get it on the network, enable ssh on both, and then use scp to recursively copy content between the boxes.

    What part of "remote install" did you not get? Not like I can talk him through a reinstall remotely . I was actually thinking of testing backup and restore on that version on a system here. Just did not get to it yet.

    Trying to help a friend remotely in another city.....

    He hase 2 LibreELEC x86-64 systems.

    Both have been updated to LibreELEC 9.2.0.

    was interested in cloning the configuration, and had very good expreience with backup and restore before.

    made a backup of system A

    tried to restore to system B

    There is plenty of space on system B


    Have now made 2 Backups of system A, neither will restore to system B

    System A and System B seem to work normally otherwise just thought we could make the 2 systems identical with all settings, etc.

    Based on my entirely positive experience with Backup and restore previously , it leaves me wonderng if this is a bug in 9.2.0 .



    I think I am giving up on this card. I hear they make great uncompressed composite capture cards though if I can find the cable.

    Any experienc with cheap chinese TV cards ??

    USB 2.0 Digital DVB-T SDR+DAB+FM HDTV TV Tuner Receiver Stick RTL2832U+R820T2 GA | eBay

    RTL-SDR FM+DAB DVB-T USB 2.0 Digital TV Stick RTL2832U + R820T Tuner Receiver | eBay

    rohs mini digital usb 2.0 tv stick fm+dab dvb-t tuner receiver Sale -

    They seem cheap enough and last link has reviews from Linux users. I learned long ago not to trust a seller claiming "Linux Compatibility"

    No scanning on TV Headend or VDR.

    I also thought maybe this card needs the earlier formware ver 24 or the later "L" v36 version??

    -rw-rw-r-- 1 root root 53243 Nov 22 21:22 xc3028-v24.fw

    -rw-rw-r-- 1 root root 66220 Nov 22 21:22 xc3028-v27.fw

    -rw-rw-r-- 1 root root 68933 Nov 22 21:22 xc3028L-v36.fw

    somewhere I saw where to install alternate DVB drivers in LibreELEC but could not find that now.

    BTW I always thought DVB referred to non- North American TV standards but maybe I am confused.

    No USB hub. I did read somewhere that these dongles needed to be used without a hub so it is on its own port.

    here is the new output

    I then tried several things for a channel scan and no channel scan progress at all with VDR

    UPDATE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    So I rebooted again leaving the USB connected and here is the new dmesg

    interesting the end of log

    1. Modulation set to unsupported value

    I see in PVR > Client specific > DVB > Setup there is an option for "DVB / ANSI-SCTE / NORDIG and wondering wgere this goes for ATSC channels as I am not interested in QAM at all.

    There seems to be a few places where one must set options like this but not finding much of a guide other that hurried youtube videos with no explanation .

    Maybe I shoud go back to TVHeadend?

    what firmware is acrually missing ?

    can you provide the link from that output dmesg | paste

    There is no missing firmware , it is there. The firmware is never uploaded to the TV Stick. Check the three links in my second post .

    The first link is the actual model I have .

    The second post tells you how to extract xc3028-v27.fw from the windows driver (which I did , but that file was pre-existing on my LibeELEC install., Not missing!)

    The problem is the firmware file is never uploaded to the TV stick based on troubleshooting in third link of second post

    Attached is output of

    udevadm monitor --property

    As stated in second post nothing more happens when starting VDR or scanning for channels. There is no attempt to upload firmware.


    User provided firmware needs to go into /storage/firmware/<filename> which will overlay files (and any dirs created) to /usr/lib/firmware on reboot.

    I hear you say this but I can clearly see the firmware is already in /usr/lib/kernel-overlays/base/lib/firmware/ there is also a link in /var/lib/firmware that points there. The firmware appears to already be there .

    I do have an extracted version of the firmware and could copy to /storage/firmware (which does not exist) but that may only confuse the issue. Obviously this firmware was installed by TVHeadend or VDR or by default.

    strangely enough, my Ubuntu 16.06 kernel 4.4 will not install the firmware either. I think the firmware need be installed only once.

    It seems the probelem may be with the Firmware install to the Elgato Eye TV Hybrid ATSC (Hauppauge WinTV HVR-980) from LibreELEC.

    I found the following resources:

    Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950 - LinuxTVWiki

    linux/ at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub

    Kernel/Firmware - Ubuntu Wiki

    I can see that the same firmware is already in /var/lib/firmware and possibly a couple of variants




    Actually they are links there they really reside in


    My system never tries to load the firmware though as discussed on the third link running

    1. udevadm monitor --property

    Does not seem to show any firmware related messages when the device is connected. I then also activated the VDR back-end and started a channel scan, still no firmware.

    LibreELEC 9.2.0 (latest) x86_64

    Is there something hindering LibreELEC from uploading the firmware?

    From what I have read the firmware version is critical to make this work.

    Thanks for any help

    I recently tested a Soundblaster Extigy on my Mission One running LibreElec 9.02 x86_64 . I was so impressed with the sound quality difference that I want to keep the configuration, however running one USB port short now.

    So I figured I could eliminate the USB IR receiver (MCE USB that seems to have been auto detected).

    The only problem is I have no idea how to activate the correct LIRC driver in LibreELEC

    The following pages seem helpful as they mention the same hardware but it apparently does not apply to Libreelec

    LIRC - Linux Infrared Remote Control

    LIRC - Linux Infrared Remote Control

    I also confirmed /proc/asound/cards shows (much like in the page above)

    0 [PCH ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH

    HDA Intel PCH at 0xd0810000 irq 95

    1 [Extigy ]: USB-Audio - Sound Blaster Extigy

    Creative Technology Ltd. Sound Blaster Extigy at usb-0000:00:14.0-4, full speed

    Any help appreciated.

    I would like to see ffplay working as it is disabled as currently installed. One night even want to be able to set it as an external Player???

    FFMPEG is the ony thing I can find on linux that will display a video waveform , and this is a very handy tool, and necessary that one can check sources/streams this way especially for those authoring content. IMHO this is one thing that Kodi lacks and needs.

    another use case may be that someone wants to capture a single stream like security camera . It is logical to do this on the same LE where it would be viewed. I have been looking to see if there was such an addon but ffmpeg seems to be the only option

    I have the need to record a single composite Video source.

    As The source is LaserDisc sits next to my TV as does my LibreElec x86_64 I was wondering if there was an easy method to get LibreElec/Kodi to do the recording.

    This is not really PVR, as there are no channels and no timer is needed.

    I was thinking of purchasing a simple USB SD capture device and could use any recommendations there. I would prefer a device that can capture PAL & NTSC . No HD required, but need full SD resolution.

    I recently had the experience of testing printing on ChromeOS.

    What I learned is that , what I did in ChromeOS, would probably also work on LibreELEC!

    SHO 'NUFF!

    Today I tested and yes it does work.

    This was all on x86_64 so I can not speak for other platforms. Might be interesting to test on others!

    What you need:

    An IPP or CUPS printer. Many network printters are IPP already , you may need to enable it. CUPS can run on MacOSX, Raspberry PI or other linux, making most any printer IPP

    Chrome Browser addon in LibreELEC from here

    IPP / CUPS printing for Chrome & Chromebooks - Chrome Web Store (open this from Chrome in LibreELEC)

    After install CUPS IPP addon in Chrome on LibreELEC

    Configure the printer in the CUPS/IPP addon

    My cups address looks like this


    you will need the entire address and path

    delete any sample or unused printers from CUPS/IPP addon

    Now when printing from chrome, select CUPS/IPP Printer, and away you go!

    Fow printing to a WIndows shared printer you can try this:

    UniPrint Mint Beta for Chromebooks - Chrome Web Store

    I have not tested it


    I have 2 cheap Chinese NM70 systems that have served me very well. However lately one seems to always reset BIOS settings ptting it into Legacy boot and the other seems to no longer want to boot UEFI mode. The answer to the obvious is yes I have changed the batteries in bith systems, The disks have been verified and boot other machines.

    My question is is it possible to convert my back-up USB that is UEFI, to Legay boot? I have MANY MANY custom sripts and custom functions programmed outside of the normal Kodi tuff.

    I was thinking of taking a chance and running Ubuntu boot repair on it and see if it would perfoem some kind of Magic. I think I would then end up with GUB and maybe a mess.

    It seems I recall a ultility to back up and restore that was specific to LibreElec but it probably backs up only addons and settings right?

    Also I read somewhere once that there was a bootloader that allowed Legacy systems to load UEFI, much like they do in hackintosh communities, even making OSX boot on Legacy BIOS.

    Ok I have seen there UEFI/Legacy questions around the web so many times and always have the same question. How is it that a CD or DVD like Ubuntu can boot Legacy or UEFI but I can not make an installed OS that does?

    Thanks for any help.

    Chewitt , I understand that however if someone here seems to have an "official" release it seems it should work, even if it is php5 . I think ther real issue is it is not ready for LE 9